James Perry Dykes III

3 September, 194329 September, 2022
Obituary of James Perry Dykes III
On September 29, 2022, James Perry Dykes III, of Johns Creek, Georgia, passed away in his sleep. James Perry Dykes III was born in Macon, Georgia, on September 03, 1943. Jim was the son of the late Honorable James Marion Dykes and Kathryn Crooms Cheshire. Jim spent his childhood in Cochran, Georgia, on the Coastal Islands of Georgia, in Daytona Beach, Florida, and temporarily living in Guatemala as a teenager. Jim attended Middle Georgia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia State University, while serving in the Georgia Air National Guard. Jim married Gwendolyn Dean Dykes on January 28, 1992. In 1968, after completing his university degrees, Jim founded Dykes Paving and Construction, Inc., a multimillion-dollar small business utilizing a $5,000.00 high interest personal loan and his childhood dreams of owning his own company. Jim is known throughout the paving industry as an innovator and inventor. In 1974 Jim invented Perma Flex, Federal Trademark 1990, an innovative asphalt repair system. In 1978 Jim was the first Georgia contractor to successfully recycle hot mixes. 1981-1990 Dykes Paving and Construction, Inc.’s success in the use of recycled asphalt in Georgia and the Southeast sparked interest throughout the United States leading the Georgia Department of Transportation to use recycled products in all Georgia Districts. Jim initiated and collaborated with Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina to implement the first recycled asphalt projects in these states. In 1982 Jim developed original In Place Recycled Asphalt Process which eliminated in excess of fifty percent of asphalt landfill disposal. In 1983, Jim developed Recycled Warm Mix Asphalt Foam Technique that is now used extensively throughout the United States and Europe. In 1985 experimentation with asphalt rejuvenators lead Jim to the development of Roof to Road (RTR) Trademark pending, 100% asphalt that uses no heat cold mix. In 1997 Jim became the first contractor to successfully recycle asphalt roofing shingles into hot mix asphalt. In 2001 Jim invented Gator Flex Trademark 2002, a high strength asphalt repair material. 2001 to 2018 Jim developed a new generation of asphalt products containing higher percentages of recycled materials leading to development and refinement Dykes Paving and Construction, Inc. products such as RTR, Econ Pave, RTR Dymond Patch, RTR Cold Mix. In 1997 Jim was named Gwinnett County, Georgia, Small Businessperson of the Year. In 2005 Jim was honored by Planet Green Awards, Atlanta Georgia. Over the years, Jim received many awards and was featured in numerous trade periodicals, journals, newsletters and other publications spotlighting his unique development of economic, environmentally friendly products and innovative mix designs. Jim mentored many young entrepreneurs worldwide without any expectations of reciprocation, applied for trademarks, and patents with some success, freely shared paving developments systems and methods and was considered a pioneer and expert in asphalt and concrete recycling and mix designs. Jim was always an advocate for the paving industry and the industry employees. Working in the industry since age nine, paving was a way of life, an avocation, a source of pride; a way to give back to the industry and community. Jim served on the Board of Directors Associated Builders and Contractors 1975-1988. He was a member of Georgia Highway Contractors Association, Inc. for thirty-five years and National Asphalt Pavement Association for thirty-five years, serving as the Georgia representative to the National Asphalt Pavement Association for eleven years. Over the years Jim was involved with many charities and community issues involving the disenfranchised, abused, neglected, and medically needy children and adults. Currently, Jim is a long-term member of the Atlanta Athletic Club, a member of Reynolds Lake Oconee Club & Resort, a Charter member of the 1818 Club, and a member of the National Alliance of Private Clubs. Jim is survived by his wife Gwendolyn Dean Dykes. Services will be private. In lieu of flowers, please remember Jim with Random Acts of Kindness.

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