Timothy Nathan Lay

August 12, 1983November 15, 2020

Timothy Nathan Lay was born on the 12th of August, 1983, in Frankston, Victoria, Australia, to Jared B. R. Lay and Roberta Lay.

Timothy was welcomed by two older brothers - Daniel and Brandon - and became a big brother 18 months later when his brother Jeremy was born. Timothy lived in Franklin on Ley Court, and loved that the family was "the Lays on Ley Court." Growing up in Australia was fabulous for Timothy and his siblings. He spent a lot of time outdoors at Ballam Park, Frankston or Seaford Beach, possum hunting with a flashlight at night, going to see the penguins on Phillip Island or looking for koalas in the gum trees. He loved going on fishing trips with his brothers and dad, the most exciting of which was when they caught an octopus and it squirted ink on them. In 1989 Timothy and his family moved to Rose Park, Utah, where they lived for 14 years. There he attended and graduated from West High School. Timothy got his first job as a sweeper at Rose Park Elementary. He worked after school while at West High at the packaging store downtown. At West, Timothy took automotive classes and found that he had an aptitude for mechanics, after which, cars and motorcycles became his lifelong passions. If he didn't know how to fix something, he researched and studied until he did. Tim was always the one that could fix anything wrong with a car, and was always helping fix cars for family, friends, and anyone who needed help. He also loved riding his motorcycle and was able to go and volunteer out at Miller Motorcycle Sports when they had the big motorcycle races. He loved music, and was a very gifted musician; Over the years he played piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, and steel drums.

He would teach his kids, nieces and nephews to drum as they sat on his knee. He enjoyed going to concerts and he loved working on his '72 Chevelle, which he dreamed of driving one day. Tim was also fabulous with tie-dye. He made many awesome pieces and clothing that are enjoyed by many family and friends. Timothy was also a fantastic cook, and he loved to make meals for his family and friends. He met the love of his life, Tiffany, when he started working at the Quarry Bend Walmart in Sandy in 2007. With her, came Xavier and Lexi, and he loved them from the very beginning. He was proud of them, and encouraged them to appreciate music and the arts. He supported them at their concerts and school events with Tiffany. He had a love for spicy foods, and had quite the hot sauce collection, and he loved trying new things like UFO Dust and other horrendously spicy foods. Timothy had a quick wit and was appreciative of someone he could joke with. He dipped his hands in both jars, being both an avid Trekkie as well as a fan of Star Wars, having played hundreds of hours of Star Trek online, often with Jeremy, and collected just about every Star Wars Lego set.

Timothy was preceded in death by many people he loved and missed; his sister-in-law, Lindsey Lay; his uncle, David Lay; his aunt, Marilyn Lay; his cousin, Anthony Johnson; and all four of his grandparents. Timothy will be missed by everyone he left behind. His Mum, Dad, and his three brothers - Daniel, Brandon and Jeremy (Nicole). His loving wife - Tiffany and children Xavier and Lexi Tahy. He loved his nieces and nephews with all his heart; Taylor, Olivia, Kinleigh, Aiden, Ian, Landon, Charlie, Henry, Patrick, Benjamin, Jackson, Kaden, Amanda, Cody, Ronnie, Chase, Arianna, Rory, Owen, Kyson, Brock, Chloe, Lizzie and Drew. His mother and father-in-law, Arleen and Richard Hurst, brother and sisters-in-law; Sean (Maggie), Patricia (Jake), Catherine (Ronnie), Danielle (Fielding), Nicole (Tyler) and Jeradin.

Tim has a large extended family in New Zealand, Australia, and Utah, with many uncles, aunts, and cousins who are too numerous to individually mention. Timothy touched the hearts of everyone who knew him, and wanted to share his knowledge wherever and whenever he could. He was a patient, knowledgeable teacher and expected people to do their best. He was a gentle, kind human being, whose life has touched the hearts of all who knew him. He was an organ donor, dedicated to furthering medicine and helping those in need, even as he moves on.

Rest among the stars Timothy, you will be missed more than you know.


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Timothy Nathan Lay

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Taylor Lay

November 18, 2020

Tim and I always had a special connection. I love all my uncles so much but me and Tim had a bond that I didn’t have with anyone else. I remember when I was little I used to sit on his lap and watch him play the drums for what seemed hours on end and I never got sick of it. I love him beyond words can compare. I also remember he always came to fix our cars and I’m so beyond grateful. I was getting excited to get my jeep because I was gonna ask tim to come help my dad and Jeremy Gray with setting it up. I was getting excited to see him. I love you so much uncle Tim, and I know you’re with my mama and Harley and he’s waiting for us to join him.

Daniel Lay

November 18, 2020

Tim was one of the best brothers you could ask for or be lucky enough to be stuck with. Tim was always willing to help out with problems he knew how to fix and even if he didn't, he would go and figure it out and be back to do it. Tim saved me more times than I can count. I will always have memories of him from when we were kids to going to Moab to riding motorcycles together. We were not the closest but I do love my brother Tim and I know he loved me. He will definitely be missed and I hope he is with Lindsey and other family and friends we have lost along the way.

Shalisse Brinkerhoff

November 18, 2020

I met Tim and Tiffany when I worked at Walmart and we've been friends ever since they have been there for me in some my hardest times and I'll never forget what a great friend he was. Tim was one of the kindest people I've ever met and I'll never forget the good times we had one of my funnest memories is walking around the neighborhood in the middle of the night with Tim and Tiffany looking for cool street signs... Lol we had so much fun I still laugh when I think about those nights! I'll always remember how great he was at cooking, tie dying, playing the guitar and drums. I miss you Tim, heaven is lucky to have you!

Sarah Lay

November 18, 2020

All of my family-gathering childhood memories had Tim in them. I remember when Tim and his family were moving to the US and my parents told me that I was going to have 4 more boy cousins and they were going to live with us until they got a house. I was beyond stoked. I looked at every plane in the sky and asked if my cousins were on it. When they finally came, I would sit and wait for them to wake up in the morning so we could play. Tim had patience for me humored my need for his attention.

He loved each of his cousins and we knew it. Tim was all about the love. If you were seated by yourself or seemed a little isolated at a family gathering, he would walk over and have a seat with you. His giant, empathetic soul gravitated towards the isolated and lonely. How lucky were we to be loved by somebody so lovely.

When I was in my early 20's and I was over at his house with lots of our family, I saw his guitar and asked if he would mind playing for me. He started playing and my jaw dropped. I already knew he was cool, but this was amazing. He kept playing and family from all over the house found their way in to watch him.

I remember the first time I met Tiffany and her great kids. We were at a pool and Tim walked in with his new girlfriend and family in tow. She was so nice and complimented him so well. My sweetheart of a cousin found his perfect other half, and I can honestly say that I am insanely grateful that he experienced love at a level that few realize is even possible. Tiffany and her kids are the sweetest gifts to our family.

The last time I saw Tim was at our uncles' funeral. He and Tiffany walked in and I was so excited that I ran down the hallway to see them. I got a big hug and was able to chat with them for a minute. I would've held on so much longer if I had known it would be the last time I would see his sparkly eyes and his mischievous grin. I look forward to the day I will see him again I can properly tell him how much he means to me.


November 18, 2020

last November Timothy and Tiffany invited us(his Mum and Dad), to their home because they had cooked a special Thanksgiving meal so that Mum(Roberta), wouldn't have to cook for everyone, just the four of us. We were so appreciative of his effort to provide everything that Roberta would normally cook, he did this mainly for his Mum as a thank you for all the meals provided. Mum and I went over to their home a while back where Mum taught him how to make Samoan Chop Suey, he even told her that his was better than hers. Love you Son

Danielle Wolf

November 18, 2020

I met Tim at Walmart. I’ll never forget how kind he was. He was such a gentle giant and cared deeply for others. He definitely expected everyone to be and do their best - It challenged me to live up to my promises and become a kinder person through knowing Tim. I was fortunate enough to have Tim make me some tie-dye for my kids and I’ll never forget how he introduced me to deep fried Oreos. Such a wonderful human, he’ll be greatly missed. Sending lots of love to you, Tiffany. And to your kids, who he loved as his own.


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