Jean "Jeannie" Weatherwax Perry

13 December, 194925 June, 2021

Jean W. Perry, of Dayton Ohio, devoted and beloved wife and mother, passed away on June, 25, 2021 surrounded by her husband of 39 years, Charles R. Perry, Jr. (Bob) and their son, Jeffrey H. Perry. She was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months earlier. She is also survived by her stepson, Scott R. Perry and his daughter, Olivia A. Perry.

Jeannie will be remembered for her generosity, sense of humor and hearty laugh. Following a long career at Dayton Power & Light and University of Dayton, Jeannie volunteered many hours at the Total Joint Center of Kettering Medical Center and Carillon Park. If Jeannie wasn’t baking something chocolate, you would find her knitting for another good cause. She was even once stopped by police for knitting while driving.

Jeannie was born in Pittsfield, MA on December 13, 1949. Her family moved to Hialeah, FL in 1958. As a girl she attended Catholic schools, and maintained strong faith. In recent years she cherished the experience of traveling to Jerusalem with her cousins and their church group.

Following her big brother, she moved to Ohio in 1970. There she met Bob, her one true love. For a time she and Bob drove an 18-wheeler around the country. In fact, she earned a One Year Safe Driving Award from the American Trucking Association. She shared many stories about their travels together. Jeannie was an outstanding photographer with a keen eye, and documented her many travels.

At age 51, Jeannie fulfilled a long awaited dream of completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in business at Urbana University, Ohio.

As a child and young adult Jeannie was fearful of dogs, but eventually became a dog lover with her first poodle, Snickers, followed by Coco.

Jeannie is survived by her siblings William M. Weatherwax (Denise), Mary H. Troha (Bill – deceased), Judy Todd (Bruce), James W. Weatherwax (Nikki) and Colonel John J. Weatherwax (Wendy) and nephew Kevin J. Weatherwax (Noelle), nieces Emily N. Craig (Tim), Casey T. Weatherwax and Hannah J.V. Weatherwax, as well as numerous cousins.

Mass of Christian Burial 12:00 p.m. Friday, July 30, 2021 at St. Albert the Great Catholic Parish, 3033 Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, Ohio 45429. The service is open to all denominations. After the service, there will be a vehicle procession to the Dayton National VA Cemetery. The interment service will begin at 2:00 pm. Family and friends are all welcome back at the Kettering VFW Post #9927, 3316 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio 45429, where there will be a Celebration of Jeannie’s Life starting around 3:00 pm, or upon arrival. Food will be provided.

Donations in Jeannie’s name can be made to Curtis Yalott, Execuitive Director, St. Labre Indian School, Ashkand, MT 59004-1001; Fathers and Brothers, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY; Boys Town, 200 Flanagan Blvd., Boys Town, NE 68010-9988; and Humane Society of Greater Dayton, 1661 Nicholas Road, Dayton, OH 45417-6714. Condolences may be expressed to the family online at


  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Friday, 30 July , 2021


Jean "Jeannie" Weatherwax Perry

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Kerri Miles

29 July 2021

Jeannie was a member of the Kettering Fraternal Order of Police Associates and gave her time and talent in support of the Kettering officers. We will miss her terribly.

Jeff Lamb

19 July 2021

I met Jeanie many years ago thru husband Bob Perry, many trips to Las Vegas and other special visits that will always cherish in my mind as long as I live!! Jeanie will be missed by all she made a difference in thier lives. My heart is breaking for the family’s sorrow. Love to all of them, Jeffrey Lamb

Leo Wang

7 July 2021

Impressive memory with you in UD
optimistic humorous great personality

Lydia Li

7 July 2021

Dear Jeannie, Henry and I were so sad to hear you passing. You were such a special friend to us. Your kindness and love made us feel like home although we were seven thousand miles from home. I still have the scarf you knitted for me for my first winter in Dayton OH. The cozy blanket you knitted for our wedding gift is still sitting on our couch. The cookies and banana pudding you made are such sweet memories that we still talk about often. Jeannie, we miss your smile, we love you. You will always be in our hearts.

Bob and Jeffery, we are so sorry for your loss. Please take care.

Lydia and Henry

Kay Locher

7 July 2021

Jeannie was a volunteer at Carillon Park for many years. She assisted with special events, large festivals, mailings, Christmas, wayfinding, and her last few years Jeannie was a diligent and dependable office volunteer.
She was a wonderful person and became a dear friend to me and others at Carillon Park. We will miss her energy, her enthusiasm, her caring nature and her smile.
My condolences to the family, especially Bob.

Deborah Baker

6 July 2021

and I am sure the rehab she went through recently was hard but she gave it her all. The four compadres has shrunk to three in reality but she will always be in our hearts and on our minds. Jeanie please look for my Mom and my Codyboy up and there give them a hug for me. Love and miss you.>
Ok now my thoughts are complete.,

Deborah Baker

6 July 2021

and decided to make sure we eat first and then shop.
> Ah - her wedding shower - Her In-laws had given her and Bob the big old yellow caddy with the huge fins. They had joined the VFW on Wilmington Pike so we all decided to have our party there. Well - you soon learn that people at the VFW have been drinking for a long time and they make them kind of strong. I had whatever it was, do not remember and spent most of my time in the restroom - so on the way home - Em decides she is hungry - really food - I don’t want to see it - then she says - I want a sausage sandwich - I think I went back to the restroom at that word!. Jeannie piles us all in the car and heads out looking for a sausage sandwich - at this point I can remember no more except for showing up at work the next door and spent the day with my head on my typewriter (yes that was before computers) and running to the basement for seven up! Don’t’ need to repeat that night!
> > Getting back to crafts - we did make a lot of crafts - saw some cute handmade bunnies and we said - we can do that or maybe I said that! And of course Jeannie gets a pattern and the mostly makes the bunnies for us - so cute but so much work. She also made us a holder for our cross stitch thread and something to hold the pins that you wear on your clothing. Her mind probably did not stop even when she slept. So after making so many crafts we decided to just go to craft shows and buy things and said we made them - lol. So the theme became when we saw something - WE CAN MAKE THAT!!
> I left OH in 2001 but I never lost track of Jeannie or Mary or Em - we stay in contact and try to stay up to date on each other’s lives - sisters forever! Over the years we have each had our ailments as we aged but I never thought Jeannie would be taken by the devil Cancer. I know God knows best and if JP could not stay with us in the capacity she had grown to enjoy then she would not have been happy.

Deborah Baker

6 July 2021

We took a road trip to IN one weekend and Jeannie drove us in her Van. And of course we packed a lunch and she made homemade chocolate chip cookies - she was famous for those. And since they were in the back window of the van - the sun decided to shine and keep them warm for us until lunch. Later that day it rained so we just put up the hatch and made our lunch - nothing stopped us from having fun!
> We four also went to Amish country in OH and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast which was called Bent Tree Inn - and it was so much fun. It was named Bent Tree Inn because the tree by the house was bent over by the Indians long ago to tell those that followed that they were to turn at the particular location so they stayed on the right path going north. I told each person during the trip we had to make sure we all got to do what we enjoyed. Mary said she did not care except that as long as we had mashed potatoes every day - all was good. Fortunately none of us ever tired of mashed potatoes. We found some great restaurants and even went to a barn sale which was interesting. Hearing the clop clop of the horses pulling the buggies around the curve from where we stayed was comforting. We went to Amish stores and saw beautiful landscapes.
> I have known Jeannie since before Jeffrey was born and she was so proud to be a Mom and she was there for him and Scott in every way. And her granddaughter Olivia was the apple of her eye.
> When she came to visit me in FL she of course brought her knitting and left it on the sofa and my Yorkie, Dillon, decided to pull it apart - she just laughed and started rolling it back up. She was 99% of the time chill unless she was hungry. I remember once instance in OH at the Kohl’s on Wilmington Pike we were all shopping, each had full carts and all of a sudden Jeannie got quiet and not feeling too well and a little short tempered and we knew - blood sugar drop - leave the carts we are going to eat!

Deborah Baker

6 July 2021

Saying goodbye to one of my best friends/sistas
– Remembering Jeannie Perry
– Rest In Peace 6-25-2021.

It is so unfortunate that after all the hard work with Rehab and Surgery that Jeannie Perry ended up back in the hospital with a brain bleed. But we have to accept God’s will, not our wishes.
> Jeannie and I have been friends longer than I can remember - so long that she called me Bak and I called her JP. Many memories pop up - so many I could write a book. We met while working at DPL in Dayton OH. She was so intelligent she could have worked in any department there. She was helpful to anyone at work or outside of work. She was on committees and volunteered wherever she could and so incredibly involved in church. She loved knitting so much, she would knit at Stop Lights while she was driving - don’t Judge! She knitted me a prayer shawl when I had my knees replaced and came to visit me in FL. She was never a person who could just sit still - she was always doing something, learning something and helping others. Her laugh was infectious and what an amazing sense of humor!
> She, Mary, Em and I would have craft days - rotate houses as hostess and have a meal and make a craft. We started making baskets, she would get the pattern, such a brain, we would dye the reeds with tea and start making the baskets while talking. I do not know why everyone got mad at me at the end of the day - just because I can weave and talk and my basket was finished - not my fault the other three were part Italian and needed their hands to talk! It was fun from the beginning to the end.
> Jeannie was so busy at Christmas, shopping, wrapping, baking, she never could get the tree decorated so we three volunteered to do that for her. Mary, Em and I would start, get the tree up, lights on and start decorating. To be continued space limited me..,

Susan Montfort

5 July 2021

I am very sorry to hear of Jeanie passing. Her family and friends will miss her smile and they way she treated everyone. She was a true Christen.

Love and God Bless, Susan Montfort

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