Sarah Elizabeth Rocco

March 25, 1984April 14, 2018

Sarah Elizabeth Rocco was born on March 25, 1984 in Manchester, Connecticut and passed away on April 14, 2018 in Pearland, Texas


Sarah Elizabeth Rocco

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Priscila Garcia

April 29, 2018

Sarah and I met through a mutual love of Harry Potter. She was one of the very first people to befriend me when I started to carve a place for myself in online fan spaces and one of the few online friends I've been fortunate enough to meet in person. She gave really great hugs. By my bed, I have a picture wall and there I keep two photos of us with out group of friends. In one of them, we look very happy but normal. You know, picture normal. In the other one though, we all look terribly silly and red-faced and frankly ridiculous because of how hard we were giggling. I like to keep them side by side and looking at them never fails to make me smile. I could never understand her love for thunderstorms and reptiles but we always had books, cat paws and cute baby otters to unite us. Orange kitties will forever remind me of her and I think she'd be happy with that. She was one of the kindest, sweetest people I've ever met, always ready to embrace me with kind words, whether we'd talked the day before or longer than that, even when she herself hadn't had the best of days. You were taken from us too soon, Sarah, and I miss you terribly, boo *smishes*


April 26, 2018

I am so privileged to have known Sarah. Though we never met in person, she had a profound impact on me. She somehow always knew when I needed cheering up, and would send me pictures of her cats, Cady and Casey, to brighten my day. She was thoughtful and kind and managed to check up on her friends despite having some tough days herself. She was witty and funny, and I even quote her in casual conversation because her lines were so memorable! I wish more than anything that I was able to give her a hug. She was a part of a tight-knit online community that will never ever forget her. RIP sweet Sarah.

Amy Crook

April 25, 2018

Sarah and I met back in 2004 through Harry Potter fandom, and even after we both left it behind we stayed friends and talked every day for years after. She made the shape of my days better, stitched together a thread of words and creativity and kindness that ran through the hours of my life in a way I can't even really explain. Sarah was one of my best friends in the world. She loved the rain, and first-person video games with a lot of plot, and the tv show Psych. We enjoyed Sherlock and Kingsman, Skyfall and Inception together, and many more movies and tv shows and fandoms. She loved cats, especially her cats, and she was so, so kind and thoughtful. She took care of everyone as best she could, and I miss her terribly. I drew a group of us all once and this is how I saw her, adorable and warm and, of course, in Hufflepuff colors.

Oscar Anderson

April 24, 2018

Some people tell you that the friends you see in person are your closest, most important friends, but Sarah was a testament to how untrue that thinking is. I only got to meet up with her every few years in person, but we talked nearly every day online and have done so for over a decade. We shared joy in momentous events and sadness in tragedy, but I will remember her most for all the little mundane moments in between. She was the first to ask how I was doing any given day, and she was happy to talk about our latest hobbies, the shows we watched on TV, or just what we were cooking for dinner. I will miss her love of the Queen, her glee for silly orange kittens, and her completely incorrect opinions about Peeps. But mostly I will miss her unfailing kindness and generosity. She knew the value good friends and keeping the people she loved together when they may otherwise drift apart. I will miss her terribly, and can never hope to find someone as loving and patient a friend as she was to me.

Cheryl Pryor

April 24, 2018

Sarah loved the Harry Potter series and while the books were coming out she and I and a group of friends shared our love for the series. We attended conventions together, played online games together, even wrote stories together. We remained friends even after the series was done, chatting online often and sharing each other's ups and downs. I will miss her stories about her kitties. And who else will I share stories about the royal family with? I will miss you so much, Sarah. *smishes*