Agostina Tirico

September 20, 1944April 3, 2018

Agostina Tirico was born on September 20, 1944 and passed away on April 3, 2018


Agostina Tirico

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Stacey Tirico

May 13, 2018

Remembering her Smile, Laughter & Love at get togethers for everyone to just enjoy & have fun. I feel her Spirit with me during my first cup of coffee( I didn't truly appreciate coffee until she made me some); we drink, she listens, advises and comforts as she always did. She's OK with Jesus & her loved ones as they watch over all of us. So, I would like to say, Thank you Mom, I love you, I miss you and I understand. Rest in Peace. (& See you in Heaven)

With Love, Stacey Tirico
(Wife of youngest Son, Richard Thomas Tirico)

Joseph Tirico III

April 18, 2018

In loving memory of our beloved Mom:
You were a bulldog and a stand up lady especially to my childhood bullies! You raised us up well with a tight family especially back in West Islip! As a result, we turned out not to be criminals or drug addicts. Although we had to struggle growing up, we turned out well! We are super healthy, very talented, and are good looking athletes with good moral character though each brother is very different as a person! I would not trade this truth for all the wealth in the world! I love and enjoyed all the classic 70's songs you raised me on growing up! Thank you for giving me birth and all of my great past memories with you! Putting all religion labels aside, You made Jesus your Lord and Savior and I'm not afraid to advertise that! You are now in heaven with the Lord and our deceased relatives right where you wanted to be! I understand your outlets now Mom and you understood me and my outlets better than I imagined in the end! I wished I spent more quality time with you but I didn't know you were leaving us so soon! No matter what I do or how busy I stay, nothing will ever be the same without you Mom! You are now free from the dependency from this worlds God of money, sin, evil, pain, suffering, diseases, cancer and evil people in this fallen world that is against us especially the most simplest of people like us! Now the Lord supplies 100% of it for you Mom, not imperfect people or this imperfect world anymore! I know where you are and I look forward to being with you in heaven having a new sinless, young, glorified body when the Lord decides to take me to paradise! I hope you speak or visit me in my dreams or if God allows, I pray to see a conscience vision of you as Dad would love to see also. I love and miss you more than words can express! May you rest in peace Mom and tell our Lord and past relatives that I look forward to meeting them if you are reading this from Heaven! Your first born son: Joey III P.S Me as a baby!

Connie O'lenick Clolinger

April 17, 2018

Connie O'Lenick Clolinger
April 17, 2018
True Best Friends are a rare find. Agostina and I found one another in the school yard of Pershing Jr. HS in Brooklyn 1958. It must have been God ‘s engineering that blessed me for 60 years of sharing the love, laughter struggles and victories throughout our lives. She was my source for confidence, for inspiration, for humor, for profound understanding and encouragement and most rare of all...unconditional love and friendship. She demonstrated her love by sharing her incredible warmth and wonderful family and ...loving mine, sharing the yummy food in her Mama’s refrigerator, by going on my diet with me (consisting of apples and cottage cheese (in Jr. HS) while she was her perfect size 2 , by giving her sincere advice when it was needed and by shining her radiance and enthusiasm wherever she went. My BFF was always honest, always constructive and always forgiving .. always choosing to see the best in me. I celebrate your life Agostina Caliguri Tirico and with all my heart, thank you. There will never be another you! Until we meet again. Connie O’Lenick Clolinger
Dearest Joey ..(You’ll always be Agostina’s JOEY to me). Thank you over and over... and always for all sharing your yesterdays through all of the beautiful photos that you have sent through the years as well as those of today. Yes Our visit with you was one of Thee Best Times Felicia and I ever had with friends/family.. really. And yes, given your love, hospitality and all that we shared with you on that visit we “Never wanted to go back home”! Thank I loved seeing the photos that you just to me. I can smell the ocean and vividly recall being on the beach 🏖 while the storm clouds were gathering. None the less, just being with you was really all I wanted.
All of the photos of Agostina, you and the family made me lament that I never knew you and Agostina from birth!

Rose Carioti

April 14, 2018

Rest in peace my beloved baby sister. You have left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. We will think of you miss you love you forever. Your loving sister, Rosina.

Judie Giglio

April 12, 2018

I find it hard to believe that you left so soon. You gave Joey 4 beautiful sons and a beautiful granddaughter. I can remember visiting you in West Islip, and how the house grew smaller with each addition. I remember the arguing between our two sons, Joey and Scott. I also remember one party that we had at my house (New Years Eve maybe), and you were the queen of the limbo, I could barely go under the broomstick while standing, yet you managed it by bending nearly double. I remember the look of love in Joey's eyes every time he looked at you. I am sorry that we all lost touch for so many years, but I am glad that we were able to reconnect in the past years. You will be missed by many. I know that you are sitting up there waiting for Joe. I know it will not be long before the rest of us follow you. Be sure to smile down on your beautiful family as they think of you and pray for you. God Bless you Tina. Love Cousin Judie

Joseph Tirico Jr

April 12, 2018

Hi Honey! It's me your loving husband and soulmate. I just wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart and you will always be my number one girl. I knew when I first met you that it was love at first sight and I also knew that I would marry you. Having dated you for 4 years and being married to you for 52 years was the most wonderful Blessing I could have ever experienced during my lifetime. We shared so much together and you gave me 4 wonderful, handsome and special sons Joseph III, Craig, Brian and Richard. We were and still are so very proud of all of them and proud of the wives they chose to marry. Brian and Catherine will be getting married on July 28th and I am sure you will be there for their special day. I could write a book about our lives together or even two but we lived it our way and we will always cherish our time together. I am so sorry that you had to leave us so soon but I know I will meet you in Heaven in the near future. I just wanted to leave a few photos of our life even though there were so many I could have shown. I will always hold you so close in my mind, heart and soul forever. Rest in Peace my sweet beautiful Angel and please come to visit me in my dreams. Your one and only Joe or as I used to sign my cards to you Giuseppe. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Richard Tirico

April 12, 2018

Dear Mom,

It's your baby son, #4, thinking about you every day & missing you so much.

I'll always remember you & continue to talk with you.

Thank you for being the absolute best Mom in the world!!!!

I love you 'Forever' with everlasting love that will never die.


Nick Carioti Jr.

April 11, 2018

People say enjoy your loved ones and tell them you love them before it’s too late.
Aunt Tina was my aunt and my godmother. And I do wish I would’ve told her I love her more often.
But we are blessed with all the beautiful memories and times we all spent together and that we will always have.
I am also left with the knowledge and faith that we will see her again someday as well as all the love ones we’ve lost before.
We love you and Tina I will always miss you.

Dolores Syracuse

April 11, 2018

We have been blessed to have had Tina in our lives for more than 55 years.
She was a strong willed, yet compassionate woman.
Our strength is knowing she is wrapped in God's arms and she is in peace.

Alphonso Carioti

April 11, 2018

Our family has been blessed to have had a beautiful and sweet person as Aunt Tina in t. We will love and miss her forever.