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Stanley Shih-Hsi Yeh 葉世禧

June 8, 1949September 3, 2018
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Stanley Yeh’s family was from Penghu, Taiwan. He was born in Tainan on June 8, 1949, and grew up in Kaohsiung. He attended National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, where he earned a degree in nuclear engineering. He later served his military term at Matsu. In 1974, he worked for the Atomic Energy Council and was sent to work at the Taiwan Power Company nuclear power plant at Jinshan. In 1976, Stanley and I (Joyce) were married, and in the same year he left for America to earn his PhD in nuclear engineering. In 1977, I came to America and in 1979, our first son, Victor, was born. In 1980, after Stanley received his PhD, he came to the Bay Area for work, and our second son, Yumin, was born in 1982.

Stanley returned to Taiwan in 1990 to start a nuclear consulting company with his friends but later returned to America due to a rare autoimmune disease that attacked the central nervous system. Despite this hardship, I thank God for His grace to be reunited with Stanley, so that we could be together and support each other. At this time, our two sons were already in college. After Stanley partially recovered, he was a consultant at General Electric until 2002. Thereafter, he worked remotely as a consultant until his retirement in 2005.

Stanley was extraordinarily intelligent, and his academic performance was often among the best. He was quiet, introverted, cautious, yet persistent. He pursued perfection and excellence in everything he did; therefore, he was sometimes relatively stubborn. Stanley worked hard not to seek praise or rewards but only to follow through with his responsibilities.

Stanley was not always the best at expressing his emotions verbally, but he always did his best to serve his family until the end. Growing up, his family did not have much, so as the eldest son he sent his money back to his family, only keeping a small portion for his own living expenses. To his family, he was extremely selfless, and he was no different in the later years of his life, doing his best to help his children and grandchildren as well, even in ill health. He expressed his love by giving them his all, with all his strength.

Stanley once said that the meaning of life is understood in stages. For him, coming to America where there is freedom, equality, goodwill, and acceptance was a new stage in his life. The nineteen years of his life before he returned to his heavenly home was another new stage. With his disease that caused pain and limited mobility, he had to stay at home most of the time, but those times were also the most blessed and joyful days of his life. His two sons each began their own families and established their careers, and he had two caring daughters-in-law and two sweet grandchildren. To spend each day happily with family--he could not have asked for much more.

In his family’s eyes, he will always be a kind grandfather, an invincible father, and a caring husband. He will forever live in our hearts.


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Stanley Shih-Hsi Yeh 葉世禧

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Sean Lai

September 22, 2018

In Memory of Shih-Hsi

I've not seen Stanley since 1975. Our classmate reunion at Bay Area in August, sad to say, was my last encounter with him. I miss him and appreciate our friendship.

Adapted from Friendship (Meeting An Old Friend Unexpectedly) - Poem by U Win Kyi

Hello, my friend, ' long time, no see.'
meeting you here is full of bliss and glee.
Many years had passed since I left.
Many more years had flown very fast since we met.
With days and nights coming in and out,
many changing seasons I can't count.
Many times the earth has gone around the sun,
our friendship is still ' forever young.'

O, my friend, you have,
bald head displacing the hairy crest,
gray hairs sprouting at the best.
The waist-line flabby, potbelly and broaden,
maybe due to drinking beer Heineken.
We are having a long talk,
at the coffee shop.
Then I find out your outside appearance have changed,
but many things inside are all the same.
You still have honesty, openness and sense of humor,
which are the qualities I most honored.

ShiPing Teng 鄧希平

Johnny Tsai

September 19, 2018


Ta-Rong Jan

September 19, 2018

Shih-Hsi, Mao-Min, Johnny and I were Tsing-Hua roommates. We all love classical music, literature, and art. We shared same interest and view on most things, and we have great joy living together for four years. Although we haven't seen each other since leaving Tsing-Hua, I still remember his voice and gentle smile. Shih-Hsi is a very sincere, down to earth, and very kind person, and always eager to help others.

Early this year, our NE LINE group established, that was when I heard he had this disease, and tried to contact him without success. Now is not possible to see or hear from him again, what a regret. But Shih-Hsi you will always live in my Memory.

Sean Lai

September 19, 2018

Shih-Hsi, 喬珍,and Yao Fong visited me when I was on Long Island in 1978. Picture taken in New York City in 1978. (From left to right, Shih-Hsi, me, and Yao Fong.)

Sean Lai

September 19, 2018

In memory of Stanley Yeh

He is a decent person. In our time together, he was gentle, thoughtful and
always smiled. We
miss him. May God be with him in heaven!

Shieh Der Jhy

Mao-Min Chen

September 18, 2018

Shih-Hsi, Ta-Rong, Johnny, and I were dormitory roommates at Tsing-Hua University. We played soccer together a lot. When one of us received goodies from parents, we enjoyed the treat together. Once a while, we got hold a bottle of liquor, we all went to a tiny, local food store (under a very tight budget) buying duck feet, duck heads etc. for a late night drinking party. After graduated from Tsing-Hua, Hsih-Hsi and I had the honor of serving our country at the remote island of Matsu. I was luckier by joining the unit at the Matsu headquarters. Shih-Hsi was the lieutenant in charge of 40+ soldiers defending the front line beach. I visited him and his outpost several times. Toward the end of our military services at Matsu, I met with a colonel who oversaw many units including Shih-Hsi's . As soon as he found out that Shih-Hsi and I were college classmates, he praised Shih-Hsi profusely for his dedication, leadership and contribution.

Shih-Hsi was always sincere, calm, and upbeat. When the going got tough, he rose to the occasion and met the challenge.

Shih-Hsi: We all will miss you and your warm smile.

Kent Ko

September 18, 2018

I am Kent Ko, in Chinese, 柯廣裕
I am a university classmate of Stanley.
I am here to say something about Stanley.
I always remember the smiling face of Stanley.
And I always remember the time Stanley playing soccer in the university soccer field.
Even though, I haven't seen him for more than 40 years.
We shared a very good time together when Stanley and I were both working at the first nuclear power station during the construction phase.
I sincerely wish your mother and you will doing very well when Stanley is in the Haven.

Sincerely Yours

Kent 2018/09/18

Emily Dunbar

September 16, 2018


Sean Lai

September 13, 2018

A poem from your college classmates
尹學禮 填字追念

Han Lung

September 13, 2018

We worked together since early 80s. I still remember those days, first in Quadrex, and then later in ADT. Your work ethics, your character, and your warm smiles will always remain in my heart.

I am glad that we are God's children, and death to us is just a sleep. Now you are with Christ, which is better than anything else. We have the hope that someday we will see each other again, with a glorious body and in a glorious place. I am looking forward to that day.