Robert Joseph Schanck

August 10, 1950September 10, 2018

Robert (Bobby) J. Schanck of Marietta, GA went to be with Our Lord September 10, 2018 after bravely battling cancer. He was born August 10, 1950 in Miami, FL where he resided until moving to Marietta with his wife and daughter in 1985. Bobby worked for the Seaboard Railroad and MetroRail in Miami and subsequently retired from his career with MARTA in Atlanta, GA. As a child he lived with his family in Coral Gables, FL. He attended Coral Gables High School and Miami-Dade Community College before enlisting in the US Army during the Vietnam War. Just prior to the end of his tour of duty, through his best friend and current brother-in-law (Bruce), he met and married the love of his life, Hildegard (Polly) Cooper. The “apple of his eye” was their beautiful daughter Katie. Bobby had a very special love for Family and Country. He was a devout Christian of the Catholic faith. His love for sports, especially his beloved Miami Dolphins, was only surpassed by his love for his family and the Lord. Bobby is survived by his wife of 45 years, Hildegard (Polly) Schanck and his daughter, Katharine (Katie) Schanck. Polly and Katie have been by his side unwaveringly through his illness. He is also survived by his sister, Margie Dunn of Coral Gables, FL; his brother, David Schanck of Miami, FL; his brother Jack Wall of Chicago, IL; his sister Carol Grandy of Miami, FL; his sister and brother-in-law, Bruce and Vickie Milne of Marietta, GA; his sister and brother-in-law, Charles and Stephanie Posey of Marietta, GA; his brother-in-law, Christopher Cooper of Benicia, CA; and numerous nieces and nephews who all loved him very much. His life was a true testament to love of family and honor to his country. The graveside funeral service will be at the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 11:30am. Military Honors will be presented


  • Graveside Service Thursday, September 13, 2018

Robert Joseph Schanck

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Vickie Milne

December 18, 2018

As the holidays begin I realize that my beloved brother-in-law will not be with us as he has for the last 47 years. This year he is celebrating in the presence of Our Lord. Although Bobby is no longer physically with us his spirit and love abides with us.

I met Bobby the night I met the love of my life. Bobby, always the sports fan, & Bruce attended a charity basketball game played by the Miami Dolphins & NY Jets. From the on-set, my impression of Bobby was that he was a faithful and loyal friend. Less than 5 months later he stood tall and handsome as best man next to my Bruce on our wedding day. My beautiful sister was my maid of honor. Polly & Bobby met and 9 months later we reversed roles. It was the 4 of us…2 loving sisters who married 2 best friends. Now, 47 years later, it is like a quarter of the pie is suddenly missing. It has already taken some time since the day he left to precede us to heaven to start to feel like the hole he left behind can be adjusted by the love we share in this family. His love abides with us.

Bobby loved his wife and his beloved daughter, Katie, truly the “apple of his eye” with every ounce of his being. He fought the good fight with all his great strength with them every step at his side. Bobby’s love of family extended to every family member, including those in the large and sometimes crazy family he married into. He loved his nieces and nephews and they loved him. Although he was not one to always outwardly or loudly announce his love, each one of us knew his deep feelings by the many acts of unrewarded kindness he did for us and just the simple way he smiled, winked or laughed with us. He is missed but his love abides with us.

Bobby, we miss you terribly…our grieving remains constant. We want you to know that Polly and Katie are surrounded with love from this family that you entrusted them to and that someday we will all be together again. In the interim, we know that your love abides with us!

Bruce Milne

December 18, 2018

It is almost impossible for me to realize that my best friend and brother-in-law, Bobby, is no longer there for me to call or just stop by and visit. We have been friends for over 55 years. It was such a nice feeling to have someone with a connection to my childhood as well as a history with me as an adult.
I met Bobby just after my family moved to Coral Gables from Coconut Grove. I was about 14 years old and walking my dog in the neighborhood when I saw Bobby at his friend’s house. We quickly became good friends. We spent hours riding our bikes through Coral Gables and throwing a football back and forth in the evenings. As we grew older we would hang-out after we returned from dates or finished work for the day, sometimes talking and throwing around a football until early hours of the morning. Bobby loved football. We had season tickets to the Miami Dolphin for years. While serving in the Army Bobby would come home on leave and head over to my house where my mom would fix him a special delicious meal. Our mothers were also the best of friends.

We remained friends even though we often found ourselves miles apart. When I asked Bobby to be the best man at my wedding he readily agreed and made arrangements to get leave from the Army for my big day. Little did he know at the time but my big day would also define the remainder of his life. Bobby met my sister-in-law, Polly, at my wedding and a lifelong love story began for him.
I miss him…it is hard to say anything else except I miss him and I loved him – Bruce

Christopher Cooper

November 23, 2018

This Thanksgiving day weekend, I wanted to give a special thank you to my big brother-in-law Bobby. You were always there for me Bobby. When I was growing up, you and Bruce were the big brothers I needed. Later when Stephanie found and married Charles, I had three brother-in-laws that loved me and helped guide me through life's struggles.
I want to thank you Bobby for always loving and taking care of my beloved sister Polly. I'm so proud of the way she fought for you, and took care of you! She loves you so much. I know you were a great dad to Katie too! Your family loves and adores you!
Bobby, it was always fun to be around you! Whether we were throwing around the football in Miami, playing ping pong or darts while drinking beer in the garage in Benicia (by the way I was way too young to be drinking beer), playing cards with the family especially my dad, or watching movies together with Polly while your cool stereo system shook down the house in Georgia; It was always fun being around you. You had the greatest sense of humor, second only to Bruce. And you were a good person deep down in your soul! You are greatly missed my dear friend.
Finally, I want to thank you for the words you gave to me when I bought my parents home in Benicia. You told me, "Chris, your father would be proud of you!" Those simple words always gave me comfort and helped as I struggle through life's journey. Bobby, you would be proud of Polly and how she's trying to carrying on without you! The family will always be there for her.
I love you Brother!

Katie Schanck

September 22, 2018

My dad gave me so many wonderful attributes, my sense of humor, my love for music..especially rock n roll and my love for traveling & exploring are just a few. He was my protector & a great supporter of everything I did. I know he was proud of me & loved me so much.
I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful father for so long.
I miss you daddy. I’m glad you are not suffering any longer & I know I will see you again someday. I love you ❤️

Polly Schanck

September 18, 2018

“Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.”- John 11:26

My darling husband Bobby, I miss you with all my heart and don’t know how to carry on another day without you by my side.

You have been the love of my life, you bought me such happiness and our beautiful daughter Katie who is the joy of our lives.

Know you were a devout Christian, a man of high character who rests in the arms of our Lord now.

My greatest comfort is that we will be reunited in the presence of our Lord, on that day we will sing and shout the Victory.

All my love forever, Polly

Cindy Terry

September 14, 2018

We said good bye to you yesterday sweet Uncle. Know that you are loved and will be remembered by this neice forever. I thank you for being a constant in my life. You were the type that in physical form you would think would be front and center. But you were a background player. A constant watchful eye. A protector. Speaking up with a witty jab or two. Easy going but opinionated. Fierce and gentle. Your were a walking oxymoron. I’m glad I have the memory of that last Georgia football game playing on the tv in your hospice room. The image of you fighting to stay awake to see those Dawgs conquer! And you did fight! I saw it so many time in so many ER’s, hospital rooms, ICU beds, rehab centers and hospice suites. You fought until the end with your soulmate at your side. I have to say you choose well to have Polly as your wife. Bobby, she matched you in that fight. Never giving up. Always there to make sure you had everything you could possibly need and more. And your beautiful daughter Katie. The soft gentle support and constant love. She gets that from you. We have all grown and learned from your life. Especially this last chapter of it. I have witnessed what I had already learned from this family.. that family and God are the MOST important things in this life. That LOVE does conquer all. Thank you Bobby for allowing me to be an intimate part of this last chapter, I wouldn’t have changed a second of it. I got to see love, caring and compassion in its rawest form. Thank you for that. I love you dear uncle. You are missed. You are loved. And as I promised when I held your hand during those last few minutes we will all be ok. Your precious daughter and beloved wife will be ok. Even this neice will be ok. We will keep you in our hearts. We will remember all the important things. We will keep your memory alive. And we will all be ok, Until we meet again. Love, Your Cindy