Barbara Siskin

November 3, 1931May 14, 2012

Barbara Siskin For information contact BOULEVARD-RIVERSIDE CHAPELS 1450 Broadway, Hewlett, New York 11557 (Between Erick Avenue and Avalon Avenue) Telephone: 516-295-3100 .


  • Funeral Service Wednesday, May 16, 2012
  • Committal Service Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barbara Siskin

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Debbie Siskin

May 13, 2017

Mom next Thursday it be 5 yrs you left us we miss you sunday is mothersday and English Anniversity of your death tell dad I always love him and miss him everyday I think about you. Love your baby Debbie Daisy miss you and Smokey knows about you xoxo

February 12, 2015

Mom its almost 3 yrs your gone every day I think of you I always love you. Your granddaughter Daisy miss you have a grandson Smokey you never met
Love your baby Debbie

Debbis Siskin

May 14, 2014

Mom tonight around 11pm 2 yrs ago you passaway. its not the same i told Daisy about tonight you should see her face she said. well mom i am ok i miss you so much. I'll write some more later Love you Debbie

Debbie Siskin

May 12, 2013

Mom, Happy Mothers Day,
Today is the first Mothers Day with out you. I did ok but miss you last year you were home and the next day you passaway . Well you and dad should see my apt you would love it. Mom i can cook yes you should be proud of me. Daisy said Happy Grandma Day she miss you i dont know if she understand me what i am saying when i look outside threw the window Daisy with me and i told her look up in the sky and there grandma barbara and grandpa jerry. I speak to Laura every day and aunt Judi move to upstate NY to be with Jason and Hether with their kids.Mom Daisy is 3 yrs old and we have her 3 yrs it feels like longer. Its nice out side. I visit you couple of weeks ago. Did you hear what i wrote to you i read it aloud. Mom i saw a 2 day old kitten 3 of them i hope they live i will find out wed. Well let me go i miss you all. Say hello to Nana and Grandpa tell them i love them. give them a kiss.
Love your favite child Debbie & Daisy xoxoxo

Debbie Siskin

April 21, 2013

Some one birthday is next tuesday. And its not yours. Give up. Mine. It be the first time you wont be here to celebrate but i will try to visit you next sunday. so you and dad can see me before my birthday. I am ok mom. Couple of weeks hebrew date May 3,2013you be gone 1 yr i cant believe how fast it went. Mom Daisy doing good. she went to the vet today and she was good. well let me go and i will write next week i love you. Tell Dad, Nana Grandpa and my uncles i said hello I Love You Debbie

Debbie Siskin

March 31, 2013

Hi its your baby daughter Debbie, Sorry I did not write any thing on here but its passover almost the end of it. Mom it was hard for me for passover your not here with me. But Ed said when you pass away your with Dad now. And you been away from home over 30 yrs. But i am ok . remember you told me when you die i wont cry at your furneral i did . I'm tell you i still cry its hard for me mom its not your fault you had to go to heaven . i dont know if Daisy understand where you went but i pick her up and we both look up in the sky and i told her thats heaven. Every morning and night we go to the window and talk to you guys in heaven. I am off tomorrow so i have to go to cvs and pick up my pills dont worry i am not sick and tuesday i have apt with our eye doctor. for a check up. Mom when your in heaven do you see She She if so give her a big kiss and tell her her big sister always think about her. Tell Dad i miss him and love him and i always think of the family thats with you moms. well let me go i have to make hours for leaving early for passover.
I always love you so much. Debbie

Debbie Siskin

March 6, 2013

Mom its me again your daughter Debbie its almost passover my first one alone with out you I will be fine you know why because u and dad in my heart always daisy loves u and miss you talk to you soon Love you Debbie

Debbie Siskin

December 2, 2012

Mom i visit your grave today and it was nice talking to you it help alot. I will visit you again thats a promise i got lost finding your grave. i am happy you and daddy back to gether for over 40 yrs your apart. I wish you can see where i live you would love it Ed told me you also would love it. I made love of friends like i told you before. Guess what mom i work in a shelter for cats. I play with them and help out tomorrow they open again. Daisy loves you and miss you i dont think she understand you where you are. But i talk to her about u alot. Well let me go now just want to say hi to you. I love you so much your best child and also your baby girl Debbie & Daisy

Debbie Siskin

November 23, 2012

Its me your daughter Debbie, Happy Thanksgiving to you and family in heaven.
i went to Laura and Mathew house yesterday we had two extra plants for you and uncle David. Today the office close because yesterday was thanksgiving. How are you doing Does Daddy look the same as i saw him did you tell him about Daisy.Itry to explain where you are so i think she understand me after i talk about you she lock my face like she does to you. i love my apt i wish you can see it Ed told me you would be happy for me. Hows She-She is she with you mom tell her we miss her and please tell her about Daisy ok. today i will walk to the stores i live a block away from them. I made some friends from the building. Did you visit me last week i herd your voice. I wish you never went to heaven but i know how your not in pain and your with dad,Nana Grandpa, uncle David, uncle Henry,She-She and Mr Kitty Cat. i cook mom you should see me i made your plate apple sauce, cranberry sauce etc for Thanksgiving. Daisy looks outside the kitchen window it face the front door of the building we have 32 units and we also have a sup and storage for my boxes of your stuff and mine. Well Mom tell grandpa and Nana thank them for me ok. Well time to go now i will write again soon I LOVE YOU you baby daughter Debbie

Debbie Siskin

November 9, 2012

its me Debbie your baby you call me . Well your birthday was last Saturday and i wanted to visit you but we had bad weather and short of gas. But i wanted to whish you a Happy Birthday mom you turn 81 you look young for your age. Daisy told me to tell you Meow Happy Birthday Grandma i miss you and love you. I love my apartment i have friends in the building. We watch each other and i also have a Supper that fix things if you need it.Ed said you would aprove the apt. Its not the same with out the house. We have a washer and dryer in the basement its cost $2.25 for the washer and dryer thats another thing i miss about the house that i can leave the clothes in the machine and go back later on to put it in the dryer. Aunt Judi I spoke to the other day she is fine thinking about going to Ca next year for a vacation. And Aunt Laura ok too. The person i know missing you is Joyce and Mrs Star. Dont worry i keep intouch with Uncle David kids and Uncle Henry too.
thinking about meeting them in a state and just spend time since the family geting smaller . You wont believe Aunt Carol lives next town away from me. You believe it I think i willl call her this weekend to see how shes doing.
I think by now you know we have snow in the ground in Nov. Couple of weeks it be thanks giving dont know if i want to celebreate it Since your not here. I try not to cry mom but i do because i miss you . But i also you now its time for you to be with your family in heaven. I hope you feel better . Well mom time to go now. I will write to you soon Love your baby Daughter Debbie & Grant daughter Daisy. We both love you and Miss you. PS tell every one in heaven we miss them and love them. Also tell Nana & Grandpa thankyou so much they know what i m talking about