Karl Sherman Hixson

August 12, 1953May 14, 2018
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Karl Sherman Hixson was born August 12,1953 and Died May 14,2018. He was a beloved Husband, Father, Son and brother. He was preceded by his Father Norman K Hixson, Mother Phyllis L. Hixson and a niece Amanda Brite. He is survived by His wife Jennifer Stewart Hixson, Her Father Harvey Stewart Sr., 8 children: Chelsea Terry, James Ray Jr, Nathanial Hixson, Heather Ray, Matthew Hixson, DeAnn Trost, Christen Goldberg and Christopher Emerick, His siblings Karen Huddleston, Edi Barron, Raymond Hixson, 9 grandchildren and many nieces, nephews. Karl was a Senior Project manager for Washington Woodworking LLC in Lanham Maryland and had been a cabinet maker for over 50 years. He was known to friends and family as “Chip”. He was an accomplished musician of many stringed instruments. He made friends wherever he went, and his music and friendship will be missed by all who knew him and especially by those who loved him. Karl was a member of Friendship Baptist Church in Hope Mills North Carolina. His Love for and faith in God was something he shared with many. A funeral service will be held 12 p.m. Friday, May 25, 2018 at Reeves Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will follow at LaFayette Memorial Park, Fayetteville, NC.


  • Visitation Thursday, May 24, 2018
  • Funeral Service Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Funeral Service Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Burial Friday, May 25, 2018

Karl Sherman Hixson

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Jennifer Hixson

May 22, 2018

Chip loved Henry and built this as a Christmas gift for him. He was so happy Henry loved it. He as proud of this Dragon ship as he was any big job he had done at work.

Jennifer Hixson

May 21, 2018

The last picture taken of Chip. He was playing a song for my dad.

Karen Sutherland

May 20, 2018

Chip was always there for Ray and myself when our kids were young. He ended up being the older brother that I never had when times where hard. I will never forget your music, your smile and your wisdom. Prayers and blessings to all the Hixson family.

Charles R

May 19, 2018

To the families and loved loved ones of Mr Hixson, it's in these times that we all are in great need of comfort. And almighty God has promised at revelation 21:4 that he will do away with death, pain, and sorrow. So,You can take great comfort in drawing close to God in prayer.And he will give us comfort and help us to endure. My deepest condolences to all of your loved ones.

Jennifer Hixson

May 18, 2018

Chip standing in front of Brett’s house finished. I will miss his excitement over things like this.

Jennifer Hixson

May 18, 2018

Brett Hitts house the last project Chip completed for Washington Woodworking. He worked so hard and was so proud of it.

Jennifer Stewart Hixson

May 17, 2018

I love you and miss you so much. You made my life complete.

Chelsea Hixson

May 17, 2018

Love and miss you with all my heart, Daddy.



      Many things can be said about Karl Sherman Hixson. Known to friends and acquaintances as a friendly, energetic, empathic and decisive man, his compassionate nature would always shine through, revealing his charm, warmth and conscientious demeanor. He was warmhearted, gentle and organized in all the things he sought to accomplish. Karl was a mentor, a natural “teacher” capable of seeing things clearly, leading others and bringing out the best in all of those around him. He generally had a focus on harmony and peace.

      Karl was born on August 12, 1953 at North Bethesda Suburban Hospital in Rockville, Maryland. His parents were Norman and Phyllis Hixson. Karl was raised in Rockville, Maryland. When he was young, Karl's friends and family found that “straightforward” and “honest” were perfect words to describe him. Even as a child, Karl demonstrated strong qualities of self-confidence, perceptive ability and a disposition that was enjoyable to those around him.

      Karl grew up with Three siblings. He had an older sister, Karen, a younger brother, Raymond and a younger sister Edi. Karl was constantly involved in all sorts of activities with his family. He was even-tempered, taking care not to get involved in too many family conflicts. This quality served him well, in perpetually bringing harmony, understanding and a sense of peace to the family. Karl carried these traits into his adult life and served as one of many reasons why family and friends found him pleasurable and delightful to be around. Karl was a person who genuinely understood and cared for others, making powerful connections with those he knew.

      As a young boy, Karl was imaginative, ingenious, clever and a “novel” thinker. Regardless of whether his peers were older or younger, or came from different backgrounds, Karl could easily relate to other kids. He was a Scout. In his spare time he liked playing the guitar. Karl's memorable achievements included. However, to Karl, the most fun to be had was simply playing and spending time with his many friends.

      During his high school years, Karl had a natural flair for cheering on and applauding just about everyone. He was constantly offering his support and encouragement to fellow members of the groups and activities in which he participated. He graduated from Richard Montgomery High School in 1971. He did well in school and genuinely enjoyed telling stories in a way that drew people to him. In this way, Karl had a talent for becoming the center of attention, a kind of social catalyst. Karl was often found to be the lead person facilitating a group activity, frequently filling the role of being “the life of the party.” Teachers and classmates knew Karl as an excellent listener. He placed a high value on learning and always understood that there was a new lesson to be grasped waiting for him just around the corner.

      Always considered a “good” friend, Karl sought to understand the things that others enjoyed. For this reason Karl always seemed to possess a never-ending collection of acquaintances. Karl’s friends found him easy to know and get along with because of his talent for being socially at ease, adept at conversation, and always amiable in his dealings with others. Karl would always seek to learn what his friends enjoyed, and he would go out of his way to make sure that their needs were met. Karl was always seen as the type of person who was the more gracious giver. In fact, he sometimes felt ill at ease when he was the one on the receiving end. Throughout his life he had many friends. While growing up, some of his best friends were Severn Savage that he met in college, along with Gene Rosenthal. Later in life, he became friends with Bruce and MaryAnn Avery, Tom Tyzack, Curt Compton, Wayne and Don Thompson, Todd and Payton Garliss, Joe Garliss, Myron and Jean Peterson, Steven Huddleston and Ellen and Mike DeCarlo.

      On March 18, 2001 Karl married Jennifer Lee Stewart at the Rockville Church of GOD of Rockville, Maryland. Compassionate and devoted, Karl worked hard to make his new family happy. He was always generous with his time and this meant that Jennifer came first in Karl’s book. He was always caring and made certain that he considered Jennifer’s feelings. By trusting his emotions, Karl did his best to make sure that both the marriage and home life ran smoothly. This is just one more example of how Karl was truly a person of empathy.

      Karl’s quality of being a caring and tolerant person who was very accepting of others translated to being a good father to his children. Karl shared these values with his Eight children, four boys and four girls, Nathanial, Matthew, Jame and Christopher, Chelsea, Heather, DeAnn, and Christen. Karl was also blessed with Nine grandchildren, Jayden, Jolie, Anna-Marie, Madison, Bobby-Ray, Henry, Charley-James, Daisy-Mae, and Ean-Walker. Karl related well to children of all ages and was able to connect to them on their level. The children always loved him and he was completely and totally devoted to them.

      Karl experienced success in his work life over and over again. His primary occupation was his primary occupation was Senior Project Manager. He was employed for seventeen years by Washington Woodworking, LLC. He was a cabinet maker for over 50 years. Karl always made the effort to understand what was needed at work, and was well known by his colleagues as a team player. Karl took pride in managing his professional responsibilities and seemed to always know what was necessary to successfully complete a project. Karl was one to take the initiative and his skills at working cooperatively were highly valued. Karl continually sought to learn what his co-workers did well and how they were most effective, a talent that enabled him to help them develop their own potential.

      Because he was organized and methodical, Karl took great pleasure in his various hobbies. His favorite pursuits were Civil-war reenacting with the 9th VA Group, he played music ona variety of stringed instruments and sang. Karl enjoyed sharing his passions with others and could singularly focus on one hobby at a time.

      Throughout his life, Karl was actively involved in professional and community organizations. With a talent for focusing in on exactly what was required to be completed, Karl was known to his peers as being able to strengthen any group endeavor. When called on, Karl was a natural leader who created harmony and good relationships within the group, often putting his own needs aside. Karl’s involvement could easily help structure and organize any part of an organization. An added benefit was Karl’s ability to bring valued principles along with him. Throughout his later years, Karl was an active member of the 9th Virginia Reenacting Group, Maryland Folklore Society and Ships Company.

      Karl was well known to others for his ability to naturally and conscientiously move into action to help others, a quality that placed him as an active contributor to many community activities. Charismatic by nature, he was always viewed by others as someone who built bridges, connected to people, and upheld his personal values. Politically, Karl was independent and conservative in his views.

      Karl’s faith was important to him. He was a member of Friendship Baptist Church. He was compassionate and warm hearted, someone who truly cared for others and that was clearly demonstrated in his work with the congregation.

      Though he never did anything solely for individual recognition, Karl was given accolades for his many and varied efforts throughout his life. If the truth were known, Karl was always a little uncomfortable with being singled out for recognition. Some of his most prestigious awards included many Craftsmans Awards through WBC, for exceptional millwork while working for Washington Woodworking, LLC.

      Karl enjoyed traveling, and because he was so well organized, he would take on the responsibility of planning and scheduling all of the family vacations. His gift for keeping things lively meant that vacations with Karl were always enjoyable. Favorite vacations included going to the beach and visiting with family members.

      Karl was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. One of Karl's favorite was Pepper, a Shitzu mix. They were best friends for seventeen years. His family was rounded out by his dog baby.

      Karl passed away on May 14, 2018 at at home in Dundalk, Maryland. He had a silent heart attack and died in his sleep. Services were held at Reeves Funeral Home in Hope Mills, North Carolina. Karl was laid to rest in LaFayette Memorial Park in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

      Throughout his life, Karl was a gregarious and enthusiastic man. He was generous in sharing his personal attributes, giving and helping those he knew and loved. He would often fill the role of coach, bringing out the best in everyone. He was imaginative, original, tender hearted and easy to get along with. Karl leaves behind him a legacy of life-long friendships and cherished memories. Everyone whose lives he touched will dearly remember Karl Sherman Hixson.