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Since 1902, Cruikshank's Halifax Funeral Home has served tens of thousands of Dartmouth/Halifax families of all faiths and cultures. As a pillar of the Halifax community and member of the Dignity Memorial® network, we provide personalized funeral and memorial services, cremations and more.





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Committed to you

As funeral traditions have evolved in the 115 years we've been in business, our commitment to high standards of service remains unchanged, while our service options have expanded to meet your needs.

Whether you are seeking a basic cremation with cremated remains scattered in a personally meaningful place, a full traditional funeral service with a cemetery burial, or a modern celebration of life with live music, catering and a send-off that reflects the personality and passions of yourself or your loved one, we go the extra mile to make it happen—and we do it with an exceptional level of care and compassion.

We will find the right flowers, the best musicians, and mementoes that help tell your special story. The list of personalization possibilities is endless.

Lean on us

Please call us if you need immediate assistance or would like to learn more about advance funeral planning. We are here for you.


Signage at Cruikshank's Halifax Funeral HomeCruikshank's Halifax Funeral Home has been providing funeral and memorial services, as well as cremations in the Halifax community since 1902. We first operated in a location on Maynard Street. Then the funeral home moved to Robie Street. We are now located at 2666 Windsor St.

A long-standing pillar of the community, Cruikshank's was among the funeral homes that served families who lost loved ones in the 1912 sinking of the Titanic and the 1917 Halifax Explosion.


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