The professional, dedicated staff of King David Memorial Chapel and King David Cemetery have specialized in providing exceptional, compassionate care to Jewish families of Southern Nevada since 2001. It is our unwavering commitment to commemorate the lives of those being honored, maintain Jewish tradition and create meaningful tributes for those who have meant so much to family and friends.

We understand that losing a loved one creates a time of considerable stress and sorrow and are committed to assisting families with caring and personal service. Our experienced staff assists with coordinating rabbis, newspaper notices and your family needs, helping to ensure that your family is comfortable with all arrangements.

To help your family determine the correct dates for Yahrzeit, use this Yahrzeit calendar

Experts in Jewish funeral traditions

King David Memorial Chapel & CemeteryThe traditional aspect of a Jewish funeral lies in the respect brought to the customs and rituals of the Jewish people, which date back thousands of years. King David Memorial Chapel's commitment to serving the Jewish community means that we are not only able to accommodate these needs but also anticipate them.

We are dedicated to providing comfort in your time of grief, guiding you step by step through the funeral process. Whether you choose a traditional or nontraditional service, our professionals will help to coordinate the customs you request—including arranging rabbis and chevra kadisha—to create a service specific to your wishes.

Read about Jewish funeral traditions.

Cremation in Las Vegas

Signature Dedication displayFamilies of all faiths are increasingly choosing cremation. Reform Judaism no longer opposes cremation like it once did, and some Jewish families have adopted the practice.

Though there are many options for cremation in Las Vegas, they're not all equal. We specialize in cremation services that honor loved ones in personalized ways, and families love our all-inclusive pricing. Our friendly team pays attention to every detail, providing service that is second to none.

Regardless of faith, most people aren’t familiar with the many options cremation affords:

  • a cremation without a funeral or memorial service of any kind.
  • a funeral with your loved one present, followed by cremation.
  • a cremation followed by a scattering, cemetery memorialization or celebration of life—or all three.

If you're interested in cemetery placement, King David Cemetery includes a cremation garden.

And for those who wish for something more momentous, Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater cremation garden off the coast of Florida. A Celestis Memorial Spaceflight takes ashes into space for a little while or forever.

Learn more about our cremation services.

Veterans burial benefits

King David Memorial Chapel is honored to provide veterans with funerals befitting their service to our country. Our team is well-versed in military funeral honors and the burial benefits offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We can walk you through the requirements and ensure your veteran has a most dignified memorial.

Read about how we honor veterans and watch a video about our services.

Funeral and cremation planning in advance

Lobby at King David Memorial Chapel & CemeteryIn addition to assisting with an immediate need, we specialize in working with families to plan final arrangements in advance. We recognize that funeral arrangements and associated expenses can be overwhelming, and by preparing these details ahead of time, you provide a sense of relief and comfort to your loved ones while ensuring your wishes are met. We offer in-person and virtual consultations, as well as a free Personal Planning Guide to help you get started.

Find out everything you need to know about prepaid funeral plans.

King David Cemetery

Cemetery Gardens at King David Memorial Chapel & CemeteryWith shrubbery, shade trees, green lawns and orderly pathways, King David Cemetery is a desert respite. With Orthodox, Conservative and Reform sections, its grounds reflect the diversity of Las Vegas' Jewish community.

Recognizing that more Jewish families are choosing cremation, the cemetery includes family columbaria, spaces for ground burial and cremation benches in the Reform section.

Every garden in the memorial park is consecrated by a local Jewish rabbi.

Holocaust Memorial Plaza

King David Holocaust Memorial PlazaNevada's first Holocaust memorial, Holocaust Memorial Plaza was created as a sacred space for Holocaust survivors and their family members to remember and honor the 6 million Jews and 5 million others killed in the Holocaust. It's also intended as a resource for educators and rabbis to help the community learn more about the Holocaust.

Unveiled in April 2022, the plaza carries much meaning: Crumbling brick walls reflect the deterioration of Jewish life as the Nazi party started their persecution; a Star of David emerges from the ground to symbolize Judaism rising up to survive. Around the memorial, bronze plaques are engraved with the names, locations and death counts of World War II extermination camps; soil from near each camp has been placed beneath the plaques. A timeline of the event is engraved in granite, completing a very powerful place of remembrance.

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As members of the Dignity Memorial® family, King David Memorial Chapel and King David Cemetery offer services designed to help you through one of the most personal and challenging stages of life. Please contact us if you need immediate assistance, wish to tour our funeral home or cemetery grounds, or for more information about our services.

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