Richard R. Miller

May 31, 1929December 12, 2020

Richard R. Miller was born on May 31, 1929 and passed away on December 12, 2020 and is under the care of Cantrell Funeral Home.

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Richard R. Miller

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Roz Weiler

December 22, 2020

My father was a man of few words, but he taught us many things by example. While all five of his children were expected to do our chores and learned the importance of taking pride in a job well done, we were also taught to enjoy the better things in life. Fishing at the lake, playing kick the can with the all neighborhood kids, pulling the weeds in the garden while we ate ripe strawberries, sharing a tomato fresh off the vine, waiting for your turn to read a treasured book, staying up late to watch Creature Features, loading the family in the car to go to a drive-in movie, and walking to the local movie theater for the Saturday matinee. Dad would give each of us a quarter that would pay for the movie, popcorn and a drink.
On Dad’s 90th birthday we celebrated by sponsoring a movie in his honor. We were all proud to see his name up in lights and enjoyed revisiting our childhood hang out.
We are unable to gather as a family currently due to the health restrictions that are in place. For this reason, we will be having a graveside service and celebration of his life in the spring. We hope to be able to sponsor another movie at that time and as a family enjoy a movie, popcorn and a drink. I hope you will all join us and if you want to donate in his memory please consider Friends of the Goodhand Theater.

Sean Tangeman

December 14, 2020

When I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house's. My grandpa Richard worked every day. He would get up at 4am, pack his stuff, and head out to check his wells, usually ariving back home mid afternoon. A lot of days he would have some kind of busy work he would sit at the kitchen table and do. I remember him putting new screens in window frames in the springtime and reglazing the glass in storm windows in the fall. On laundry day he would stack up all of his rags, and patiently trim all the threads off of the unfinished edges, fold them up and put them back where the clean rags went in his work truck. I would lay there on grandma's couch pretending to be asleep and watch him work. I always thought that it seemed unnecessary and maybe even a waste of time considering how dirty and nasty they would all get, being a tool of a crude oil pumper. But, here I sit, with my recently sharpened scissors, carefully trimming the threads off of my freshly washed rags. It may seem unnecessary to some, but now I realise that trimming the threads off the rags is the same thing as reglazing your storm windows before winter, fixing the holes in your screens before summer, and cleaning off a truck that just did 200 miles of dirt roads that morning, and will do 200 miles of dirt roads tomorrow, and the next day.....
Its a matter of pride in your work, whatever that may be, and pride in ownership of what you DO have. It's craftsmanship. It's integrity. It's taking care of your F-250 work truck that you bought brand new in the 70s, and putting 200+ miles a day on it 365 days a year for the next 30 years and it rarely misses a beat. Trimming the threads off your greaser rags is just as important as anything else.
I love you, grandpa. Thank you for the deep talks, advice and knowledge you gave me, and especialy for how much you opened up and helped me in the last 3 years through my divorce. You saved my life more than once in that time.

Cristy Rowley

December 13, 2020

We are sure going to miss Rich.
We have many great memories with Rich out in the yard. We will treasure those conversations!
As always we are here for you Miller Family!
Chris and Cristy Rowley