Pierre L. Domingo

March 14, 1953May 27, 2018
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Pierre Lacy Domingo was born on March 14, 1953 at Camp Evangelista Station Hospital in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines. His parents were Guillermo Mendiola and Carmen de Lacy Domingo and he was raised in Manila, Philippines.

Early on in his family relationships, Pierre showed that he was a tolerant and flexible person, and he got along fairly well with everyone. He was raised with five siblings. He had two older brothers, Carlos "Titos" and Guillermo "Jun", and three older sisters, Carmen "Chiqui", Elizabeth "Beng", and Rosario "Charito". He was an active and playful child, a “military brat” who was adaptable to any situation. Pierre acquired a childhood nickname, Boggie, from his mischievous and “malikot” personality.

As a young child, Pierre loved playing Larong Bata, a stick game and he was a Boy Scout. As he was growing up, Pierre developed into a person who enjoyed physically doing things whether it was drawing pictures or working with building kits. In his spare time he liked to explore and go on adventures. However, to Pierre, the most fun he had was simply playing, and spending time with friends.

Early on in his school years, Pierre showed an interest in learning, especially when it came to subjects in the arts. At times, school learning did not provide Pierre with sufficient challenges, but being an avid reader, he could often be “lost in a book” well above his grade level. He graduated from Lourdes High School in 1971, and his favorite classes in high school were English and gym.

In college, Pierre showed that he was able to focus on what was necessary. He found it quite easy to dive headlong into classes, especially those that truly interested him. Pierre’s ability to assemble highly creative projects became second nature to him. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas.

He sought out the possibilities in a given situation and looked for ways to apply his creative energies. Pierre rarely called attention to himself, but when he did speak out, his message had true meaning and was clearly understood by those around him.

A very observant man who would rather spend his time thinking and planning than talking, Pierre preferred to live in a world of harmony where everything around him made sense. A free spirit, Pierre believed that actions definitely spoke for themselves. He seemed to know what fit and what didn’t fit in everything he did. Pierre perceived that all of life’s possibilities were open to him, yet he lived with a definite sense of purpose. He was a man who was always ready to share his creations with those around him.

Those who didn’t know Pierre well might not view him as being an outgoing person, however those who called him their friend knew differently. Pierre was shy and sensitive, a person who never forced his opinions and values on others. Close friends knew that his kindness was unmatched, and once you became a friend of Pierre’s, you understood how true a friend he could be.

In November 1972, Pierre met the love of his life and darling “Darl”, Maria Gabriel. After a few years of dating, Pierre migrated to the United States and continued their long distance relationship. On May 29, 1976, Pierre and Maria exchanged their wedding vows at the St. Peter Roman Catholic Church in Merchantville, New Jersey. After marriage, Pierre and Maria moved to California to start a family. Pierre was blessed with three daughters, Nicole Marie, Nina Francine, and Ana Marielle. He was the authoritative figure and disciplinarian when it came to his children. Due to his upbringing, he showed tough love and had high expectations when raising his daughters. However, he also shared his love for working on cars and how to be handy around the house as he raised his daughters to be independent women. Later, Pierre was also blessed with three grandchildren, Hannah Marie, Benjamin Pierre, and Nicholas Bryant.

Pierre was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. Pierre’s favorites were Sammy and Duke, his Shih Tzu dogs.

Pierre found ways to enjoy what he did for a living. He worked hard and did his best to succeed every day. His primary occupation was as a Project Engineer and Manager. He received numerous distinguished awards throughout his career. He was employed by various food industries for 37 years, including Shaklee, Clorox, International Multi-Foods/Smuckers, Albertsons, and Sara Lee. After retirement he owned and operated an auto repair shop in Southern California.

Pierre enjoyed his leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. His favorite pursuits were spending time in his garage, tinkering with cars, cleaning, reading Tom Clancy novels and movie going. Pierre was content to enjoy his hobbies alone but was also willing to share his interests with others. He enjoyed family outings, camping, fishing, crabbing and going shooting in the desert. He was relaxed in his approach to his leisure time because he wanted to savor the present moment.

Pierre liked sports. In high school, Pierre played soccer and basketball. In his college years, Pierre continued to stay active by playing soccer. Pierre was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following his favorite events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were soccer, boxing, tennis, and basketball.

Pierre’s faith was important to him. He was a member of St. Paul the Apostle Church in Chino Hills, California for 25 years. Pierre's passionate commitment to upholding his values placed him at home in his religion, where he took comfort in the company of others who believed as he did.

Because he loved the world around him, Pierre enjoyed traveling and going away on vacations. It was an opportunity for him to kick back and relax, to visit new places and experience new things. Pierre put his personal trademark on any leisure planning that he undertook. Favorite vacations included the Hawaiian Islands and cruises to the Caribbean and Europe.

When Pierre’s retirement finally arrived in 2012, he was well prepared. His new life involved relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada to be close to family and enjoy the warm weather. In retirement, he found new pleasure in traveling to see his grandchildren and visiting his favorite vacation spots in Hawaii, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas. Even in retirement, Pierre continued to stay in touch with his old friends, including the Sol ’71 Alumni, while making plenty of new acquaintances. In these later chapters of his life, he felt fulfilled with the opportunities retirement offered him and simply enjoyed what he had worked so hard to attain.

Pierre passed away on May 27, 2018 at AMG Specialty Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada surrounded by loved ones and family. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Maria; his children, Nicole (Brian) Legaspi of Woodbridge, Virginia; Nina (James) Sandford of Skillman, New Jersey; and Ana Domingo of Monrovia, California; his grandchildren, Hannah, Benjamin, and Nicholas; his brothers, Titos and Jun; and his sisters, Chiqui, Beng, and Charito. A memorial service will be held on Friday, June 22nd at 3:00 p.m. at Palm Southwest Mortuary.

Pierre was a very generous man, a kind man, and a practical man with a big heart who will for all time be remembered by his family and friends as being warm and deeply caring. He leaves behind him a treasury of life-long friendships and wonderful memories. Pierre was able to make connections in his life where his gifts were appreciated, as he was always ready and willing to give to those in need. Pierre was a faithful, practical and loving person. Everyone whose life he touched will always remember Pierre “Boggie” Domingo.


  • Memorial Service Friday, June 22, 2018

Pierre L. Domingo

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Bridget Avila

August 4, 2018

Uncle Bogie was someone everyone wanted to be around. Every time I saw him he brought a smile to my face. I’m really blessed and grateful that I was able to meet and be apart of this amazing mans life. Two great memories I had with him was during Christmas time in 2015 where the family met up at Edgar and Emily’s house for lunch and after eating a wonderful meal, uncle Bogie and I fell asleep together on the couch watching tv😅. He looked so peaceful with his arms crossed and legs up on the coffee table. The second memory I had was in August 2017 when Erik and I visited him in the hospital for the first time after his scooter accident, and let me tell youUncle Bogie is a fighter, he looked so good and happy. All of us talked for hours and of course Uncle Bogie was giving Erik some life advice 😋. Even though it breaks my heart knowing he’s not here with us anymore, I’m more than blessed and happy that I got to be apart of a wonderful mans life!.
You will forever be missed, and until we meet again uncle Bogie ❤️🙏

Keerstin Baltazar

August 3, 2018

I love you uncle bogie!
Even if I didn’t get to spent a lot of time with you, I like it when daddy tells me stories about you and daddy! It is funny 😄 I love you uncle bogie I will miss you from Keerstin 😚

Vince Baltazar

August 3, 2018

Uncle Bogie
You are the best
I miss you

Erik Baltazar

August 3, 2018

When I think of uncle Bogie I think of bitter melon. It’s weird but it’s true. It may not be something sweet but for sure it’s something good for you. And uncle Bogie in my life
Showed me the realism of life. That at times, Life could taste bitter, but life is always good.

As a child my uncle Bogie was the only person who would discipline me, him and my mom.
When I was a kid,I was that kid that would talk all the time never sit down, what we call Tagalog Madaldal and Malikot.

And apparently, my uncle Bogie was the guy that would pick me up from kindergarten, everyday. Imagine being in a car with a crazy kid like me. He’s probably the only person I would be silent for and just listen. I won’t tell you how he trained me to be silent! That’s between me and him, and the lord. Haha.

He also saved me from drowning when I was two. Probably my first memory. Sink or swim. He might say!
I sank. But he was there to scoop me out of the water of Lake Wildwood.

Uncle Bogie has been a dominant male figure in my life. Especially after my father passed.

He took on many roles for me. Father. Confidante. Friend. Business partner.
He always answered the call and my call whenever I reached out for him. He has seen me through my worse and my best!
And he always gave me his best. Always.

Oh man, I love him and I’m gonna miss him.

I was lucky enough to say my goodbye personally a week before he left.

I was alone with him. And we talked and I updated him on my life, my kids, Our good friend Bridget, and my sister’s family life. I told him we would all be ok.

And I sang him a song. a Calvin Harris Song. “I need your Love!”
Add it to your playlist.

I’ll always need your Love Uncle Bogie.
And my children and I will cherish the memories of our life with you.

Nicholas Legaspi

August 3, 2018

Papa would give me chocolate that was in his pocket. And Papa thought of my name before I was born. I wish he was still here so we could make more memories. I love you Papa!


Hannah Legaspi

August 3, 2018

Dear Papa,
I will always remember that you always gave me Laffy Taffy. And when we went to Hawaii, we all ate ramen. I remember when I would sit on your lap and we would fall asleep. You would measure our height every time we grew. Please say hi to Lolo for me. I miss you.


Andres Gabriel, Jr.

August 2, 2018

Dear Bogie, I will always remember all the good times we have been together when we worked at United Lab, Inc. during the early 70's. Before I was assigned in Southern Philippines, I won't forget you asked my permission to visit Marie at home after meeting her when we passed by the house in Lantawan. Quezon City.
You have given me and my family positive views on being stable in the states: guiding me all the way, giving me tips on job hunting. You are very generous in everything, even solving our problems if we have any. You always have the answer to our questions.
You shared your expertise in maintaining Honda cars even repair of household fixtures. Me and my son learned a lot from you.
You will always be in our hearts and will never forget all your good deeds.
We love you always. Jun Gabriel and family.

Rafael De Lacy

July 31, 2018

To Boggie my cousin,
I will never forget you, I owe you a lot for what you have done for me and my kids when we were at Chino Hills. I will always cherish the moments I was with you. Farewell my cousin, you will always be in my heart. To Marie, my sympathies to you and to the beautiful Domingo girls, you are lucky to have Bogie as your father.
Please Bogie remember me when you are with our Lord.
Your cousin,
Boy de Lacy

Mary Lou DeLacy Morales

July 25, 2018

Hopi Prayer
-author unknown

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint in the snow.
I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the autumn's gentle rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there,
I did not die.

My dearest and beloved cousin,
We feel you in the midst of our family gatherings, we feel you in every laughter and joy, in every whisper, every fun things we do. You are in our hearts forever.
Your Cousin,

Benjamin Sandford

July 19, 2018

Dear Papa,

I want to say...I love you and I wish you were here and thanks for giving me chocolate. I want you to always watch over us.

Benjamin Pierre