Brad Coulter

January 2, 1989February 7, 2019
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Michael Bradford Coulter was born in Baton Rouge, LA, on January 2, 1989, to Mike and Rosie Coulter. He grew up in Clear Lake, TX, with his younger sister, Sammy. When he was 13, Brad and his family relocated to Plano, TX, so he and his sister could pursue competitive figure skating. At age 17, he moved to Ann Arbor, MI, to continue figure skating training with his partner, Rachael Richardson. He graduated in 2007 at the Spring Creek Academy in Plano, TX, and continued his education at Texas A&M Commerce. This led to his career as an event coordinator and Figure Skating/Ice Dance Coach.

Brad was known for his energy and compassion. He was funny, loving, spunky, caring, stubborn, analytical, and the life of the party. As a child, his mom loved dressing him up in adorable outfits so he could strike a pose for the camera. His infectious personality was authentic and brought light to every person he met. Friends and family would often confide in Brad because he was a good listener and offered sound advice.

Ice skating was Brad’s passion. His favorite feeling in the whole world was the wind on his face. He also enjoyed interior decorating, watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, going out with friends, taking care of his dog, Skyler, spending time with family, and working out at the gym. His creative energy and love for dance led him to choreograph Sammy and Mike's "Father/Daughter Dance" at her wedding. Most people knew him as Brad, but he was also affectionately known as Bradley, Bradster, Bread, and "Stone Cold Steve Austin."

He went to Panera every day for their hazelnut coffee and all the employees knew and adored him. Brad enjoyed spending time at the skating rink and going to the dog park with Skyler. But more than anything, his favorite place was anywhere surrounded by friends and family. Skyler (a.k.a Mr. Snuggles/McMuffin) was everything to him.

When Brad wasn't reading inspirational books and writing down quotes that resonated with him, he enjoyed eating his mom's chorizo con huevo taquitos while watching Queer Eye, 90 Day Fiancé, or Ru Paul’s Drag Race. His favorite yearly activities included the Pride Parade, Easter egg hunt at Aunt Carmen’s house, and gingerbread house making contest at Granny and Papa's.

Brad is survived by his parents, Mike and Rosie Coulter of Frisco; sister, Sammy Coulter of Dallas; brother-in-law, Van Eisele of Dallas; grandmother, Jeannine Coulter of Wimberley; and his dog, Skyler the Chow Chow.


  • Human Rights Campaign


  • Visitation Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Funeral Service Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Graveside Service Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Brad Coulter

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Samantha J

February 17, 2019

I just wanted to thank you for always having my back at Timarron and for showing me so much kindness and love. I’ll never forget the day that I was so upset and crying and you just came over and gave a me a huge hug and gave me your phone number to call you if I ever needed anything. You were such a bright light for me while you were working there. And the time we took a cart out to tour the golf course for the first time and we couldn’t figure out a way past hole 9 and we gave up. I am so sorry for the Coulter family loss❤️

Annie Collier

February 16, 2019

Adding to my memory shared last week...when we got to the place to get Skyler, it was between him and this other puppy who the lady said was the “better dog...” this dog looked more like your “perfect” show dog and knew how to do more tricks, but had zero personality! The lady had him do things like walk for us...meanwhile, Skyler was running around crazy making us crack up laughing. With how forceful the seller was being, Brad was trying to like the other dog more. He even took him to a private area, just the two of them to see if they could bond, but Skyler was undeniable. Brad and I would joke that I made him get Skyler bc when he asked my opinion, I told him “you do what you want, but we aren’t leaving until you make the right decision for you...” (with my serious voice)...he knew what I meant. Earlier that year, we went to a shelter to look at dogs “just for fun” where Brad loaned me the money to get my dog. When either of our babies were acting up, we would joke that the other was to blame. Both of our dogs were our lives, and I’m happy we were in each other’s for that and many other reasons.

A few other quick memories:
- waking up to kittens all over us including on our faces when we stayed the night at a friend’s house whose cat just had kittens. We always joked about how we both woke up to peeling kittens off of ourselves.
- my high heel breaking one night while out and Brad finding duct tape to fix it so that we could keep dancing.
- going to Houston on a whim when we first started hanging out and having the best weekend, him being my date to my nieces wedding, Brad always sticking up for me, him moving me into my first and second Dallas apartment’s and somehow getting it all done in time to have people over that night, talking on the phone every day, being dance partners and him dropping me on my many good times.

Andrea Bazemore

February 13, 2019

I remember first meeting Brad in high school. He was so fun and kind. I remember when Sammy told me that he was gay. I wasn’t sure what to think; I had never met a gay person before. Throughout getting to know him, I realized the falsehoods I had been taught were just that, false, and loved how open and loving and unapologetic Brad was.

I remember helping Brad move from the Plano Coulter home and laughing over life, fashion, facial peels, and people over McDonalds sausage biscuits. We moved furniture (and we were both in our prime physique might I add) and we laughed at how ridiculous we looked moving the pieces. We drove around Plano running errands and just having the time of our lives blasting whatever pop song was current at the time.

I remember helping him move with Sammy to his downtown apartment and learning about his Z Gallery couch (which is on my bucket list for when I get a home now) and him schooling me on design. He had this idea of a TV on a rolling cart so that he could watch TV in the bathroom. Genius. Only he would think of such a thing. I remember being in awe as a college student and saying, "I wanna be like Brad when I grow up."

I can’t forget the time I went to my first gay club with him in New Orleans with Sammy or hitting the clubs with the crew in Dallas. I also can't forget the time when Sammy and I took beads from little kids while still keeping our clothes on, but that's another story for another time lol. He was so fun, so free, and so vibrant. He was so full of life and that's what I'll remember him for, his life.

Sammy and Brad taught me about tolerance, that love is love, and how important it is to cherish each other for who we are. Most importantly, they taught me to educate people about LGBTQ issues unapologetically and educate myself in the process.

Thank you for these life lessons. And thank you Brad for living such a beautiful life

Gina Busey

February 13, 2019

Our big crazy family brought us together in this life as cousins and I really wish we would have had that dinner we mentioned at Sammy’s wedding. The best and biggest smile on that beautiful face was seen by me and everyone else that night. I couldn’t help but tear up when you came down the aisle and anxiously awaited your sister’s presence. You beemed with pride and love that day and I’ll never forget our last hug. Overwhelmed with joy, overwhelmed with love you told me thank you for being there and that you loved me.
Family events will be missing a sweet, bright light from now on. We love you bunches and I’ll see you again someday...give my Dad a big hug for me.

Liz Hagag

February 13, 2019

Brad cared so deeply about his family and he wanted to make sure his sister, Sammy, got everything she deserved and more. I remember planning Sammy’s wedding shower with Brad and he wanted a personal hibachi chef, an entire wall of fresh flowers, and all things Beauty and the Beast. He wanted Sammy to feel like a princess.
Brad called me as I was flying out to Sammy’s bachelorette party in NOLA because he was so determined to make the party extraordinary. During our phone call, I think he said “I just want Sammy to feel special” about 15 times.
Brad was generous, compassionate, sassy, hilarious, loving, and vibrant. He has touched my life in a profound way and he will be deeply missed.

Cori Duncan

February 12, 2019

Brad never met a stranger and was one of the most compassionate people I know. His ability to see the good in all people was so inspiring. I first coached with Brad at Stonebriar in Frisco. But, it was in San Antonio that we randomly ran into each other at the ice rink and I was elated to have a Dallas coaching friend in the area. My daughter Molly and my life changed drastically shortly after and Brad was a constant. Molly sure loved Coach Brad and I sure loved our crazy long lunches where we would vent and discuss life. I’m sad we lost touch over this past year and couldn’t share another lunch or evening at Mi Cocina. I treasure Brad’s friendship, authenticity, and passion for people. And he sure loved his Momma. All of my heart, love, and prayers go out to Brad’s beloved family. Molly and I will miss him terribly but treasure our memories and will hold them near and dear to our heart.

Justin Seagraves

February 12, 2019

Michael Bradford to push your buttons. It competes with Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren. Fate brought us together in January 2014. Circumstance and general life made us drift apart and get together again.
We had a unique relationship. We didn’t party together, rarely drank together, we spent quality time talking and asking each other poignant questions about life. Your obsession of 90 Day Fiancé I still don’t get. You made it a point to build my self-esteem as my life changed. I constantly told you what an amazing person you were, are, and could be. I should have stressed that more every day, I wish I’d done more to support you in recent weeks.
My fondest memory is of us riding on our electric scooters that we had bought, through the halls and parking garages of our buildings and the streets of the Design District. We had so much fun. Now those scooters are everywhere – we started that trend in 2015.
My funniest memory is last year. I arrived at your place. I called, texted, no answer. I was about to leave when suddenly you came out the door as you had fallen asleep. Not only were you dazed and confused from waking up quickly, the sausage biscuits you had put in your oven at who knows what time now resembled a standard hockey puck. Skyler wouldn’t even touch them.
I am trying not to dwell but there is such a big hole in my heart. I wonder what was going on Tuesday February 5th at 5:29p when you tried calling and my plane was just taking off. I am so thankful your mother called. You have a wonderful family; one I wish I could’ve met under different circumstances. You were such a cherished part of all of our lives, you were loved, unconditionally, not sure you ever understood that.
I LOVE YOU MBC!! Always have, always will!!
P.S. As I am not a fan of pictures, I do not have one of us together. This picture of your son and my daughter reminds me of you every day. We both love our kids and we both loved each other.

Dillon Meek

February 11, 2019

I only wish I could go back to the last time I saw you. Not because it held any significance to many other memories I have made with you, but because it didn’t.
I would love to be able to hug you one last time, give you a wink, and tell you “I’ll see you soon, be good.” Which always seemed to make you laugh.
I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you, you walked upstairs in Woody’s and I was captivated by that smile. You had a glow about you that I can never explain. You and Annie sat at the end of the bar and I tried my best to spark up conversation until it got too busy for me to give you the attention I wanted to. I rushed the drink orders as much as I could, but you started to walk out and I got nervous..
I rushed over and handed you my number before you left because I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again.
From jamming Beyonce together, hopping in random cabs, teaching me how to properly work my iPhone, long walks with Skyler, to just every time I got to see that smile from across that bar at Woody’s.
You were a light in my life and I just wish I could’ve made that more apparent to you.
Today we had to say goodbye, only I didn’t get to hear you giggle as I tell you to be good or be safe.
You hold a special place in my heart today and forever ❤️
Love you mister 😘

All my love,

I know this isn’t the best picture of us, but that night we had so much fun playing pool and dancing to our own beat... that I don’t care about the blurriness or anything else.
Everything about you was organic and that won’t be forgotten, just like that night.

Quentin Cook

February 11, 2019


I’m so glad we crossed paths a few years ago. You have changed my world with your welcoming arms, contagious smile and best friendship anyone could ask for. The times I spent with you have always been the best of times. Us getting ready for the night or events that we always enjoyed sharing time together. When I would come over and order our favorite food (E-Bar) or blast our favorite songs; our time was always spent smiling. Singing and dancing, with smiles and laughter. Countless hours of talking on the phone about how your life is going or how your day was playing out. Brad, you are a true friend a friend that I could share anything with. Knowing you would never look down on me. You have the best heart, always making everyone you met feel so special. I am so thankful that I met you.

I know this is time for us to part, but know, you will be missed tremendously. I will never forget all the amazing adventures we had together. You’ve been an amazing friend and I will forever cherish that.

I will always miss and love you Brad.

Van Eisele

February 11, 2019

Brad was always full of life and had the most infectious laugh that could make even the biggest Scrooge crack a smile. Brad and I had a few common interests - Harry Potter and our love for Sammy, which was the foundation of our relationship. We both always wanted Sammy to smile and be safe. Brad made me promise to him that I would watch out for his little sister, no matter what. I will never forget my promise and I will do everything in my power to keep Sammy safe and happy. Brad, my brother, taken too soon. I will miss you and always love you.