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Vardryka Johnson

June 8, 1990June 18, 2020

Vardryka Bianca Johnson, more commonly referred to as Dreka lived in Suwanee, Georgia. Vardryka passed away at approximately 10:59 am on June 18, 2020.

On June 8, 1990 Vardryka Bianca Zeigler was born in Visalia, California to Vardry Sr. and Eno Zeigler. Vardryka was remarkably exceptional she walked at 7 ½ months, saved her brother’s life by the age of two, and put the “S” in savvy regarding technology. Dreka was our socialite, make-up artist, fashion consultant, and business organizer.

Vardryka’s hobbies were swimming, painting, watching T.V. shows, and playing Covet. Auntie loved taking care of her nieces and nephews. Dreka loved and cared for her dogs. More importantly Dreka was a people person who loved family, meeting people and making friends, our comedian, and the life of the party.

Vardryka Johnson is proceeded in death by Zeigler Johnson (Unborn 5/2019).

Vardryka leaves behind her husband Marquis, her father Vardry Sr., her mother Eno, her father-in-law Ernest, her mother-in-law Camille, her siblings Iardry, Vardry Jr., and Leilani. Grandmothers Barbara and Roberta, grandfather Christopher, Nephews Justen, Keyoni, Nehemiah, and Kalani. Nieces Mya, Asya, Miami, and Malani. Aunts Deborah, Donna, Francine, Lakina, Pepe, Philajan, and Thomasina, Uncles Anthony, Christopher, Larry, Martin, and Sebon III, and a host of cousins, relatives, and friends. Her Best friends were Alexandria, Quincy Lizeth, and Ashley.


Loving, was you Vardryka

Love was you, with or without You Loved and was Loved there’s no Doubt No matter how close or far You’re Infinitely our Bright star Even when you were doing you Your Love was inclusive, complete, and True Ironically, in the End I learned you were my Best friend You lived life as though you had No worry I never thought I’d be telling this story This reality feels impossible to weather I’ll Love You Vardryka Always and Forever


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    Thursday, June 25, 2020


Vardryka Johnson

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Christopher Bassey Ekong Jr.

July 9, 2020

My Neice Vardryka BiancaJohnson, who's personality and presence could always command the room's attention.

I was introduced to my Neice when she was two days old, but my fondest memory of her was when Vardry Sr. and Eno decided to move back to Orange County after spending a few years in Visalia, California.

They brought Vardry Jr. as a baby and Vardryka as a three year old to at Grandma V. Place, as I went to go and pick her up she kicked me and ran behind her Mom and I'm standing there like she really kicked me, but as I watched her staring at me from behind her Mom's legs it hit me, I was a stranger and not family in her thinking, so I made it a point to pick her up evertime I seen her no matter how much she may have kicked, screamed until a family bond was established.

To see her blossom from a child, teen, young adult, and to a mature adult evident by conversations we had with each other.

Man, I couldn't have thought that my Neice would ever step into Eternal and not just sit with, but become apart of the Ancestors before me.

Dreka you are FOREVER LOVED, your Uncle Christopher Bassey Ekong Jr.

Eno Zeigler -Mom~💞❤️☀️

July 5, 2020

(continued) We spoke nearly 350 to 360 days out of 365 days a year, numerous times a day. I’m so glad we had a great relationship. I thank God for allowing me 30 years and 10 days with you Vardryka.

Lastly I would like to say I will always treasure the memories, the good times, the laughter, and the joy you brought. I will move forward day by day knowing that YOU LOVED ME and I LOVED YOU. We lived it, we said it, we knew it. The good news is I know that you are in perfect peace perfect health and you are in perfection. I’m sad because I’m going to miss all of the goodness and without saying much you had a spicy, salty, sassy, snappy mouth and attitude at times but more importantly you were jovial, friendly, loving, and kind. You believed in me, you TRUSTED me you LOVED me and I LOVED/LOVE you. Vardryka, MOM will always LOVE you and I will always treasure our relationship be blessed my Dear Daughter’s. MOM LOVES YOU Infinitely, an indefinitely always and forever until we meet again, Rest in God’s Peace. 🕊


Mom- Eno Zeigler

July 5, 2020

Where do I start? There are so many memories. Vardryka, I know you preferred to be called Dreka. You were such a jovial soul. You brought happiness, joy, excitement, inspiration, and a world of support in every sense of the word.

I will miss you saying Mom, whether you were afraid, excited, or even upset I am going to forever miss being called MOMMM by you.

It was a pure pleasure being your Mom. It was such a wondrous experience learning you, teaching you, motivating you, and encouraging you, and sharing the word of God with you.

I will always treasure the opportunity that God breathed life into you and gave you to me and allowed me to birth you, and more importantly share life with you.... there wasn’t a dull moment for the most part, we experienced adventure, pleasure, excitement, and even fear which is not great but above all LOVE💞 unconditional love❤️.

I can go on and on and on about the beautiful memories, and it’s not to say as a mother and daughter we didn’t have our ups and downs but they were few and far between. I know you learned from me but I also learned from you my dear Vardryka. In 2001 we had our First trip to Hawaii our first time on a plane. I was 31 and you were 11. We had an awesome time a trip we never forgot. It was our first flight and it was an awesome first.

I remember so much. You called your sister Leilani a real one but little did you KNOW YOU were a REAL ONE. You were definitely there in times of need. One memory is you helped me attain employment for the State of Georgia. You helped orchestrate business deals. You were by my side day and night from 2016 to 2017 at a very difficult time in life. You were there for the good times and bad. You chose to be a support day and night. You took on the role as detective, investigator, loving daughter and caring sister. Thank you! 🙏🏽

One question, who will call me nearly 10 times a day no less than 3 times a day? Who’s going to take on that job Vardryka?

Jeremiah Martin

July 4, 2020

One of the best memories I had with Vardryka was when Lelani and I were with Vardryka. It was when I was going to spend a weekend with them. We were going to the store for some candy and Lelani and I went inside the store and Vardryka said "you have exactly 5 minutes to get in and out the store before I leave". So Lelani and I go in and come out like 6 mins later and Vardryka started to pull out the parking spot and drove off so we chased the car and she was gone after that. So Lelani and I were standing there for about 10 minutes, and we ran inside a nearby Baskin Robin's and asked one of the workers to use the phone, so we called Vardryka and she came back like 20 mins later and we were so relieved because our phones were dead and everything, but that was one of my favorite memories with Vardryka.

Leilani Zeigler

July 3, 2020

First Of All I was the REAL BEST FRIEND. Lol and if you really knew my sister you know how to spell her name lol. But Dreka was so full of love and joy.. but if you knew the real her y’all had some altercations lol. She was so bright and so caring it was almost like if you just met her you knew her forever. She had one of those once in a lifetime hearts that only you will meet once. I’m stupid hurt right now because you sagged on me, and left me with these siblings of ares but I guess there okay. But there’s no one like DREKA or who can ever take her place. And everyone had there own special bond with dreka. But mines was just stronger. PLEASE watch over me sister. I MISS YU DAILY. This is still so unreal. MANNNNNN... I’m really writing a message to you like I’m not with this. I NEED YU. I had so much to talk to you about. But anyways I love you so so much. Rest in Paradise baby. #paradiselost

Deborah Martin

July 3, 2020

To my beautiful Vardryka, my niece , who brought joy and laughter to those she knew. I will always treasure the times and moments of love we shared together, even when we disagreed. You're always in the hearts and minds of many. Love you, Vardryka 💖

Thuy Le

June 30, 2020

Vardryka was a fun, bubbly soul !! I will miss her warm smile and sassy ways !! Hugs 🤗. Rest in paradise !! You will be missed dearly 🙏💕💞

Dr. Christopher Bassey Ekong

June 30, 2020

Vardryka Johnson was my Grand daughter born to my first daughter Eno Ekong.
Vardryka had an amazing spirit, she was so friendly and loved everyone. Vardryka had no racial discrimation, she loved humanity, there was no evil in her heart.
She always had a smile on her face that would brighten up the darkest place, and if you were under the weather ,she would find the right words to make you feel better. I will forever miss you Vardryka May you Rest in perfect peace. Your Grand dad C.B.EKONG,PHD

Taylor Elizabeth

June 25, 2020


Will always love you, was planning to see you next time i was in Atlanta 😢 watch over us cousin. Sad you’re gone

Love always


Alexandria Vasquez

June 25, 2020

Words can’t explain none of what I’m feeling and never will, the regret that came with this news has made me feel and think so differently and as I can’t make this all about my mistakes it’s just hard to accept. I know you know I love you always and that’ll never change I have so many memories I’m able to say I will never forget and I’m the most grateful to even say I have those. The type of person you where no one will ever forget and the fact that I get the ability to say you were my bestfriend and we were more like family is the best privilege I get to carry. Dreka I love you and i kno u kno I’m a mess right now and would tell me stop it due to my circumstance but don’t worry I promise we all will be ok like you would want I love your soul forever.. bestfriends forever <3