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Sally Sanderson Cutler

December 14, 1931June 5, 2020

Loving wife of the late James D. Cutler, daughter of Gordon and Dora Sanderson. She leaves her three children Andrew Cutler of Dover, MA, Donna Jones of Bellows Falls, VT and Tucker Cutler of Harrisville, NH as well as eight grandchildren on June 5, 2020.

Born December 14, 1931 in Weymouth, MA, Sally grew up in Abington, in the same house she raised her children and her beloved Norwegian Elkhounds. She cherished her days at 429 High Street with her gardening, landscaping and entertaining. She was an active participant in the Abington community with Child Study and offered her home for Christmas tours to support the Abington Library.

After graduating from Abington High School she received her Bachelor of Arts from Skidmore College and her Masters of Science at Simmons College in Physical Therapy. Sally was a passionate Physical Therapist working in several settings for several years but mostly enjoyed her home visit work.

Sally was an avid outdoors woman who enjoyed birding and seeking out conservation and garden tours. She travelled to many countries her most favorite included New Zealand, Denmark and Africa. Everyone will remember Sally for her athleticism and friendly competitiveness with numerous sports including golf, tennis and skiing.

Her fondest memories include a second home in Brownsville, VT, summers at Squam Lake, Skidmore College Reunions and her special times with family, friends and neighbors.

Sally is described by so many as truly amazing as she endured her stroke of 13 years. She always persevered no matter how difficult the challenges. She kept her spirit going for her family, grandchildren and friends.

Sally was predeceased by her parents and two brothers, Bruce and Robert Sanderson.

A celebration of her life will be held at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made to NH Audubon, in memory of the Sally Sanderson Cutler Wildlife Conservation Fund. Checks may be made payable to NH Audubon and mailed to: Membership and Development, Audubon, 184 Silk Farm Road, Concord, NH 03301.


  • A celebration of life will be held at a later date


Sally Sanderson Cutler

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charles cutler

July 8, 2020

I'm Charles Cutler, Sally's brother-in-law. Although I'm more comfortable sharing memories of Sally directly with her immediate and extended family and friends, I'd like at least to express a tribute to her here in this message.

I remember being both happy and relieved that my brother Jim married Sally rather than other women he had dated, all of them fine people, but not the right person for my brother as far as I was concerned.

It was clear from the start that Sally was that right person for Jim as well as for the extended family, in which she was a huge presence. This said, I'd like to highlight just one of the many things I admired most about Sally:

After my brother's premature death, she rose to the occasion and the enormous challenges of being a single parent, furthering the undertaking of raising and shaping the lives of three children. All the while with unfailing love and compassion, devotion, steadfastness, tenacity, and great smarts. Perhaps the greatest expression of Sally's indelible legacy, then, was having continued the work of my brother in bringing up and into the world three wonderful human beings : Andrew, Donna, and Tucker.

Charles Cutler

Sarah Cutler

July 8, 2020

I am another of Sally and Jim's nieces, the youngest grandchild of Dee Dee and Grandad. I have some wonderful memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations in West Newton with the Cutlers and the Irishes. Big family parties with a lot of cocktail hours. Sally and Jim were of course there, helping DeeDee, being lively, and prompting me and my brother to have good manners. Sally seemingly was always in good cheer, always winking at us too. When staying over at DeeDee's, Tuck would often come over and play with me and my brother, or we would visit Abington. Sally was always a gracious hostess, and I remember her dogs and her gardens fondly. She was always on the move with a twinkle in her eye, and more winks to us kids. I love reading and hearing about her passion for the outdoors, birds, working with her hands outside, nature, skiing, and of course dogs. These are all things that I treasure in life as well and make me feel connected to Sally and other family members in a way bigger than just the word family. Our thoughts and love are with you Donna, Andy and Tucker. Thanks everyone for sharing so far. I love the photos!

Tucker Cutler

July 8, 2020

As a couple of fond old Camp Timanous friends consoled me ; one remarking there is an empty sadness that abounds when you lose a loved one, the other saying to keep the vivid memories in your head and lasting memories in your heart. Their most warming kindness joins the thoughts and fantastic, humorous memories of others. It's so wonderful to hear from some old former Abington friend s like John and Chuck LoGuidice, Abington sitters that took care of my siblings and I-neighbors like the Andersons. All your memories ease my aching heart, and I hope you all will read this memory of mine-to you-that it brings me great delight to go back in time. Thank you all for the wonderful memories.

Chuck LoGiudice

July 7, 2020

Andy, Donna and Tucker,

My heartfelt condolences to the passing of your Mom. Many memories of spending time with your family especially on High St. How many beers did we all drink at just one address? I remember being home for Christmas break and walking up your drive in the dark and a "ghostly" figure was on the porch moving about. Turns out it was your mother chopping wood for the fireplace in the pine room, swinging a full-size axe with abandon. Best to you all in this challenging time. Chuck LoGiudice

Sue Irish

July 6, 2020

Lastly, notice this is a black-and-white! photo from way "back in the day." Sally and Jim are in the center. This was at Dee-Dee and Granddad's in West Newton. How about that car in driveway?

Sue Irish

July 6, 2020

One of the Cutler's great holiday cards.

Sue Irish

July 6, 2020

Donna, Dee-Dee, and Sally at Dee-Dee's 90th birthday celebration in Abington.

Sue Irish

July 6, 2020

Here's Dee-Dee, Sally, and my mom Joan or Joanie. I wonder if they're eating those dreaded creamed oysters, which Dee-Dee used to refer to a "this business." "Sue, deah, would you care for some of this business?"

Sue Irish

July 6, 2020

I'm going to send a few more photos. This one taken on the front porch at 74 Fountain Street, West Newton. Dee-Dee and Granddad's 50th (I think) wedding anniversary. See Sally in the back row with Jim in front of her.

Donna Jones

July 6, 2020

Sally and Jim's home at 429 High Street. So many wonderful memories that our parents gave us..watching the birds on the bird feeder from the kitchen window, sleeping on the porch on those hot summer nights, fires in the living room and pine room, running from one end of the house to the other as it was a "straight shot", throwing toy army men and airplanes down the stairs at the adults as they walked by with their drinks into the living room, going outside to play on the stonewall, swing on the swing, tetherball, zip line, sand box, awesome neighborhood wiffle ball and football games! Sally chasing Andy across the yard after he got caught with his Winstons! While Sally had chores for the 3 of us EVERY DAY (long lists) she made sure we had our fun! Love you and miss you Mom so much!