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Thomas Chaplinsky

25 November , 19397 June , 2019

Thomas (Tom) Chaplinsky Sr. age 79, of Clearwater, Florida, died on Friday, June 7, 2019. He was born in Manville, NJ to Anna and Joseph Chaplinsky and was the youngest of four children. Tom is survived by his beloved wife, Patricia, four children: Venus M. Valenty, Thomas Chaplinsky Jr., Timothy J. Chaplinsky, and Samantha E. Morales.; six grandchildren: Vincent M. Valenty, Victor M. Valenty, Thomas Chaplinsky III, Peter J. Chaplinsky, Miles G. Chaplinsky, and Abigail G. Bearkland.; and one great-grandchild: Jack C. Valenty. Tom attended Rutgers University in New-Brunswick, NJ. Originally a Cabinet Maker, he and his two brothers owned a business in New Jersey called Chaplin Cabinets. The family then moved to Clearwater in 1973 to follow his career in the City of Clearwater as a Building Inspector and retired as a Plans Reviewer after 35 Years of Service. He also retired after part-time employments of 20 years as a Master Carpenter Teacher at Pinellas Technical Education Center. His hobbies included woodworking, dressing up for the holidays especially for Halloween. His drinks of choice were Coffee, Arnold Palmers and Thai Iced Tea.


  • Visitation Friday, 14 June , 2019
  • Funeral Service Friday, 14 June , 2019


Thomas Chaplinsky

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Carol Ann Brecht

16 June 2019

I will always be great full for the warm welcomes I always received from you when I spent many weekends at your house. I always looked at you as a man who could do anything! Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Chap!
Much love

Julie & Henry Oliver

11 June 2019

I have many wonderful memories of the Chaplinsky family. I have two fond memories of Tom. Venus and I first met in college she invited me to join her family in going to the state fair. This was the first time I met Tom & Patti. We all pile into the station wagon and head to Tampa. Tom missed the exit, pulled over and backed up on the interstate to catch the exit. Venus was dying of embarrassment, I was laughing and Patti wasn't sure what was happening and we all were just thankful we weren't in an accident. The second hilarious memory is many years later as Venus, Patti and I were visiting in the family room, Tom comes out of the bedroom having blow dried his hair, he looked like Don King, I have never seen Venus laugh so hard. Henry will miss his face book buddy. We love you, rest in peace.

Kathy Ghalayini

10 June 2019

Remembering Tommy, how easy. I was a package deal when my mother married Tommy’s father-in-law. As a young girl, I entered both Patty and Tommy’s lives with ease….not all children experience this as effortless. My fondest memories are of swimming or ‘trying to dive’ in their NJ pool, attending numerous picnics and birthday parties…never once, did I feel like I didn’t belong with my newfound family.
Marrying a foreign man, who was not handy in carpentry or repairing anything, Tommy welcomed the opportunity to teach Mike anything he wanted to learn. He invited Mike to one of his carpentry classes and with Tommy’s help, we became proud owners of a rolltop desk; however, not before Mike broke one of the machines. 😊 Tommy was responsible for all of the equipment, but not once got upset at Mike. I know Mike entertained Tommy as well. He spun many tales of overseas, introduced many family members, traditions and customs to his new extended family! Those two got along great; it was a natural transition, once again, to welcome a ‘package deal’ into the family! By this time, through many similar interest, including parenting children, our respective families became closer, developing a much deeper bond and creating many memories. We attended many parades, Busch Gardens theme park (where it usually rained, every time we went) and a multitude of parties, engagements and weddings. My sons remember Tommy as mild mannered, always a coffee cup in his hand, car or garage 😊, and a collector.
Tommy, we are all a little smarter through your wealth of information, your uncanny timing for stories, but most of all your wit! We are all a little bit better knowing you…….. thank you.

Anthony and Arlene Radomski

10 June 2019

We extend our sincere condolences to cousins Patti, Venus and the family. Our thoughts are with you.

Karen Esgro Kelley

10 June 2019

I remember visiting Tommy and Patti as a little girl with my parents taking that long drive from New Jersey. I remember seeing their new home and how proud Patti was to show us what Tommy had built. I remember thinking how Tommy must be a hard working man. I will always remember him as a quiet, kind and very handsome man. On behalf of my entire family, please accept our condolences. Say hi to my Dad- Vince up there Tommy.

Loraine Cooper

9 June 2019

Thomas Chaplinsky was my mother's youngest brother, and Uncle Tommy to me, my brother and sister. Because he married the greatest hostess on earth and his true love, Aunt Patti, many evenings and holidays were spent sitting around the kitchen table eating wonderful desserts and drinking coffee or tea while engaged in animated talks. Usually Uncle Tommy was quiet and let everyone have their say, occasionally interjecting a comment here or there. But if he disagreed the entire table would usually get quiet and listen because Uncle Tommy KNEW stuff. I don't know how he knew so much - but he did. He might get excited and start talking with his hands waving in the air. And he usually knew what he was talking about.
He was smart, funny and very caring. I have a lot of memories from my elementary years spending weeks during summer vacation with him and my Aunt. I know his family in heaven was excited to see him, but his earth family will truly miss him. RIP. Xo Loraine

Margarita Carbonel

9 June 2019

I didn't know Tom very well. He became my brother's father in law just recently. I met him at a family dinner at Samantha's house. He was a very convivial person. He entertained us at the dinner table. He made me smile a lot. I know that he will be missed whenever we get together with Samantha and Marcos and the rest of the family. Please know that my heart felt sorrow and prayers goes out to Toms family.

Marie Floro

9 June 2019

One of my most favorite memories was when Tom would drive us all around through every development every million dollar home In Pinellas County. Especially in Cleatwater and Clearwater Beach. He knew everything about these mansions. He new how to get everywhere. Who owned them who sold them who got the great deal of the century and who got ripped off royally lol. He knew so much about the houses in Clearwater and Cleatwater Beach. I so enjoyed those times. His mind was so full of information and history. He took us on so many of these trips over the years we really did enjoy it. I will miss these times and I will miss you Thomas Chaplinsky! Rest in peace. I know you are breathing fresh air freely now.

Cheryl McCall

9 June 2019

I have always enjoyed our conversations around the dining table with dessert and coffee, you always made the best coffee! You were so smart when it come to getting advice from you on the many homes we've built over the years. You will truly be missed and always remembered.

Abigail Bearkland

8 June 2019

Hi I am Abigail,Thomas chaplinsky was my grandfather a great one for sure!i have had more memories than one and I can’t tell you how much love this man has spread to me and my mother for welcoming us to the family and being my little brothers best friend I just wanted to share that with everyone make sure to give your loved ones a big hug and to appreciate the time you have with them.he can breathe and enjoy fresh air now.

My first memory:I have divorced parents so he is not my biological grandfather but who cares he gave me love,it was my moms wedding.she was getting married to my stepfather Timothy chaplinsky Thomas chaplinsky’s son.me and my grandfather got a picture from the wedding I was sticking my tongue out and he was also making a silly face

Memory 2: you and your sister always make a big mess!!!this what Thomas always said when I used to come to his house,(and I have to say I am not the cleanest person lol)

Miss you Thomas chaplinsky hope we can meet again one day!!!