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Agustin Q. Luz

August 28, 1923August 25, 2020

Agustin Q. Luz was born on August 28, 1923 in the Philippines to father Tomas Luz and mother Felecia Quiambao, and passed away on August 25, 2020 in Houston, Texas. Agustin grew up in the Philippines, and during the occupation of the Philippines by the Japanese in WWII, Agustin and his family fled for safety, along with many others from the city, into the mountains. He became ill with malaria while in the mountains, but luckily at that time the Americans had helped take control back of the island. As a troop of American soldiers passed by everyone who had sought safety, one of the soldiers noticed that Agustin was sick, and gave him medicine to survive. Agustin was so thankful to the G.I. that from that day forward he would always say, and believe that Americans were good people.

When it was time to go to college, Agustin went to the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines to study medicine. His intention was to study law and become a lawyer, but his love of chemistry is what made him change his major. It was in one of his Chemistry classes that he met his wife, Esmeralda. After he graduated they eloped in 1950 and were married in Manila, just five years after WWII. During their marriage they had five children and moved to many places when he applied to become a civilian personnel for the United States Air Force and Army branches as a doctor.

Although Agustin was known to be quiet by his children, he taught them many lessons in life. Once when the family was living in Okinawa, Japan, he decided to teach his kids how to swim. They went to the beach during a low tide for a swimming lesson where he showed them how to float, dunk their heads under water, and then they walked over to a small patch of beach far from the main beach. As Agustin watched his children playing on the small patch of beach and water, the kids did not notice that he had walked back towards the main beach. When the high tide started to come, the kids were surprised to see him waving at them from afar! He made sure the water level was still safe enough for them to show him what they had learned at swimming.

Agustin was a modest man and so proud of his profession and being able to help others. He had applied for citizenship to the United States when he became a civilian personnel, and was sponsored by a hospital in the United States to move to Michigan ahead of the long waiting period. The family moved to a small town in Michigan where Agustin opened up his own practice and served the small community into his 60’s. The community was thankful to have a doctor that helped so many be saved and treated well. Agustin was so beloved by friends and family in the town that they would often show their appreciation by bringing him and the family pies, fresh vegetables and jams from their farms; there was always something at their doorstep. He was a doctor that showed the love of his profession by taking the time to know each patient and not just patch them up real quick to move onto the next person, he would ask questions to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.

Agustin was an honest and moral man, and one strange experience he had at a telephone booth proved it. Back before cell phones, when telephone booths were everywhere, Agustin put a quarter into the telephone slot, and suddenly tons of quarters started to fall out from the bottom of the phone! Some people might just have grabbed a bucket and filled it up with all the quarters to take home, but Agustin dialed up the operator and explained to her the situation; and he actually waited in the booth until the phone company could come by to pick up all of the quarters.

After living and working in Michigan for many years, the family moved to a small town in Southwest, Texas where Agustin practiced medicine well into his 90’s. One of Agustin’s favorite things to do was play golf, and he loved to cross country travel in the United States with Esmeralda; even if it was just trip together to medical conventions, or one of their favorite cities, San Francisco. They loved to find great places to eat wherever they went and found so many gems on their road trips, and Las Cruces was one city that he and Esmeralda would always find delicious food. Even though Esmeralda cooked at home, after 70 years of marriage he knew which buttons to push to tease her, and joking about her cooking was one of them! His favorite meal was steak, he was a steak man through and through, but he also had a fondness of his mother’s Filipino chicken ginger rice soup. Agustin loved steak so much, that after coming out of ICU the nurses tried to give him pudding to eat, but he said “No! Where is the meat? I want my meat!”

Agustin had quite a life journey, but he was lucky to have worked in a profession he loved, to be married to Esmeralda for 70 years, and to have fathered five children; Fides, Aniel, Gus, Abel, and Mia. He will be remembered by his family and of all those people whose lives he helped heal and met along the way.

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    Monday, August 31, 2020

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    Monday, August 31, 2020


Agustin Q. Luz

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Kristine Luz

September 3, 2020

Dear Lolo,

I have always admired your dedication as a doctor and a family man. Over the years, I heard numerous stories from Chris and other family members about your kindness and passion to help others. I am happy to have a personal story to share as well. One of the memories I cherish is from a Christmas holiday. Chris and I watched a medical surgery show with you, and you did not flinch once. I, on the other hand, looked away many times while you laughed at me. At the time, you were around 94 years old, yet your passion for the medical profession was still on fire! You are truly an inspirational individual.

I am honored that you are my lolo and Edison's great lolo. Thank you for the love and wisdom you've bestowed on us. Sending my love and prayers to you. May you rest in peace.

Kristine and Chris Luz

Vickie mendoza

August 31, 2020


wanted to share this song video cause it is one of Uncle and Auntie's favorite classic Filipino song. It also kind a sums up Uncle's life.

Victoria Luz_ Mendoza

August 30, 2020

Bobby, Michael and I would like to send our prayers and love to Auntie Esmer and our cousins and their families. May God grant His consoling grace to all of you. We are all saddened by the passing of Uncle Gustin.
I have always admire Uncle since his visit in the Philippines,the first one that I remembered. I remember he was a smooth and cool Uncle. He was a man of few words but plenty of smiles which his sons I think inherited .
I especially would like to honor and thank Uncle for making my American dream possible. He helped me financially without hesitation to pay for my expenses to come to United States . He also gave me a lot of fatherly advices and support. I remember him asking me during my wedding rehearsal if I'm really serious and really sure if I want to marry Bobby. He said it is not too late to call off the wedding. I just smiled at him and he smiled back at me and hugged me. I am forever grateful to you Uncle and humbled by your kindness and generosity .
I also admire him for living his life the way he wanted to live it. He dedicated his life to his family and to serving God as a great doctor and healer to a lot of people. He remarkably practiced his profession until his 90s. I was so heartbroken when I said goodbye to you on my last visit cause somehow I knew it's really the last time that I will see you here on earth.
May God's eternal mercy and goodness be with you and may you have peaceful rest in his gracious presence.
We love you Uncle Gustin.

TJ Luz

August 30, 2020

Dear Lolo,

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Summers growing up as a child will always be tied to spending time with you and Lola at Fort Clark Springs. I remember loving to visit you at the clinic in Bracketville and seeing that it was filled with pictures of us and the family. It showed how much you cared about us and the community you served. We saw how important you were to the town as everybody knew who the Dr Luz family was. It was a testament to you service.

May you Rest In Peace.

Michelle Luz

August 30, 2020

My summers as a child are filled with memories of spending them in Bracketville with my Lolo & Lola. Days filled with doing the same activities - wake up, swim in the pool, drive to Del Rio, come back to the house, dinner then sleep. What I fondly remember was that around Bracketville everyone knew Dr. Luz. A friendly wave from or kind comment when passing by - the kindness of strangers (strangers, to me) exemplified the fact that my Lolo was someone who was admired by the community in which he lived in. To me, he was a wonderful grandfather. Kind, but strong in his ways. Always with a warm smile and hug when we came to visit. I miss those summers in Bracketville and it is what I hold on to most. Love you, Lolo. May you Rest In Peace.

Aniel Luz

August 30, 2020

Thoughts and memories flood my mind of our loss of Dad. He was a loving soft spoken shy father who cared and taught us the principles of life. Most importantly Dad was a very knowledgeable and logical person with a warm heart.
We were very fortunate being raised by a family man and with that we were privileged with our numerous travels with Dad. As a physician his opportunities in Okinawa, Detroit and Texas exposed us to cultural diversity of the East and the West.
Religion and politics were not Dad’s cup of tea. If he did talk about it, he most likely avoid the topic. It was not a way of understanding and sympathizing with others. Perhaps this is why he love being a physician; he loved his patients that he cared for.
He love most especially to Listening and learning. He taught me to always to listen to others. Listening rather then talking gets results.
With the listening he also showed his love of music. Kuya Boy shared how Dad’s eyes would grow big when he talked about Music. He was very passionate about music. He exposed and shared to me his interest in Jazz, Easy listening tunes like Nat King Cole, Ella Fizgerald and Frank Sinatra.
Of the things that mattered most for Dad were the quality times with us as a family man in spite of his hectic physician life. I remembered our family BBQ weekends in Belle Isle. He would bring us to Tiger Stadium to watch baseball. We would spontaneous have family field trips to NYC, Montreal and Washington DC.
And yes these memories I will always cherish of our Dad.

Dad, I will miss your presence, I will miss your guidance and I will miss most especially your warm heart.
I love you Dad.
- Aniel

Gene Alcazaren

August 28, 2020

Sharing another photo, a bit hazy, taken back in 1983, when my parents came to visit and we drove to Bracketville. After visiting and getting to know him, I must add kind to Tito Agustin's list of wonderful traits.

With love,
Gene and Cora

Gene Alcazaren

August 28, 2020

Dearest Tita Esmer and cousins,
Cora and I pray for God’s presence to rest upon you and your family at this difficult time.
We thank Him for the days of life that He gave to Tito Agustin, and the blessings that He bestowed upon him.
May his memory live long with you and be a source of strength for you.
We pray for God's love to uphold you and guide you. And may He reward your faithfulness to Him with the joy and peace which the world cannot give -- nor take away.
Here's a classic vintage shot (courtesy of my brother Poy, don't know how he obtained this old photo) of a young, dapper and handsome Dr. Luz next to Tita Esmer, posing with my mom Roly on the left, Tita Emy, Tita Melda, Lolo Pepe, and Tita Delia.

Ben Pineda

August 28, 2020

Uncle Gustin was like a father to me. My memories of him living in Adrian, Michigan were full of gentle love, and the understanding that the small things in life were still very precious.

Uncle Gustin taught me how to golf and was always the first to compliment a “nice shot”... he even let me drive the golf cart though “off roading” on the fairways was a bad habit of mine.

Uncle Gustin, your smile could soften mountains and was always a heartfelt support for me growing up. You always took the time, and you always listened with patience and praise. It was the little things that still mean the world to me today. I know that your golf swing will continue to impress angels in heaven ❤️

Luz Carlos

August 28, 2020

Memories of Uncle Agustin “Gustin” Luz suddenly overwhelmed me upon learning the sad news of his return to the Father.
I remember the last time he visited the Philippines. He would hold medical missions in his home province of San Esteban, Macabebe. I could almost see the long queues of his townmates who needed consultation. He would give them free antibiotics and medicine, after consultation.

Then Uncle Gustin would join the family in weekend excursions. With Auntie Esmer, his wife, Ate Mia, his youngest daughter, Mommy, Sting and me, Daddy would be bringing the family to see the Pagsanjan Falls and Caliraya Lake. And Uncle would always be interested in the plants and the insects, while enjoying the scenery. He would always tell us, “This could be a new species!” And you could see and hear the sense of wonder in his face and in the tone of his voice.

Our heartfelt thanks, Uncle Gustin, for the generosity, and kindness of your heart, and for the example of genuine service you shared with your people. Seldom did we get the chance to be together, but in those precious moments, you never failed to fill my heart with the warmth of home.

Our Good Lord Jesus welcome you, Uncle, and keep you in the Bosom of His Eternal Love.

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