John F Charboneau

February 3, 1937January 2, 2019


John F. Charboneau, 81, died January 2, 2019 with his wife Judith by his side.

John was born in New Haven, Connecticut, graduated from Hillhouse High and joined the United States Army at the age of 17. He moved quickly up the ranks and was one of the youngest soldiers to earn the rank of Sgm. He retired in 1988 and moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida with his wife Mary Ann and his three sons, David, Brian and Matthew.

He became the director of the drug program at Martin Correctional Facility and after retiring from there he then was "super-sub" at Lincoln Park Academy.

He is preceded in death by two of his three wives; Lorraine, mother of Debra and Mary Ann, mother of David, Brian and Matthew.

He leaves behind his devoted and loving wife, Judith, together for 25 years and his beloved dog penny. He also leaves behind his sister, Jean and his cousin, Carol.

John has 6 grandchildren, in age order: Jessica Kwiatek, Dave Johnston, Lauren Slobod, Megan Perseghin who is serving in the United States Navy, Blake and Austin Charboneau and 8 great-grandchildren: Hayden, Tyler, and Kaylie Kwaitek, Brent Slobod, Ryder Austin, Liam Perseghin, Benjamin Slobod and Wyatt Perseghin. He also has two step-sons, Andrew and Noah Reilly (children of Judith).

He was active in his church, St. Bernadette, being a Eucharist Minister for the homebound, helping to collect school supplies for the Big Apple Ministry, and collecting food for the hungry through Project Mother Teresa.

John enjoyed all sports. But he loved the Red sox Baseball Team and had been a fan ever since he was a child. We all know in our hearts the Red Sox won this year's World Series just for John!

John enjoyed playing cards once a month with neighbors and friends, dining out once each month with his "dinner group" who are together for 25 years, and having breakfast with his best friend Bob, every Wednesday.

But most of all he loved his family, who will always feel that love. He was a beautiful, caring, generous, loving father, husband, brother, cousin and friend.

The most beautiful, loving celebration of John's life with so very many family and friends took place at St. Bernadette Catholic Church.

Anyone wishing to make a donation in John's name, please honor your favorite charity.


  • Memorial Mass Thursday, January 10, 2019

John F Charboneau

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Rich McGuire

March 22, 2019

I was thinking of SGM Charboneau tonight and am saddened to go on-line only to find him and realize he has recently passed. As a young Lieutenant, just out of OCS, I met John while attending classes with him near Ft. Knox at McKendree College, now University. I believe we both graduated around the same time in December 1981. He was fun to be around, always with a story. Me being a native Clevelander, he often picked at Joe, who was I think in his rookie year, and his performance with the Indians. But what I remember most is his kindness to me. I was a goofy 22 year old kid, but he treated me with respect and friendship. Oh and the pipe. :-) I am truly grateful to have known him.

Robin Jordan

February 2, 2019

Our condolences to Judi and the Charboneau family at this time. I have heard many great things about John through his friends and Judi. I know he will be missed and was dearly loved.

Bob Assad

February 1, 2019

John was my best friend. We shared all those times that best friends share. Sometimes we didn't even need to talk. It was just understood that we would have breakfast every Wednesday and that we would alternate turns to treat. John loved that he didn't even need to put in his order. He was a regular. We were regulars. It was always the same. Only now, it is not the same anymore. I will miss him terribly.
I will miss our conversations about the stock market, where we envisioned our fortunes growing by leaps and bounds ( someday soon). I will miss our strategizing over which players should be traded to benefit most our favorite New England teams. I will miss planning our next dinner out with the best food and the best coupons. I will miss our trips to the casinos and our monthly poker games.

Mary Gregory

February 1, 2019

I will always remember John as the man who helped his wife, Judi, orchestrate my meeting his best friend Bob. When we had our first slightly awkward blind date, John set the scene by telling us he was going to interview me to see if I was suitable. First question...who is your favorite baseball team? Second question...who is your favorite football team? and so it went. Having lived in the Boston area for most of my life, I responded with the exact answers John was looking for. He was ecstatic. I had passed the test. And I was admitted into the exclusive company of John and Judi and their dear friend, Bob.
There was not enough time for us. We needed more trips to the Casino, more dances at St. Bernadette's, and more dinners with friends. I needed more hugs from John, and more silly jokes. He was a charmer. He was a good friend. And he will be missed by many.

Ruby Mendieta

January 31, 2019

John was a wonderful friend, dedicated, caring, considered and honest; virtues that are hard to find. As our neighbor we appreciated every minute of it . Judy and John has been a support for our family and seeing our little one grow with great examples is a key. We are going to miss him everyday.

Brian Charboneau

January 20, 2019

My dad was the best... Every time I needed anything he was always there for me. We lost my mom 25 years ago and Dad had to assume two parental roles. He always loved his kids and was very proud of all of us no matter what. He was lucky to have Judi in his life. Her love, patience, and adventuresome spirit was jyst was my father needed. The world lost a great man on 1/2/19, one we will never forget.

Noah Reilly

January 20, 2019

I feel like I’ve known Mr. Charboneau, aka Matt’s dad my whole life. When he use to call to speak to my mom when they began dating I use to say “Matt’s dad is on the phone”, and that continued even after they were married. He use to always tell my mom, have Noah call me John or Mr. Charboneau. There are so many memories! I remember his stories and his sarsactic humor. He tried to be such a tough guy, but he was really a big softy. I remember eating family dinners with him and the Charboneaus before he began dating my mother. I remember playing hallway soccer and making so much noise and waking him up. I remember him being at most of our soccer games! He was always a great fan! The thing I remember most of all was he always treated me like a son. He was always good to me and our family. I will eternally miss him! Towards the end I started telling him I loved him and instead of handshakes I made sure we hugged. I know hes watching over everyone and only wants the best for everybody he loved. I will use the pain in my heart for motivation to be a better person. R.I.P. Matt’s dad! I will never forget you!

Matthew Charboneau

January 19, 2019

My father was a great man!! Served his country for 24 years moved up to the rank of E9 Sgt Major..the highest ranking achieved without attending a military Academy..The thing I remember most about my father was his ability to be free from judgement..My father would talk to anyone and everyone the same no matter where you came from..he was a great listener and made you feel like you were the only person on the world at the moment..i miss my father more than anyone could understand..he was my father as well as my best friend..when I was younger I played sports just to impress my father!! He would work ten hours a day and then show up wherever I was to catch any moment!! I loved making my father proud..Dad i love you and will continue to make you proud..cannot wait till we can talk baseball again..miss you so much!!

Deborah Charboneau

January 15, 2019

I was truly blessed to be my dad’s firstborn child, the little girl he always wanted! Although it was tough not seeing him all year because he was in the army, and moved often, I loved being with the other part of my family in the summers!

My dad always put his family first and was respectable and someone who I will truly miss!

As I got older I loved and appreciated him more and more every day and I’m so thankful I was able to see him as much as I was in 2018! When the Yankees didn’t win, I rooted for the Boston Red Sox and was so thrilled that they won the World Series last year because I knew how happy that would make my father! Dad, I know you are in a much better place than this earth and I cannot wait until the day I see you again along with my mom, and best friend Janice!

You leave behind a wonderful wife, Judi who took such great care of you when you needed it the most! She loved you through all your stubbornness and grief and always looked to God for strength! I could never thank her enough for standing by you!

Dad, give us all strength to go on with our lives without you as hard as that will be, I want my tears to be happy ones and for the sorrow to lessen more and more each day! I love you so much Dad and strive to be like you in every way!!! 😘

Deb Cogossi

January 10, 2019

I'll always remember John's smiling face...he went out of his way to make my family feel welcomed to a new neighborhood and always called out a warm hello when we were out. No matter how he was feeling he was, without fail, kind and considerate to us. I appreciated him attending my surprise birthday party and hanging out with a crazy group of people (half of whom he didn't know). My favorite memory is of John reaching out to my teenage son at the party and having a sincere real conversation with him. Not everyone thinks to do that with teens they don't know and not many people can pull that off with authenticity. I'm going to miss his smiling face so much and I'm so glad he found the strength to stay around as long as he did. Rest in peace, John, you were greatly respected and admired.