Margarita Raygoza Aranda

January 1, 1953July 3, 2020
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Margarita Raygoza Aranda was born on January 1, 1953 and passed away on July 3, 2020 and is under the care of Desert View Funeral Home.

Rosary will be held on August 4, 2020 at 9:30 am at Desert View Funeral Home, 11478 Amargosa Rd, Victorville, California. Visitation will be held on August 4, 2020 at 10:00 am at Desert View Funeral Home, 11478 Amargosa Rd, Victorville, California. Graveside Service will be held on August 4, 2020 at 10:30 am at Desert View Memorial Park, 11500 Amargosa Road, Victorville, California. Burial will be held on August 4, 2020 at 11:00 am at Desert View Memorial Park, 11500 Amargosa Road, Victorville, California.

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  • Rosary

    Tuesday, August 4, 2020

  • Visitation

    Tuesday, August 4, 2020

  • Graveside Service

    Tuesday, August 4, 2020

  • Burial

    Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Margarita Raygoza Aranda


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Margarita Raygoza Aranda

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Gilberto Sanchez

August 4, 2020

My beautiful sister Mago was one of the kindest gentlest persons I have ever known. When I was a kid Mago sometimes got the task of having to watch over me. I look back and I remember testing her patience. Mago never yelled at me she would talk to me a stern voice and her face would get flushed. When we were kids Eddie and I would eat like barbarians but Mago would chew with dignity even with all chaos going on around her at mealtime.
Those days epitomize my sister Mago and the way she lived her life. I will miss her dearly.

Manuel Castro Jr

August 1, 2020

Margarita (Mago) my sister-in-law will be ever missed in our lives forever. Such a true blessing in mine, as well as my famiy.
We'll never have such a nice, courtious, kind, polite, pious n loving person as Mago in our lives again. I was the match maker to Tony Aranda n Mago. Tony was my roommate n best friend in the us air force, bac in the day. I was already going around with Magaritas younger sister Mary Esther at the time n i told Tony that my girlfriend Mary had a pretty, nice. older sister name Margarita n everyone called her Mago, that i wanted him to meet. i showed him a picture of Mago n he said wow, yes he would like to meet her ! Well i came out in my cousins quinceaner acouple of months later with my girlfriend Mary. I told Tony i wanted him to come to the party n i,d introduce him to Mago. So Tony came down to the quincianer with a navy friend Phillup at the Lyons Cub there in Chula Vista. i So i introduced Tony to Mago, It was love at first sight for them ! Well Tony n i were both out of the air force already n i was going around with Magos sister for a couple of yrs now as well as Tony n Mago had been going around for awhile now. Well i had called Tony one day n told him that proposed to MaryEsther to get married n i asked Tony, when he was planning to get married to Mago. He wasnt sure yet
when .So i told Tony, why dont we have a doublewedding ! Merry the two sisters, we could split the cost of the wedding fiftyfifty He told me that he would think about it n get bac with me. So Tony calls me back in acouple of wks n tells me Manuel u came up with a good idea of a double wedding, it would b cheaper, we could split the cost. So the rest was history ! August 9, 1975 we married the two sisters. Such a beautiful wedding. Our wives, MaryEasther n Magarita, to b were looking so beautiful that day !
It will b 45 years coming up n i surely know that Mago will b looking down from heaven that anniversary day giving Tony, Mary n I her Biessing


Maria Aranda

July 31, 2020

My mama. My Ma. My Mother, her heartbeat was the first thing I heard when it was just her and I for 9 months. She is always on my mind, everything reminds me of her. My brothers and sister in heaven finally have the mother I was so lucky to have for 38 years. I have so many memories that I will cherish always and keep in my heart. My Mama was a mom to everyone she met, she took care of everyone; neighbors, nieces, nephews, godsons, and goddaughters. She was born to be a mother. The most selfless person I’ve ever known, she never asked for anything and always gave without expecting anything in return. One of the last times we got to spend with my Ma was for my dads birthday lunch. I ordered a Bloody Mary, everyone else ordered ice tea or water....then my Ma orders....a Bloody Mary. We all stopped and looked at her and she just smiled the mischievous smile she had and laughed. She maybe had two sips and was done, she was not a drinker but she’d occasionally live on the wild side and have a drink with me. I realize now, it was something she did to bond with me. You’ll always be in my heart Ma. I love you so much. Your “little pumpkin,” Maria

Lucia Novaselec

July 30, 2020

My mom was my guiding light, through her examples she taught me to not be judgmental and to have compassion for others. I will never forget the lessons she taught me. She loved to spoil her granddaughter so much, the day before she passed she was asking “who wants ice cream?” This was at 9 pm 😄. Of course Brooke said yes so they got to enjoy eating ice cream together, that’s one of many memories Brooke will have of her Grandma. She loved everyone and prayed for everyone’s well being. Mom, you are sorely missed! For every second of the day for the rest of my life you will be in my heart and in my thoughts. ❤️Always your daughter

Tina Mitchell

July 30, 2020

Growing up I was incredibly blessed to have Margo in my life. Being a teenager I often felt like getting away from the house I lived in. Fortunately I always felt safe & warm when I would often come over to the Aranda's house. Margo always made me feel like family. It was like she always knew when I was coming & had an extra piece of chicken cooking just for me.
She always helped me get to extracurricular activities or events that I never would've been able to get to without her.
Best of all she allowed & encouraged my friendship with her daughter Lucia, which still remains today.
My family & the Aranda's have been friends longer than I've been alive, but I always knew that Margo wasn't obligated to be good to me. She was just an amazing woman. An example Im thankful to God that I grew up with. Again, I learned so much just being in her presence that when I had my son I asked her to be his Godmother. I just trusted her with all my heart. I know she's in heaven & if I could say one last thing to her I would say Thankyou for being so great to me. I love you! May you rest in heaven.

Adrian Castro

July 30, 2020

My Tia Mago was a kind and caring soul. I don't think I've ever met anyone as nice as her. She treated my brothers and I as her own children. I have fond memories of her laugh, her smile, her quietness. I remember one summer I stayed over my Tio's Tony and Mago's house and "forgot" to do my homework which was due at the end of summer. When she found me out, without hesitation or punishment, she whipped out the tape recorder and started helping create a short story. I told a silly story about kittens and after we finished, she spent the night typing it out for me. The story ended up getting featured in a school short stories book. I gave her a copy with a dedication to her for helping. To this day she kept that book. This was the kind of person she was. She didn't have to help me, but she did. My Tia showed her love through her actions. I'm going to miss my Tia Mago and I'm sure everyone who she's touched with her act of selfless love will too.

Art & Raquel Martinez

July 24, 2020

Our condolence to the family....May she Rest In Peace and brighten Heaven with her beautiful smile... We will be praying for Antonio and the family ...

Anthony Castro

July 23, 2020

I remember one time I had a picture of La Virgen on my bookshelf. It didn't have a frame. I noticed after a visit from my Ninos (Tony and Mago) that my picture was gone from the shelf! I didn't know what happened to it. But the next time they visited, it was in a beautiful wooden frame. I was surprised and opened it to look at the back and there I saw my Nina Mago wrote something on it. She said to "always keep La Virgen close to your heart and that she loves me, even though she doesn't say much." And it was true because she had always showed her love for me when we would visit or when I would stay over for the summer. I miss her. I love you Tia.

Erin Garrett

July 20, 2020

Thank you for all you have done over the years . You have always been an inspiration to so many people truly caring and loving person. Thank you for the messages you would send . Always knowing God is great . You have a beautiful family and God has a beautiful soul that will alway be remembered.

Maria Castro

July 19, 2020

IAM Margarita' Sister Mary, I vividly remember when we immigrated to the USA and didn't speak the language at all, my Sis (Mago) for short learned her first sentence which was, "open the door for me", & everytime she taught she was speaking the language she would say open the door for me😆😆 I have sooo many beautiful memories it's impossible ❤️ to mention all. Love u 😘 Sister there's an empty space in my 💓💓💓



While it is impossible to describe the life of Margarita Raygoza Aranda in a couple of paragraphs, here is a glimpse into her beautiful soul. She had a true talent for helping others reach their full potential and brought out the best in those who sought her help. Margarita could be quiet and reserved, but she was truly authentic and direct. Her sensitivity, kindness and generous attitude made her a wonderful daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and grandmother.

From the time she was born on January 1, 1953, Margarita showed a deep concern for others. She was a kind giving and caring person, even as a young child. Her parents were Francisco Arellano and Ines Raygoza. Margarita was raised in Fabrica De Atemayac, Jalisco, Mexico. Her early childhood was spent with her two younger sisters Mary and Magdalena. Her mother Ines Raygoza Sanchez went to the US to start a better life for her children. At this time she was taken care of primarily by her grandmother, Picala and her beloved Tia Guera. She helped take care of her younger sisters, acting as a second mom. She enjoyed attending church with her grandmother. She always reminisced of her time in Guadalajara and told stories of her Picala. She and her sisters reunited with their mother in the US when she was 12 years old, where she attended Montgomery Elementary School, in Chula Vista.

Margarita was the eldest of 7 children. She had three younger sisters; Mary, Magdalena, and Veronica. She had 3 younger brothers; Gilbert, Eddie and Manuel. She loved her siblings very much and prayed for their health, family and safety constantly.

As a young woman, Margarita interacted well with children. Margarita had a number of interests in her youth. She was always helping others. She was a Catechism Teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, and enjoyed teaching the youth about the Lord.

Margarita attended Southwestern College after high school. She was earning a degree in Nursing. Her favorite classes were health/wellness and German. She enjoyed learning the German language and speaking it. Margarita was commended on her humility and willingness to serve others, especially towards the elderly. She unfortunately injured her back during an internship and had to take a leave of absence of school. She did not finish her degree but helped many elderly neighbors throughout her life and used her nursing skills with her children. She lived a selfless life devoted to those in need and around her.

Margarita met Antonio Aranda at a quinceanera in 1972, it was love at first site. She was a senior in High School and Antonio was serving in the Air Force. They wrote letters throughout their courtship and saw each other when they could. She kept all their correspondence. Antonio received an honorable discharge from the AF, came home and they were married immediately. On August 9, 1975 Margarita exchanged wedding vows with the love of her life; Antonio Campos Aranda at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church of Chula Vista, California.

All who knew her would agree that Margarita had a special bond with her children. While she could be a firm disciplinarian, she could also fill the role of being a collaborator with her kids. Margarita was always a mentor who helped her family reach its full potential. Margarita was blessed with three children, two daughters, Maria and Lucia, and one son, Gabriel. They were also blessed with one granddaughter, Brooke. Brooke and her grandma were best friends. They enjoyed having tea parties, ate late night ice cream snacks, puzzles, drawing, painting, watching cartoons and their favorite movie Mathilda.

Margarita was always ready with solid advice and guidance to offer her family and friends. For those who really knew Margarita, they recognized that she could be full of surprises. Margarita enjoyed a small but solid group of true friends. She would willingly support those friends when they needed it. Because of her ability to read people. Later in life, she became friends with everyone whom she went to church with at St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

Margarita was one who put forth her best effort in every aspect of her life, and that carried over to her participation in sports as well. In Jr. High and High School, Margarita played volleyball. Margarita was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following her favorite teams whenever she got the opportunity. Her favorite teams were the Lakers and the Chargers. She attended several games with her adult children.

Because Margarita was a person who enjoyed helping, teaching and working with others, she was a perfect fit for many types of organizations. Her ability to encourage others, energize the group and her ability to solve all sorts of problems made her a desirable member of a wide variety of organizations. Throughout her later years, Margarita was an active member of the Association of the Miraculous Medal. She also was the head of the Rosary Rally held every October for the past 10 years. Obtaining an award for most rosaries prayed, an accomplishment she was very proud of. Margarita spent over 20 years as a member of The Legion of Mary, spending hours of her life praying for the salvation of the world.

Margarita was a woman with clear convictions and high principles, and her faith was very important to her. She was an inspiration to many people who recognized her sense of commitment and esteem for others. She was a member of St Paul’s Catholic Church for 45 years. During that time, she was actively involved in all church activities.

Margarita passed away on July 3, 2020 in Lucerne Valley. Margarita and Antonio were involved in a fatal car accident on their way to church. She is survived by her mother Ines, her husband Antonio, her children; Maria, Lucia, and Gabriel; her granddaughter Brooke, her brothers; Gilbert, Eddie and Manuel, her sisters, Mary, Magdalena, and Veronica. Services will be held at Our Lady of the Desert Catholic Church in Apple Valley. Margarita will be laid to rest at Desert View Memorial Park, Victorville, CA.

Though she could be a private person at times, Margarita was always able and willing to give of herself. Those who knew her well, knew she had a mischievous sense of humor. Margarita lived a life of servitude to God and her family. Margarita Raygoza Aranda shared herself freely and family and friends will remember Margarita for the strength of her convictions.

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