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Deirdra Madden

18 September , 19755 August , 2019

Deirdra Madden, a 43 year old Brooklyn native, passed away on August 5th, 2019. At the heavenly gates, she was embraced by her mother and father, Patricia and Thomas “Whitey” Madden.

Deirdra is survived by her four children Collin, Hailey, Brenna and Kaylyn as well as her beloved partner, Marc. She is also survived by her siblings, Desiree Danesi (Lee), Douglas Timko (Maria), Alan Madden (Hope) and Kerry Madden-Beer (Daniel) as well as several nieces, nephews, numerous cousins, aunts and uncles.

Deirdra had a passion for writing and was working tirelessly on a screenplay. She loved her job at Smith’s Tavern, working for Emmitt, and enjoyed conversing with the people that she encountered daily. Deirdra was a loyal friend who treasured her long-term friendships. She was known for her unique laugh and kind, compassionate spirit. Deirdra prided herself on her work ethic and her commitment to her children.

In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to the American Heart Association in her honor.

A memorial is scheduled for Sunday, September 8th from 12-2pm, immediately followed by a celebration of life at Smith’s tavern where she enjoyed working for numerous years.


  • Memorial Service Sunday, 8 September , 2019


Deirdra Madden

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Hailey Seggio

15 September 2019

My mom is the most positive minded person and most hard working women i had ever met and im proud to say i get it from her i love you mommy you never gave up on me nomatter what u did everything for us rip beautiful we will meet again. I know your still by my side but i would fo anything to hear your voice one last time 💜💜

Desire Grauberg

8 September 2019

Deirdras smile lit up a room, when u had a connection with her be it spiritual or friendship..it was forever.you didnt need to see her everyday or even speak for months, when you got together you picked up where you left off, and talked and laughed for hours deirdra was an understanding ,caring, creative, open minded person. She was an old soul.but most of all she loved you for who you were, you didn't have to put up any heirs . If she didnt like you. You knew! And when she loved you she loved you unconditionally !I meet Deirdra threw hope who we were proud to call sister and Vise versa. We both stood up with hope on her wedding day. In her wedding party. Hope married deirdras brother.( she loved love! Matchmaker).what a happy day. We shared holidays happy times. And sad times. We hurt and cried together. And shared our Hope's and dreams together. We had eachother backs.( and she was a momma bear)we danced together letting all our troubles fade away. She shined like the ray of sunshine she was. She was always a star and always will be a star. and like they say about stars I may not be able to see her but I'll always know she's there..fly beautiful dragonfly . And when u fly by for a visit I'll know it's you. One of a kind.. mother,sister,friend,partner ,aunt soulmate. So many different things to so many different people and you touched all there lifes in different ways.god your special. You are so missed. I'm so blessed to have known u... I'll see u again..your story isnt over. Just this chapter.. I added a little humor because thats another great thing about her great sense of humur) I'm just picturing her smirk........

Niki Morrisey

29 August 2019

To my Soul Sister,
Thank you for being you, thank you for being an amazing step mother to Liam. I know we have a unique friendship and I cherish it everyday. You were such a strong woman even when your body broke down. As long as I am living I will do whatever I can in my power to help your children and try to guide them the way I know you would want them to be guided. Forever young and missed. Love you soul sister

John Fusco

29 August 2019

Ive only knew u for a short time thu friends me as a dj/kj host u always requested the best music your dancing sparked the room with yor grace and beauty which i can never forget u are now dancin in heaven the angel you are

Rebecca McDonald

28 August 2019

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” ~Stephen King, Stand By Me.
I have this picture on my fridge and I suppose you’ll always be this little girl in my memories, I only saw you once after 1989 but you were my very best friend when I really needed one. My childhood on 9th street in Brooklyn will be linked to yours forever: Days of our Lives, sledding at Monument Hill, Knishes at Brighton Beach, Pizza at Franks after asking your dad for a dollar. Miracle Cabbage Patch Kids that one crazy Christmas, going to California and more sleepovers than I could ever count. Dreaming about being moms someday, we wrote stories about our future kids and wrote their names in concrete on 9th street, funny how we both went with other choices! You deserved a full life to be a mother to your children and my heart is broken knowing that your babies are experiencing the pain you went through as a child. I know they are resilient like their mom, I just wish they didn’t have to be. I am sorry we lost touch, time flew by, life got in the way and then it actually ended. It is so hard for me to believe your sweet spirit is no longer with us, but I know you’re happy to be with your mom and dad again, say hi to my mom for me ok?

Sheila Lagana

28 August 2019

Deirdra, you have been one of my best friends since we were teenagers. We share a history many will never understand . I will miss you with each passing day . I never thought i would live this life without you by my side. I know we will be together again but until then I"m thinking of you. Love you forever Sheila

Hope Madden

19 August 2019

Deirda madden was a free spirt loved dancing and telling her jokes . Deirda madden was a outspoken Brooklyn girl . Who loved written her passion grow strong in the years she was writing her screen play . The broken woman was a story based on her life ,She would spend hours on her screen play . The tears all came out on paper , she would say :) . I remember her finishing and how proud I was of her . Thanks hazel she would say :)))) deirda madden was a strong woman full of heart . We became good friends as years passed . She wasn’t only a friend she was my sister. We would laughed together and cryed harder . I miss you ever minute of the day . I will never say goodbye . Cause there is a dance floor In heaven and we will be dancing once again .