Olinger Andrews Caldwell Gibson Chapel

407 Jerry Street Castle Rock, CO 80104


  • Chris Lynn Dufrenne

    Funeral Director

    Chris Dufrenne Funeral Director What is your most rewarding experience at work? Taking a family into my care who usually starts out with an understandable degree of apprehension and then concluding that same meeting with sense that we have gained that family’s trust and offered them a renewed sense of hope and normalcy. What keeps you motivated every day? I am motivated by the understanding that I have the knowledge, the tools and the personal drive to assist those walking through the grief process to find their path to discovering their new “normal”. It’s the beginning of the path to recovery and how a person or family will begin to move forward in their respective lives. What are the ideal qualities for someone fulfilling your job role? Funeral service isn’t simply an occupation…it is a profession, deserving of genuine passion. It’s calling upon your life deserves the same sober attention as someone who finds themselves called into formal ministry. You need to be someone who is “mentally” prepared to “take your work home” with you. This isn’t a typical 9 to 5 profession. It isn’t uncommon for a dedicated funeral director to lie awake at night going over the many details of the family he or she met with earlier in the day, or over the possible challenges involved for an upcoming funeral or memorial service scheduled for that next afternoon. We are only allowed but one opportunity to get all of the multiple details, just right…the very first time! How do you assure customer satisfaction? Assumption will most often lead to mediocre or even disastrous results. It’s the true enemy of excellent service. Our company has for many years, displayed “Have You Checked?” banners and other various reminders throughout every one of our firms. They are a strong reminder of the need to pay attention to every single detail. I have discovered that if you question, even for a moment, “Did I remember to?...”, there’s usually a pretty compelling reason that has motivated that thought, which then begs to be researched. Never assuming anything! What unique quality do you possess that makes you the best? From details born out of a tragic, personal experience, I have known since the age of 13 that funeral service is where my heart was. I wanted to be as helpful and dedicated to every family that I would become honored to serve, as I saw evidenced in the actions and compassion I observed in the very first Funeral Director I ever encountered. He “got it”, and…at least to me, it was infectious. I wish I could go back in time and offer him my personal gratitude.

  • Rick L Tolka

    Funeral Director

    Rick comes to the Dignity Memorial family with background of many years in Christian ministry. He is very committed to compassionately helping families through their most difficult times. Rick and his wife have lived in Castle Rock since the 2000s and have four children and two grandchildren.

  • J.R.. Ray Pinon


    Dedicated to compassionately supporting families during difficult times. J.R. has helped families celebrate the significance of lives well lived for over 15 years.

    A Colorado native committed to his community, J.R. resides and is raising his family here in Castle Rock.