Sandy Hook Elementary Angels

Passed away on December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary Angels passed away on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut


Sandy Hook Elementary Angels

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January 22, 2018

Jeremiah 29:11
I think about you all often.

Ulrich Boerner

January 4, 2018

I was speechless and so deeply sad about the death of these wonderful. May god held their and give them peace in heaven.

I'm from Germany and have been visiting my parents in law last November. Together with my wife and my 15 and 7 year old daughters we were guests in Newtown, CT. It was my first stay in the USA. What a wonderful small town - but the most which has really impressed me, was the kindness of the citizens of Newtown and the happyness of the children on Halloween. I had never get the feeling to be just a visitor. Thank you for that, dear Newtown community.

One night I saw the little shining crosses at the cemetary and asked for the meaning. My heart was filled with sadness as I heard, that here are some of the little victims are bedded for the last rest.

I wish all the bereaved, much love and power.

Lisette Rivera

December 14, 2017

Today is a hard day not just for you, but for many Americans. I remember your loss often, not just today, but several times throughout the year. As a mother I watched in horror your pain and loss and hugged you from afar. Hugs are not enough though, I have also called my senators to demand sensible gun control and donated to organizations fighting for this. I will never forget you and your children and I will continue to raise mine to make this country safer. I send nothing but love to you today and always. Blessed be.


December 13, 2017

Marielle Poirier

December 12, 2017

To the community of Newtown, Canadian prayers sent your way!

December 10, 2017

My continued prayers condolences for the families & community of Newton Connecticut. That peace will find them. December will never be the same as a result of this tragedy. Coming up on the 5th year, it still resonates a profound sadness. Today I re-read the memories of each one lost that day. I didn't know them, but they represent all children, all schools in every town, city etc.. across this country & around the world! I hope someday the world will wake up & do whats needed to stop the violence!

Robert Bergum

October 1, 2017

God bless all of those people who died that day that never should have happened

Umair Hashmi

June 27, 2017

Rest in Peace, Little Ones. You are at peace now far away from this evil world we live in.

BETH Slagor

May 19, 2017

God bless those little kids and adults who died

Lisa Bangs

December 30, 2016

My heart is aching since this happened I don't know no one who these people are.
Lisa Bangs. Willimantic Ct