Wendy "Wyn" Marber

4 October, 194926 October, 2020

Faith in the Unfolding:A Conversation With My Dying Wife

By Charles Roussel

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Wendy "Wyn" Marber

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Brian Roscoe

October 31, 2020

Over 40 years may have passed, but I recall Miss Marber was one of the most memorable teachers in high school. She taught with class, style and grace, dressed elegantly, and frequently had uplifting words to impart on her students. She was certainly not a typical teacher. She had an unmatched personality and seemed to live the subject; not just teach it. She was interesting to put it mildly. What more could one ask of a high school teacher? My condolences Charles to family and friends. Prayers for peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Joan Eaton

October 30, 2020

My heart breaks to learn of the passing of "Miss Marber", a fiercely dedicated teacher, with an elegant spirit and kind soul. By far the most inspirational teacher I've known. I have touted her praises many times throughout the years since she taught me so much about the written word, to appreciate reading and ultimately to understand myself. Less than a month ago, I was sorting through a small cedar box where I keep a collection of mementos from years gone by and I came across a note that I received from Wendy. She had written it to thank me. You see, I had had the honor of presenting the 1980 Climber to her at a school assembly, as she was the person to whom our graduating class dedicated the yearbook. She was humble and sincere in her expression of gratitude for the recognition. Her words touched me in such a way that I saved that note for these 40+ years.

She had beautiful eyes, a warm smile and a laugh that lit up her face. I remember visiting her at the school the year after graduation and she raved about her spectacular wedding--she was so happy! I regret not going back for more visits but am confident that she is now soaring above us all with her "Golden Wings" and generous spirit.

Charles, thank you for your remarkable tribute. My heart goes out to you as you attempt to make sense of this profound loss and try to navigate the next part of your journey without Wendy's physical presence. Deepest condolences to you and her family. May your spiritual quest bring you comfort in the days, months, and years ahead.
~Joan Eaton

Anita Kostecki

October 30, 2020

I was so grateful but also so saddened by a WB classmate sending me the news of Ms. Marber's passing, and felt immediate regret that I had not had any contact with her in many years. It sent me back almost 40 years to the days that I was a student at WBHS, and had the extraordinary privilege of meeting and knowing Ms. Marber.

I can say without a second of hesitation that Ms. Marber was by far the greatest teacher I ever had in my lifetime, and influenced me in my eventual acceptance to Brown University and eventually UMass Medical School to follow. Ms. Marber in fact inspired and led me to not only grow as a student in her classes, but guided me in my decisions about where to apply for college and gave me the confidence that I could aim high. She spent countless after school hours mentoring both those of us who loved reading, but perhaps more importantly even those who did not.

Ms. Marber's grace, dignity, sense of humor, kindness and intellectual brilliance cannot be overstated. It is a testimony to her authenticity as a human being that these traits were as apparent to her students as to her loving husband, who so clearly describes all of these qualities this amazing obituary. This was a woman who could have been anywhere and done anything with her work life. Her choice to spend it in the classroom with us, and pay attention with the degree of focus and love that she did gave me a sense of being so valued that has remained with me since. "What would Ms. Marber say?" is a question that still echoes in my mind when I am doubting my own abilities or approach to a task or response to negativity. The answer to that question has always kept me on a right path that I hope follows her esteemed footsteps forever.

Mark Valla

October 29, 2020

Wendy Was One Of The Great Ones. God Bless RIP.

Laureen Davenport Rice

October 29, 2020

She was a special lady and a wonderful teacher. She had a big impact on all her students.
Laureen Davenport Rice
West Bridgewater High School
Class of 1986

Lynne Hopper

October 29, 2020

What a lovely, poignant, eloquent tribute to Wendy! You must have shared a special kind of love.
I was her colleague at WBHS in the English department. When she resigned, I was assigned to teach her classes. What huge shoes to fill! Her reputation as a tough teacher was a bit intimidating for me, to say the least.
My two sons had Wendy for junior English. I remember them memorizing their summer vocabulary words and writing and rewriting their research papers. (They were so proud of the finished product!) I can picture her collecting homework every morning. One of my boys reported to her in the early morning before school because he played football. (Probably he needed to boost his grade in order to play!) I remember Wendy saying she was like a mole, going to school in the dark and driving home in the dark.
She was a true educator for sure, so rare these days.
My deepest condolences to you. Hopefully, all these wonderful memories from many of her students who adored her will sustain you in your grief.
Lynne (Salvador) Hopper

Elizabeth Abel

October 28, 2020

Wow. No words could ever explain the impact this woman had on my life. I only took one year of her her class, but I remember fondly staying after school with her years to come. She took me under her wing and had endless advice for me. I stayed after school time and time again for her life advice and she never seemed to care that my needs were not really academic in nature. Until I became a mother and then a teacher, I never understood the power of catching a child at that fork in the road and loving on them so hard that they trusted me enough to change the direction they were walking. She did that for me....and now I am blessed to do it for others. What a wonderful life she led and what a remarkable woman she was.

With fond memories (and some tears),

Elizabeth Abel, WBHS class of 1996

Keri Chamberlain Barnes

October 28, 2020

Ms. Marber was, without a doubt, the best, but also hardest, teacher I ever had that I respected and admired. She was tough on us only so we'd succeed in our life and careers. I owe my honors gpa to her. The last time I got to visit with her, I brought my 1 year old daughter into her classroom where my daughter got to sit in one of the desks we all learned in. Best last memory among many, such as chats about prom, cold chicken fingers, and many others personal to every student. The future students of West Bridgewater schools have lost a great teacher. I am glad I was a student of hers, proudly.

Anne Carrozza-Remick

October 28, 2020

Miss Marber was a wonderful teacher who made a real difference in many young lives. I'll always remember her beautiful smile and kind heart. My deepest condolences to Charles and family.

Lauren Finch Delaney

October 28, 2020

I was fortunate to have Miss Marber as an English teacher for 3 straight years. Actually one of the years, I had been initially assigned to a different teacher, but a week into that class I was so bored out of my skull that I went to the guidance office and asked to be moved to a more challenging teacher, (probably not a common request) and so back to Miss Marber I was sent! Her class was technically full, but she gladly made room. She is the only teacher that I ever went back in years after high school to visit. She was so thrilled when I majored in English in college and always wanted to hear how things were going. Partway thru my junior year one of my family members had a crisis that distracted me from my studies and when my grade took a dip, she figured out something was wrong, and rather than let me spiral, she got to the bottom of it, and then worked with me on the side to help me focus and return to my normal A. To say she was a teacher who truly cared about her students is far more than just words. Beyond a 'job,' her heart was deeply invested in the success of each of us. And for that I will be forever grateful. I hope that reading all of these many tributes will give her family a deep sense of pride and comfort in knowing how many lives she touched.

To this day I still have my well-worn green Springboard vocabulary book on my home library shelf. I kept it as a badge of honor, and still joke with friends about our 'Springboard words' whenever they come up in a conversation or a trivia game.

When I toured the old high school a final time during the open house before it was torn down, I had to make a stop into her corner classroom, only to find a few other classmates of mine already there enjoying the same 'vibes.'

Her legacy lives on, and she will never be forgotten!

Lauren (Finch) Delaney, WBHS Class of 1982


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