Reverend Willard J Schied

February 1, 1929April 28, 2018
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SCHIED, Rev. Willard J 89 of Holiday, FL and formerly of Seminole, FL and Largo, FL died April 28, 2018. Survived by a loving family.

My father wore many hats and several at a time. He built three of our homes I grew up in by himself and they are all standing today! He always cared about respectability and honesty and passed that on to his children. We often joke about something we call "The Schied Work Ethic," which basically consists of hard work and always doing your best, this is his legacy that all his grandchildren have now. All of us have a sense of humor, which he inherited from his mother Edith. My sister Deb recalls the years he was a minister in New York at a small Parish called Rock City Falls UMC. Dad started a youth group and it quickly grew in popularity with all denominations. Our MYF took several fun trips including Lake Placid, N.Y. and to New York City. Dad always had a vegetable garden and from the time I was a tiny kid, I can remember him growing potatoes, carrots and squash...his favorites! He loved animals and let us have horses and dogs and even an occasional cat. Again, his love for animals has been passed on to his children and grandchildren. Dad also loved his down time and we had wonderful family vacations. I had a wonderful and very close relationship with my father and will miss my special "Birthday story," which he tells me every year. The one that goes into detail of the nurse handing me to him first and how he rocked me in the chair and he was the first one to change my diaper, lol!! I am lucky I had the world's greatest father and the best parts of me came from him!

I (Anna) met Will for the first time at the Salvation Army. He was the Social Service Director. He had decided to move from the cold north to the warm south, that's where he found a new ministry in St. Petersburg at The Salvation Army. Will helped many needy people by handing out bags of food, clothing and good advice. During this time, I was also working with the Salvation Army directing the Children and Senior Community Center. The two of us met at a weekly staff meeting and became fast friends. And after thirty-seven years of marriage, he is the love of my life and life long friends.

After many years of social work, he longed to return to the pulpit. Will's first assignment was with Asbury UMC in New Port Richey. Thereafter, Will spent many wonderful years at Anona UMC, mainly serving seniors of the congregation. We had many happy memories traveling with the seniors to places like Lake Junaluska, NC, the Mississippi Queen and the Delta Queen on the Great Mississippi River. During the cruise Will met Art Linkletter and became wonderful friends. Also, during Will's time at Anona he became friends with Burt Dodson. Burt was the bass player for famous Gene Autry who he kindly introduced Will to. Will later served at Oakhurst UMC, and his final assignment was at Spring Hill UMC in Hernando County, where he retired in 2001. In the past sixteen years of retirement, we have had many happy years traveling and visiting with our family. Will was blessed with four children and inherited three more children through our marriage, whom he loved dearly and was extremely proud. He enjoyed sitting and talking with everyone; laughing, joking and giving great advice. Will was always available to us and willing to lend a helping hand in any way possible.

Arrangements were made under the direction of Garden Sanctuary Funeral Home, 7950 131st Street N., Seminole, Florida 33776/727-391-0121.


  • Anna Schied, Wife
  • John R (Lisa) Schied, Son
  • Cathy Jean (Bill) Paradee, Daughter
  • Debra Lee Morris, Daughter
  • Gordon E (Susie) Young III, Son
  • Amy (Dave) Chotkowski, Daughter
  • Tina (Mauro Enrique) Lopez, Daughter
  • William Ray (Raina) Young, Son
  • Helen E Marzec, Sister
  • Kimbra Paradee, Chris (Kelly) Mau, David Schied, Andrew Schied, Josh Schied, Grandchildren
  • Jean Marie Palmateer, Alicia Palmateer, Ben Palmateer Melissa Luttrell, Shawn (Gina) Luttrell, Grandchildren
  • Michelle (Christian) Durango-Lopez, Matthew Young, Mitchell Young, Taylor Longottom, Max Longbottom, Grandchildren
  • Penny Mau, Teddy Mau, J J Gonzales, Lincoln, Leah Luttrell., Great Grandchildren


  • Gathering of Family and Friends Saturday, May 5, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, May 5, 2018
  • Graveside Service Monday, May 7, 2018

Reverend Willard J Schied

have a memory or condolence to add?

Kimbra Paradee

May 5, 2018

I will always cherish the visits to Florida and the memories that were made. I remember my first trip to Disney World was with Grandpa Schied and Ann. Prayers to Ann and the rest of the family during this time.

Andrew Schied

May 5, 2018

Rest in peace Grandpa Will. My thoughts and prayers are with you Anna.

Amy Chotkowski

May 5, 2018

I remember when Dad was trying to be goofy wearing his hat sideways and skipping!! Also watching Tarzan with him....the real Tarzan, Johnny Wismiller.

cathy paradee

May 4, 2018

I will forever miss our 2:30 phone visits! We had many laughs, tears, and remembering wonderful times in Lake Placid, Rock City Falls and Galway. I will remember our special Thanksgiving that started out as a rare treat eating out and ended up in a blizzard stuck on the hill. I know you always talked about our almost-human collie dog Ginger and how she would "sing" with us kids when Mom played the piano. How about the year you played Santa and got up on our roof and Deb and I just KNEW it was the real thing! We had many memorable family vacations to Florida to visit our grandparents and you always did love the tropical feel and the warm weather. This is why you finally ended up moving south. I made a special video for you a day before you went to meet Jesus that I told you I loved you and in the background was a gentle breeze blowing my gorgeous lilac bush, which was your absolute favorite floral smell! It reminded you of Rochester, where you had so many great memories growing up. Deb and I used to accompany you on Sundays to the local bakery and let us each get donut holes and pick up the Sunday paper. The comics were the best part and recently we had the conversation of why don't they bring back the good old Gasoline Alley, Blondie, Lil Abner and Prince Valant. I could go on but don't want to bore anyone...but you have given me so much to be proud of in a father. Thank you for everything you have done for me and all the unconditional love you have always had for me. I will always love you Father! signed(now this one is strange...but he always called me this....) Cathoid Oscilloscope....... I know...weird...but that is Dad and ME.

Deb Morris

May 4, 2018

I'll never forget the time Dad was taking me for my drivers license. We were late, so Dad drive 80 mph to get me to my appointment on time....good thing that I got through my test in one piece!Another time we were tarring the store roof on a hot day when Dad slipped and fell off the roof. Hurt, he hobbled back up and finished the job with me. NO GRASS grew under my Dad's feet....I think all of his kids followed ,my Dad's footsteps. My Dad loved a challenge and was always ready for adventure....and what a full life he had. Right to the end he showed courage and maintained a wonderful sense of humor; always worrying about everyone else. I plan to carry on his legacy of hard work (doing the best that I am capable of) and showing kindness to others . There's not enough smiles in this world, but I hope to add a few more along the way.
Thanks for all your generous common sense and wisdom that you gave me Dad. I will miss you but I feel you are not far from me or my thoughts. Lots of Love and Laughter, Zebra

Alicia Palmateer

May 4, 2018

Still remember the surprise of getting a special porcelain doll every year as a little girl for Christmas from Grampa Will and Grandma Anna. I still have them safely packed away. I'm so sorry for everyone's loss I know he has left a huge hole in everyone's heart and lives. I know he is in a better place, without pain and suffering. Rest in Peace Grampa Will. I'm so sorry for Gramma Anna for the loss of your soul mate. I'm sorry to my aunts, uncle and mom for the loss of the loss of their father that is a hole that will never me mended.

Jean Marie Gonzalez

May 4, 2018

I didn't get to know Grandpa Will very well but I know that he was very important in many people's lives and ment a lot to those people. May his memory live on in those who loved and cared for him.

John (Jack) Taylor

May 3, 2018

I need to add that my cousin, along with Carol Jean, is Cathy Paradee. We have a very special relationship, and I shared my memory before previewing it.

John (Jack) Taylor

May 3, 2018

When I was a kid at Lake Placid High cousin is Carol Jean Taylor Schied...Will gave me his set of weights and taught me how to work out with them without hurting myself. That's how I got in shape for football and track. We had a special connection...he was like the big brother I never had. I treasure the telephone conversations we had during the past year. I love you, Will. Rest in peace. See you on the other side when the time comes.

Terry Reid

May 2, 2018

Rev. Schied was our minister in Rock City Falls. His son was my best friend. At age eleven I was hospitalized for about ten days, a lonely experience. One day I was surprised by two welcome visitors-my minister & his son. I spent countless nights doing sleepovers at the parsonage and have nothing but fond memories of the man and his family.