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When you choose cremation, you have many options for commemorating the special life of a loved one.

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Based on long-established customs, traditional funerals are symbols of respect and honor.

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When the funeral parlor came to pick up my husband’s body at home where he passed, they draped his body with the American Flag because he was an Air Force veteran. They also left a red rose and small American flag on the bed pillow where he passed. That touched my heart in a way I’ll never forget.

December 2021

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I originally asked for a flower arrangement with carnations, which were not available. Somehow that beautiful spray had carnations.

December 2021

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On the day of the funeral, they threw in a couple of extras that we did not request or pay for, such as giving each of my sister’s 6 kids a teddy bear and giving them each stems of flowers to put in her casket. Each of the kids clung to the teddy bears with tear filled eyes as they said goodbye to their mother.

December 2021