Henderson's Funeral Homes & Crematorium

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    Bonnie Hilda Canning

    General ManagerManager

    Bonnie has been in the funeral industry since 2012. She has been a licensed funeral director since 2013 and was recently promoted to location manager. Bonnie enjoys spending free time with her daughter and family.

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    Kathleen Anne Fex

    Funeral Director

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    Bradley Strukoff

    Funeral Director

    Bradley was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a place where he says "there were 10 months of good sledding and 2 months of not so good sledding." His career began in 1982 at E. Andrychuk Funeral Home in a farming community, not far away from where his parents grew up in Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

    After graduating in 1985 Brad returned to Winnipeg and served with A.S. Bardal Funeral Home for a short time. He moved to Chilliwack, British Columbia, on the West Coast in the winter of 1987, where he thoroughly enjoys the mild winters.

    After serving at 2 funeral homes far from home and serving a larger volume of families with another family operated company in North Vancouver, Brad was please to join our firm, close to home in Chilliwack, in 1991. He served with our team until 1997, when he began serving elsewhere before transferring back in 2009.

    Brad enjoys cycling, old-timers ice hockey, hiking in winter and summer, kayaking and serving the community. He has been married since the 1980s and has a son, daughter and son-in-law.