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Judith C. Ruskin

September 14, 1956May 14, 2020

Judith Carol Ruskin died on May 14, 2020. She grew up in Nashville and graduated from Hillsboro High School. She received a BA in Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a MA in Public Health from the University of Iowa. She is predeceased by her parents Sylvia and Rubin Ruskin, and her sister Barbara Ruskin Frazee.

She is survived by her sister Gayle, nephew Aaron, and nieces Jordan, Leah and Jill.


  • Graveside Service

    Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Judith C. Ruskin

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Paula Vogel

May 23, 2020

Judy is the answer to my security question. You know that one that asks for the name of your childhood best friend. I always pick that question because the answer is quite easy. No reason to write it down . Childhood best friend check Judy (Ruskin).
Sleepovers at Trimble Road, trips to the family Motel, tumbling in the backyard near Rubin”s koi pond , discovering music ie Elton John ( the first album) But then things got a bit complicated ...Elton got weird and we shared the same first crush. We negotiated around that dilemma with honesty and humor, Friendship intact and strong.. Judy had her first boyfriend. Solution... he had a brother.... Our family left Nashville just as we entered high school. We stayed in touch and caught up in Seattle. When I told her I was in the Army I thought she would hang up the phone.. Oh but your taking care of sick people then it’s Ok .. I met her Robert ... she met my Scott... She was the same Judy . Yes passionate, strong and very opinionated And sometimes a bit loud. A bike ride on the Burke- Gilman trail ended with a visit to the ER . Judy screamed at the top of her lungs while I let her squeeze Almost break my hand while her wound was stitched. Then life got lifey and we lost touch.
, I suddenly felt compelled to find Judy today. Not much on the Initial internet but then this popped up . I literally gasped oh no! When I told Scott that I was too late, I had missed her by a few days . Scott said no maybe you didn’t .. he said he thought she passed by on her way to heaven to say Goodbye. I had felt her presence hence the sudden urge to find her .. Judy I loved you You will always live in my heart. You will always be the easy answer to that security question. Childhood best friend check Judy Ruskin.

Leah Frazee

May 18, 2020

When I was a little girl I didn’t always understand my aunt Judy. She was unique, out of the box, opinionated, and lived her life differently than other women I knew. But as I got older, I realized how special she was and those traits that made her different are the things I love most about her. Her adventure, strength, passion and kindness are also things I will never forget about her. And of course that infectious laugh that I still hear when I think about her often. We grew closer after my mom, her sister passed away. She came to stay with me for a week to help me with my moms apartment. I was forever grateful to share such a emotional time with her. And we bonded, and we talked, and she introduced me to different types of ethnic food or at least that we could find in Orlando. I am forever grateful for her help at that time in both of our lives. The years that followed after that we continued to get closer And talk often. she even came to visit me in Philly. I have wonderful memories of my aunt Judy. Her fight during her battle with Alzheimer’s is exactly the fight she had for life so I was not surprised she fought as long as she did. I know she is finally at peace and will Forever be loved and missed, especially that laugh.

joel cutler

May 16, 2020

Tzedakah [ts(e)daka - The Hebrew word for Justice or righteousness, also commonly used to signify charity or spontaneous acts of good will and generosity towards others with no motive other than the unselfish wish to improvement the lives of others.
Judith lived her life around this noble and ethical principle with ferocity. She was a relentless and fearless righter of wrongs, and defender of the defenseless She acted on this principle with every person she met be it a family member, friend or total stranger . Judith memory will be cherished in the hearts, minds and souls by those who were fortunate enough to have know her in person and an untold number of people who never met her but were recipients of her Tzedakah.
, Rest in peace Judith, You made this world a better place for your having been here.

Roberta Lynn Wechsler

May 16, 2020

Judy was a shining light and her life was tragically cut short by this hateful disease. I will always remember our fun times together as a family and as adults when we got older. Our world is a little sadder without her laugh. Rest in peace Judy.

Raynetta Marable

May 15, 2020

I miss you Judy but I know it was time for you to rest from this battle you fought so bravely. I thank God for allowing you to be such a wonerful part of my life. Love you my dear friend. Rest in peace Judy Carol.

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