Andre Lanier Bunnitt Jr.

February 19, 1985February 22, 2018

André Lanier Bunnitt, Jr. was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in February 19, 1985 to the union of André and Carolyn Bunnitt. He died in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 22, 2018.

The Bunnitts moved to Arizona in 1996. Having confessed Christ at an early age, André was baptized in 1997 at New Life Baptist Church in Chandler by Pastor Jeffery Baker.

Following graduation for Hamilton High School in Chandler in 2003, André attended Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) through Barrett, The Honors College; Quingdao University (Qingdao, China); Nanjing University School of Law (Nanjing Shi, China); and Renmin University (Beijing, China). He graduated with both a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese from ASU in 2010.

André's international work experience included serving as an instructor for the traveler immersion program in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; teaching English in Pushkin, Russia; and working as an intern for the Bridge Law Firm in Qingdao. His overseas travel always included a ministry component.

André had a great love for family and for people in general. He enjoyed camping, skateboarding, traveling the world, and was an avid artist.

André leaves a loving memory to be cherished by his parents, André & Carolyn of Mesa, AZ; his sister Andréa of Oklahoma City, OK; grandmothers Lucinda Jenkins of Monroe, LA, and Ola Bunnitt of Girard, LA; girlfriend Tiffany Egbert of Gilbert, AZ; and a host of relatives and friends.


  • Memorial Service Saturday, March 3, 2018

Andre Lanier Bunnitt Jr.

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Michelle Sheydayi

March 18, 2018

Andre was a light. His hugs were incredible - his love just stuck to you.

I met Andre at a time in my life when my heart wasn't open. I didn't trust others. He offered me a friendship that defied my narrow worldview. He just cared so much about others. I wish I could have told him how brave he was for living so fiercely loving, talented, joyful and adventurous. He is someone I'd often think of when I trying to talk myself into doing something: "Look at Andre, look at all he's accomplishing, he's fearless. He dances IN PUBLIC."

I was intimidated and inspired by how dedicated, disciplined and humble he was. He was phenomenally supportive of the people around him. I've never met a more gentle spirit than Andre.

During the brief time we lived together and over the years, I wish I would have spent more time with him. I hope he knows how much he was loved & admired.

Andre, I never thought I would have to say goodbye so soon. I guess I just expected to run into you at Cartel one day and catch up. Looks like I'll have a wait a while longer to see you again. I'm hanging your print back up.

Vonda Thomas

March 16, 2018

To my dearest brother, sister, and niece --

Although I was there for the service, it still feels surreal ... Lanier, Nier Nier .. gone too soon for us mere mortals. Lanier was such a HUGE LIGHT and I miss that light, that smile, that twinkle in his mischievous eyes, that logic, that wisdom, that astounding knowledge! May we continue his legacy of genuine love

Tee Tee Vonda

Not Important Only He is

March 5, 2018

Andre, I went to your memorial. You had such a big service, everyone misses you. I miss you. I haven't stopped thinking about you, and often I still find myself in tears. I wish I could see your smile again, and I miss your hugs. You made a huge impact on my life and the lives of many others. I wish that you hadn't left. Everyday, I think about the light I don't get to see. However, your legacy lives on.
People have beautiful memories from you, they shared them after your service. It isn't nearly enough, but we cherish what we have. Your family is so beautiful and strong, looking at them I know you realize how amazing they are. They love you, we all love you. Take care man. I'll see you around sometime. <3

Wanda Figueroa

March 5, 2018

In loving memory of Lanier, and to the Bunnitt Family, my prayers are with you and all those who share in the memory of Lanier.

Wanda Figueroa

March 5, 2018

Loving memory in honor of Lanier. To the Bunnitt Family my prayers are with you, love you all!

Gail Ross-Martin

March 4, 2018

Just want the family to know that God will see you through. My prayers are with you and the family.

Josette James-Wilkins

March 1, 2018

Andre and Carolyn,
No words can provide comfort during these trying times. Just hold on to the memories and stay steadfast in the Lord. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Luv you,

Doesn't Matter My name Just His

February 28, 2018

Andre, Dang man. I don't really know what to say here. Perhaps remembering the light that you were everyday for us who felt lost. Perhaps how compassionate you were to everyone you met. Or how you always went out of your way to check on others. Remembering you, was something I was not ready for my friend. I never thought that one day that would be all I had. Everyone who knew you, who knows you; will carry on your legacy. Be compassionate, be kind, love without creed, work hard, be the best you can be. You were always the best. I will carry these lessons with me in life, and I will help and teach others. You are gone from this existence, but will never be forgotten. You are the treasure we have in our hearts, and the compassion in our actions. You will resonate through this world, through us. The body rests, but the soul thrives on.

Joe Johnson

February 28, 2018

I worked with Dre and sat 3 feet away from him. The last time I saw him, Feb 21st, we talked about his parents being in town for his birthday and how they were waiting for him to get off work so he could join them. I kept telling him to dip out, to hell with concentrix, go be with your family bro.... who cares about the occurrence! We talked about camping and being able to survive without a Frys or Wal-Mart... he clocked out and now I'm stuck wondering what I could've said or done to change his mind. He was a genuinely nice guy, never heard him say a negative thing about anyone. I'm lost... First time we spoke was when he saw me wearing a red and white shemagh, he told me he had one wrapped around his work chair. I saw that shemagh Saturday 2/24/18 and it seemed out of place unfurled and draped on the back of his chair... it had always been tied around the bottom. We knew each other but we didnt KNOW each other. That was supposed to change when we went camping like we had talked about. I feel like a potential life long friend just left before we even got there. HE WAS A GOOD MAN! I'm blessed for having spent what little time I did getting to know him and how good of a heart he had. Love you Dre.

Samantha Hurlburt

February 27, 2018

I have so many wonderful memories of Andre. I guess the thing that I most remember about him, like many, was how genuine and heartfelt his hugs were. He really MEANT his hugs. And he MEANT his friendships. He was invested in the people he was around and he loved them in a big way and ALWAYS made them feel welcome and cared for and that he was interested in what they were doing and why they were doing it. He always dug deeper than the surface and made you feel needed. I can't wrap my head around the heartbreak behind the entirety of his passing, but I can tell you that my friends and I have just a small piece of it, i'm sure, and it is enough to change someone's life just having known him and knowing what he must have been going through, but he still showed up with a smile and all the love you could need. Andre was always talking. Always saying something weird and funny or profound. He was a special, special man and I will miss him very much.