Andrea Marjo Lingren

13 January , 194123 June , 2018
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Andrea M. Lingren passed away on June 23, 2018 at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

She is survived by husband David Sanders, brother Lance (Sylvia), their families and many relatives and friends.

A Memorial Service will be held on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 1:30 pm at Northview Community Church, 32040 Downes Rd, Abbotsford.

Donations in memory of Andrea may be made to the Rotary Foundation, c/o Rotary Club of Abbotsford, PO Box 71, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6Z4


  • Memorial Service Thursday, 28 June , 2018

Andrea Marjo Lingren

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Bill Thiessen

29 June 2018

During the months when her health was steadily failing, with occasional times when she rallied following blood transfusions, I would call, or she would write to me, always responding to my query, often at length. She would recount her upbringing in a rural setting, comment on our common interest in music, about Dave’s deep, caring love for her, which he would express very often, and her love and concern for him. She would comment on her music interests, and her envy that I (and my daughter) had heard Ben Heppner at a Chan Center Concert—"Ben is my very favourite tenor singer", she would state. When my daughter had a death-defying accident she conveyed words of encouragement, while she also provided the same for me. She was a treasure.
"Come, here you are never alone". I will always remember the warm "invitation", always!
But now it is we at Rotary, or in whatever other social setting, ---and her beloved, who are left alone—bereft.
That voice will never be replaced. It will always be missing. All we can do is emulate her spirit; her buoyancy.

Farewell, Andrea. You were a "soul survivor!" You gallantly protected your soul!

Bill Thiessen

29 June 2018

"Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful--- " (Donne)

I am not sure if I am angry more than I am sad. Why did she seem to be targeted? I have asked this often, especially since my own beloved departed unexpectedly.
Death is mean! Death is no friend. Death is ravaging. Death devastates relationships for ever. However, it provides eventual resignation. After all, how much can or should a person endure?
Death ravaged her body but not her soul. She was a "soul survivor".
Memories and love prevail.
Andrea was a charmer; she was engaging; she brought zest to a party- to the club. She was loyal.
When she was absent she was really missing- we felt it. There was no song, no buoyancy to song, to the anthem.
With her in attendance we were inclined to defer to her the carry the National Anthem. Her voice carried us.
She possessed a particular sense of care and concern. Less than two months after my wife’s departed, I dared to engage in social activity and return to Rotary functions. One of the first was the "Christmas" luncheon, where I found the music revolting-shallow and meaningless. I felt compelled to leave the room, but returned again after a while, and hung around the back at the registration desk. It was Andrea who noticed. She came to engage me, asking a non-question, "So, you organizing the name tags---," seeking to find a way to show she cared. I asked her as she just stood beside me, "I assume you know what loss is?" She told me the story of the loss of her first husband, while the Rotary program continued.
At various other times when I attended Rotary, she strongly encouraged me to keep coming, saying: "Come, here you are never alone!"