Felicita Milani

4 August , 19259 July , 2018
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Felicita “Lina” Milani, age 92, peacefully with her family by her side, passed away on Monday July 9, 2018 at her home in Aurora. Beloved wife of the late Villas Sr. Loving mother of Armando and Lily, Kathy, Villas and Michelle. Very special Nonna to Nikki, Villas and Jackson. Lina will also be missed by her extended family, Joanne, Christian and Lindsay, Alexa, Mason and Logan and her family in Italy. A visitation for Lina will be held Sunday, July 15, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Thompson Funeral Home, 530 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora, ON L4G6W8. A funeral service will be held on Monday, July 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM at Our Lady of Grace Church, 15347 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G1N7. Internment at Holy Cross Cemetary, 8361 Yonge Street, Thornhill, ON. Reception to follow at Thompson Funeral Home.

All our Love, God Bless.


  • Visitation Sunday, 15 July , 2018
  • Funeral Service Monday, 16 July , 2018

Felicita Milani

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Al Wahab

17 January 2019

I was honoured to have met you and known you though for a short time. May the light that you shone in this life shine on you always.
Deepest condolences to Kathy and all the family.

Tanja Rihberger

14 July 2018

Dear Mrs. Milani,

Thoughts of you bring to mind so many vivid pictures. Seeing you dotingly leaning over your lush and colorful gardens.
Flashes of delectable meals elegantly served with modest pride. Picturing your meticulously skilled, precise, proficient hands.
Recalling your confidently keen mind, coupled with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in your eye as you recounted amusing stories of times past. A glimpse of you snuggled in a chair in a company of Larry King Live.
Visions of your boundless energy and relentless perseverance reminding me of how your exuberance and determination always rendered us awestruck and tremendously inspired.
Most of all, enormous amounts of love and caring in your generous heart.
Feeling immensely privileged and utterly grateful to have been included in your prayers. Thank you for your love.
The memories of our times together will always be wrapped in warmth and affection.
Forever lovingly in our hearts,
Tanja, Frank and Lucas

Lily Li

14 July 2018

Dear Lina,
I have both good memories and tasty memories. I really enjoyed the many times we played dominoes together. I loved your Italian meatballs and my son was crazy about them. Every time I make your meatballs I will think of you and of course I am so happy you enjoyed my Chinese food.
I will miss you.

Nikki Milani

12 July 2018


I had so much fun doing puzzles together, going for walks to the park, having sleepovers and sharing stories. You always made my favourite foods and the best costumes for me too.

I love you and will miss you!

Love Nikki

Joanne Nardi

12 July 2018

My sincere condolences on the passing of Lina. A life well lived, she was always a joy to be around, and a big part of our family. We will cherish all the family times spent together, and enjoy the many happy memories we have made over the years. So very glad to have had her in our lives. xo xo



Tribute to my Mother
July 16, 2018

My Mom was born “Felicita Menini” on August 4,1925 in the town of Cassola, Provincia di Vicenza, Italy. Her name means “happiness and good fortune.” But it wasn’t long before she went by the name “Lina” which made her even happier.

Being the youngest of her then surviving 3 brothers and 3 sisters, she was pampered and treated like a Princess. One day, her brother Sylvio came home with the most magnificent doll for her. As she got older, her oldest brother, Marcello, would often take her with him on business trips. And whenever she wanted new clothes, it was off to the tailor with her sister Palmira to pick out exquisite styles and fabric. It was not more than a month ago she could still remember and describe in detail some of the beautiful outfits she had. But even with the lavish gifts, she understood that it was the love of her artisan father and savvy mother that bestowed her with the discipline to appreciate, savour and value the rewards of life. She revered God, honored her parents, and fought for rightness. She believed that goodness would always prevail and wanted my brothers and me to understand that the evil in this world will eventually meet its match.

As a young girl, she enjoyed going to the movies. She was swept away by the glamour of Hollywood and mesmerized by the newness of America. She made it a dream of hers to go there some day. As she turned into a young woman, the town would talk and she became known for her striking beauty. Soon gentlemen were flocking to her, trying their best to capture her heart . Being modest and humble, it took some coaxing before she would tell me stories.

Once she told me how she would spend every Sunday cleaning her room to avoid encountering an admirer who would drive his motor bike back and forth endlessly in front of her house. She told me about the kind painter who was too shy to approach her but who graciously painted a beautiful mural in her matrimonial bedroom, having been married in Italy and still remaining there for some time. And there was the young man that wrote her a letter, a week before her wedding day, asking her to drop everything and run away with him. Denied, he went to Argentina, opened an automotive repair shop and named it “Lina’s”.

And there were more stories, so naturally I was curious. I asked my Mom, “Why did you pick Daddy?” Her answer was simple and logical, “He was nice, he was a singer, and he was going to Canada!” So her dream came true, at the age of 28. The moment she arrived in Canada, she never looked back and described her life here as a perpetual Holiday. I didn’t understand how that could be, when in fact she had an insatiable eagerness to work.

She was always thinking about how to do things better. Her bright mind and intuition sent her blazing through life while gaining a wide range of expertise. Self taught, she became a seamstress and tailor, demonstrating impeccable workmanship; first for her family and then for regular customers. She would sew stacks of Barbie Doll clothes for the church Bazaar. She would customize our home decor from drapes to upholstery. And home improvements and construction were her passion. If not for her coaching on every home project, nothing would have ever happened. The sounds of hammers, saws and drills were music to her ears. This passion began at fourteen years of age, when she couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to go to work at “Menini Marmi”, her fathers marble company. The knowledge she gained from this experience would serve her well. One time, in our garage she moved a massive 7 foot high x 12 foot long wooden storage cabinet by herself, inch by inch, with a simple crowbar, using a leverage trick she learned from moving large marble boulders. Once her mind was set, she was unstoppable until her goals were reached. Procrastination was not part of her life.

Her retention of knowledge was incredible and her memory never failed her. Her interest in American politics made for many lively discussions. If you had any questions such as how many seats there are in Congress or how they are divided between the Senate and House of Representatives, she was eager to teach you unless she happened to be listening intently to some breaking news.

Right to the very end, my Mom was relentlessly hammering out the techniques for the smoothest polenta or the tastiest spaghetti sauce. Always passionate about her home and her garden, she meticulously orchestrated the beauty that always surrounded us. She hosted and prepared wonderful parties for family, friends and neighbors. I was blessed to have grown up in such a magical place with a Mom who did everything with elegance and sophistication.

Her grandchildren were everything to her. Sweet Nikki remembers how much fun she always had with Nonna; sleeping with her, going to the park, building puzzles, and how Nonna would always make her favourite foods. And all the costumes Nonna sewed for Nikki were precious. Jackson and Villas loved Nonna and knew how much she cared for them. They often made urgent requests for “Nonna’s potatoes” which made her so happy. Villas even booked cooking lessons with Nonna and now is a master at making Chicken Cacciatore. She loved Andrew unconditionally and was always hopeful for the future. She prayed for him everyday and asked God to protect him.

My Mom had a close bond with my cousin Anna. While sewing together at my business, ”Milani Design” they would converse for hours on the topic of the day. And my Mom always reminded me to never forget that my friend Tanya should be cherished and appreciated for all the goodness in her heart. She would also often mention how incredibly fortunate she was to have a daughter like Michelle and told me over and over that God brought an angel into her family. She loved Joanne, Christian, Lindsay, Alexa, Mason and Logan. She spent many happy hours playing Dominoes with Lily and immensely enjoyed eating her Chinese food. She would relish the times everyone would be together and never wanted to miss a party.

Dear Mom; Armand, Villas and I love you so much. Your devotion was overwhelming. No matter how big the problem, you would always ease the pain and brainstorm for solutions. A few months ago, while you and I watched TV together, you cheerfully said to me, “Soon I’ll be flying high up into the sky!”

And now, she has achieved her final goal, and is on a new Holiday, where every flower blooms bigger and brighter, and her only problem is waiting to reunite with us.

So until we see you again Mom, I know that your strength, courage and ingenuity will inspire and help us to overcome life’s obstacles. I miss your beautiful hands, that lovingly caressed my face. I miss holding your hand in mine. Yours are the talented hands that sustained our family with a flood of loving accomplishments. Your virtues will be treasured in our hearts forever.