January 3, 1940August 14, 2020

Gene Barchuk ( birth name: Eugeniuss Barczuk) age 80 of Winter Garden, FL, passed away August 14, 2020.

Gene was born in Chelm, Poland on January 3, 1940. He is the son of the late Reverend John Barchuk and Pearl Kowalinska Barchuk. His parents legacy is known among the Ukrainian Baptists as John was a prolific writer and preacher with Pearl at his faithful side.

At age 9 years old, his family was sponsored to America from Germany. On July 3, 1949 they landed in Hartford, Conn., moved to Freehold, NJ then settled in Chicago, IL. He loved America from the minute his feet hit the ground.He always said, the land of opportunity to work, make money and never be hungry. He worked from age 10 years old delivering newspapers until age 78 when he retired his janitorial business.

Gene created his own legacy as a middle and high school science teacher, teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics for 8 years. His true love was farming and he later became the largest beef cattle farmers in Western Pennsylvania. In 1982, he left farming and moved his family to Deland FL. In Florida, he became the most successful as a business owner of a commercial janitorial company for over 35 years.

Gene is survived by his wife, Shelia P. Barchuk of Winter Garden, FL. Children: Ann Barchuk of Longwood, FL: Julie Barchuk Barnes, husband Kevin, of Mills River, NC; John Barchuk of Deland, FL; Breane Whiting, husband Michael of Winter Garden, FL; Erin Mulkay, husband Patrick of Winter Garden, FL., along with of six grandchildren.

He is also survived by three sisters and one brother. Lucy Waden, of Applegate, CA; Gloria Perekrest, husband George Baltneiw, of Union, NJ; Helen Kuzmyn, husband Walter of Crystal Lake, IL; and George Barchuk, wife Jan of Mineral, VA

Gene was loved my many nieces and nephews from the Barchuk, Perry and Veon families.



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MillicentGrant Callant

September 5, 2020

We will miss him and his jovial presence. He will forever be remembered. What a kind hearted and hard working man he was.. We send our condolences to you Sheila and all the family.

Lydia Gaponiuk

September 5, 2020

Bonnie Perry

August 30, 2020

Gene was such a sweet man and will be missed by all of us. I remember the first time we met and how he immediately connected with all the family so easily. We loved him right away. My Mother would aways say after he came by to see her how nice and kind he was.
He was so proud of marrying Shelia and he told me this many times. He really loved her and the family as well.
We will all miss you Gene but know you are at peace now and no longer suffering.

Elaine Ballenger

August 27, 2020

I have told this story but I’m telling it again. My Sister called me up and we talked about going on a date. She needed some guidance from her older Sister. I said look it’s just a dinner date go have a good time besides you don’t have to marry the man. So she decided to go.

Well look who Gene got to call his Sister-in-Law, me, and that’s what he always called me. So after a while I got to meet this man who absolutely adored my Sister Shelia and he always said, look at my beautiful wife, that’s what he always called her addressing me. So how could I not love a man who adored Shelia.

There was one question that Gene always ask that Shelia and I didn’t know the answer too, Gene would ask where did God come from so now he can ask God himself.

Now Gene don’t be starting anything with Mabel talking about Methodist and Baptist. You know she hated that. Well if you get board I guess it will be ok.

Never ever start a question with Gene about taxes. If you did it would go on forever, sometimes I would win, sometimes I would let him win so he would stop talking.

Gene was one of a kind and that’s why I loved him so much.

George Barchuk

August 26, 2020

Gene is my big brother, 7-1/2 years older, so growing up, our relationship was fairly nonexistent. But this was not unusual for our entire family and in my case, as the baby of 5 siblings, my sister Helen is my family buddy even though she was 3 years older. Gene is the middle child. There are two older sisters and for the sake of our Mother, we siblings made a pact after our Father’s death in 1986 to gather at least once a year for a family reunion and chose the occasion of our Mother’s birthday in January in the Chicago area. Anyone know what Chicago is like in the middle of winter ❄️ 🥶? We all worked from a very early age and all left the nest at young ages. Among us, Gene started working probably at the youngest age delivering newspapers, not only his own route, but volunteered to take other routes for anyone who was absent due to illness. I don’t recall Gene ever getting sick or that stopping him from doing his job or, in most cases, jobs (plural). He has always been a workhorse! After leaving the nest, we found ourselves scattered across the country from ultimately California to Florida. Family gatherings were far and few between until our pact. So, since 1986, we have had the opportunity and privilege to become truly acquainted with one another as adults and friends realizing that the year’s between our ages had become meaningless. Although we gathered for our Mother’s sake, it was such a joy to learn how each one of our lives took a completely different pathway and even more interesting for my Mother to learn what her adult children had been up to! I remember Gene working 3 jobs during the summers working his way through college. I’d see him briefly on Sunday afternoons so he could catch what little sleep he had time for. Gene finished College, taught school, became a cattle farmer, helped our parents, sold his farm and started a new life and business in Florida. He never intended to retire. I’m glad he’s finally resting and at peace. ❤️

torri benyard

August 26, 2020

My Buddy, he always had an awesome story to tell of his life you would want to hear it. He always had a joke that left you thinking at the end. Just full of life and awesome to be around. He will truly be missed. Love you Ms Sheila you are a real trooper God Bless you and the family. I am always here.

Shelia Barchuk

August 24, 2020

Sunday, April 3, 2005 began my amazing journey with Gene Barchuk. I called it the longest day of my life. I met him for breakfast at First Watch in Dr. Phillips. If it did not go well, I would drive away. So good so far. We then went to the Orlando Home Show at the Orlando Convention center, since I was building my house. Afterward, he wanted to take me to dinner. Oh, of course dinner in New Smyrna Beach. Let’s add an ocean sunset to that day. And return home by 10:30pm. I am embarrassed that it was mid afternoon before I found out his last name. He drove over 250 miles that day for our date. I really was not crazy, my co-workers set me up with him and said he was the most honorable, caring, responsible and dependable man they had ever known.
The next day he wanted to take me to lunch. After lunch at Panera Bread he said, I have something for you. My response was whoa!! He handed me a jewelry box. Still Whoa!!! Inside was a pearl and diamond necklace. He said, “if I never get to date you again, I want you to keep and wear this necklace. Look in the mirror and say to yourself that YOU are a pearl of great price!” I have never felt more loved and treasured in my life. We had 15 blessed years and I will always love you, my sweet honey.


This was every morning


This was every morning