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Kyle Geoffrey Patrick

17 October , 198825 August , 2019
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Kyle Geoffrey Patrick, born in Petersburg, VA and resident of Prairieville, LA passed away on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at the age of 30. Kyle enjoyed spending time and making memories with his family and friends. He enjoyed tending to his aquarium, spending time with his pets, Skruffy, Atticus, and Lil’ T, passing time playing and listening to music. Kyle’s passions also included outdoor activities like fishing and swimming. Kyle is survived by his loving wife, Danielle Roberts Patrick; parents, Thomas L. and Angela J. Patrick; brother, Nick Patrick and wife, Tiffany; Grandfather, Tommy D. Harris; in-laws, David and Debbie Walters; brothers-in-law, Michael Walters, Chad Roberts, Jordan Walters; nieces and nephews, Morgan and Aiden Patrick, Jase Roberts, Cooper Roberts, Heidi and Cohen Walters. Kyle is preceded in death by his grandparents, Judith J. Harris, James M. Patrick, and Ruth C. Patrick. A visitation will be held at Ourso Funeral Home of Gonzales on Saturday, August 31, 2019 from 12:00 pm until a service to celebrate Kyle’s life at 2:00 pm. Rev. Steve Martin will conduct the service. To offer condolences to the family, please visit www.oursofh.com . Ourso Funeral Home of Gonzales is in charge of arrangements.


  • Visitation Saturday, 31 August , 2019
  • Funeral Service Saturday, 31 August , 2019


Kyle Geoffrey Patrick

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David Walters

11 September 2019

Kyle was my son-in-law, but he was much more than that, he was also my friend. He was always ready for anything, motorcycle rides, fishing, fun in the pool, grilling, or just hanging out with family, he lived life to the fullest. Not just fun stuff though, Kyle was always willing to help. Digging ditches, crawling through the mud, roofing, cutting trees, fixing houses, even replacing septic tanks. He helped me do all of those things and more, usually without being asked. But the most memorable thing for me about Kyle was his love for family. He loved unconditionally and fully, and for that I will be forever grateful. I can't believe that this is all there is, so I won't say goodbye, rather, until we meet again.

Grace Caldwell

3 September 2019

Lots of my memories of Kyle are good so its hard to pick a favorite. Kyle is my cousin and ment a lot to me like he did to many people. Whenever there was a family get together as excited as I was to see everyone Kyle was the most exciting. I could say or do something most people would find strange and he wouldn't bat a eye. He took me for who I was wired and all. I could tell him about my art and the bizarre subjects. He'd just laugh and tell me how awesome it was. At the family get together we'd run and play with the kids. He was so good with kids and loved them.
We stayed with Kyle and his wife Dinalle in their old trailer. I had brought a friend and was so excited for her to meet my cool cousin Kyle. He drove us around and we talked about all sortsof things. He would tell us stories that might not sound interesting but with Kyle's chrisama, exemint, and animated way of talking it was hard not to laugh and get into the stories. He'd just smile and laugh at the end and it was so contagious you would to.
Kyle's style was always something I abmired about him. He was the first person I remember with gages and I remember looking at them thinking "wow I want to do that to". Now I'm in the process of gaging and next time I go I'll get plugs but I won't get to see his face when I show him.
Kyle was un apologtily himself and it's one of the many things to make him Kyle. Let it be from his big heart to his "rebel" style he was perfectly Kyle.

Rebecca Caldwell

3 September 2019

Kyle was my nephew .He was my brother Tom youngest son.It was my pleasure to have honor to be his Aunt. Kyle was a shooting star that brought a bright light wherever he was.When he walked into a room it filled with his energy He always had a smile that was infectious.You couldn't help but have fun and laugh when with him.He was so animated when you watched him do anything or tell story.

We have always live far away from Kyle will always treasure times we did get to visit down in Louisiana or when visited in Terre Haute.Once we stayed with Kyle & Danelle in their trailer.We had our youngest daughter & her friend with us .They took us to alligator farm because that's my husband favorite animal.We had such wonderful time. Danelle Grace still talks about that trip and how much fun she had with you & Kyle.He was always so good with people younger then him. You could tell he enjoyed entertaining the kids .

Kyle I know you grew up to be fine young man who loved his wife and family.I will always remember you as that tall thin boy with long hair that hung across your face, in tee shirt & shorts.Either on skate board,playing guitar or just goofing off in yard.You now will always be in my heart and live forever in our memories.

Tom & Angela I can't find words to express how my heart breaks for you.Know that I love you both.Will be here if you need anything.You are in my thoughts and prayers every day .Thank you for giving us Kyle.He has touched us all and impacted our live.

Danelle ,Kyle was so lucky to have you as his wife.When I watched you guys together it was obvious that were meant for each other.You loved each other so much.My thoughts and prayers will be with you.You will forever be part of our family.

Love you Kyle
Aunt Rebecca

James Caldwell

3 September 2019

I really don't have just one favorite memory. I was lucky enough to be his uncle. He was always smiling, never did I see a frown on his face. His smile was infectious. His smile was always bigger around his beautiful wife. His laughter was easy coming and just as infectious. His love of family was obvious. He loved playing with the family's children and they love their uncle. He was always willing to open his house to let family stay and really enjoyed their company. When my wife and I talked about going to visit, it was always going to see the Nick and Kyle. He was an amazing person, athletic, artistic, and a comedian. He could do anything, he put his mind to.
I just wish I spent more time with him and his wife. I wasn't surprised when I learned he was an organ donor. It kinda makes me smile thinking he's still, out there in a way. Still touching other lives making it better, in a way only he could do.
Sorry for my rambling. There's not enough space on this sight, to put how he touched everyone. I just know he loved everyone around him. I don't know what to say to, my favorite cajun. My heart cries out for you. I can't believe it still. Tom and Angela you did an awesome job raising him. Nick, you two together where fun to watch. I'm here for you all. I love you all.

Love your Crazy Uncle James

Cory Kimbrough

2 September 2019

Kyle, I only worked with you for two years, but you made such a positive impact on my life. You were always smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes even when you were having a bad day. It's hard to find that kind of positivity, and people like you that can leave an impression like that are very special. I pinned your picture above my desk. I will miss you a lot, and I'm so sorry to all of your family and friends.

Megan Stiverson

1 September 2019

My greatest memories of Kyle were being a spectator of his charisma. He was a person that I looked up to because he was always smiling. He had the biggest personality that left a lasting impression on me and I feel so lucky that I was able to call him my cousin.

He picked on me but that how he showed his love. I pray he knows how much he meant to me even though we live far part. His visits were always something I looked forward to.

I will forever carry you in my heart and tell my wonderful memories to my boys so you will live on in their thoughts too.

I love you Kyle,
Megan Stiverson

Lisa Moore

30 August 2019

Kyle's parents , Tom and Angela Patrick, are my dear old friends. They came for a visit when the boys were younger, and we lived in Ellettsville Indiana. Kyle had to be 3 or 4 at the time. I remember that Kyle had his two front teeth chipped at an angle at that time. Angela and I had been visiting and catching up as old friends usually do and we heard childs laughter coming from the other room and so we went to investigate and found our two youngest boys together. Kyle and Michael. They had found the cherry tomatoes in the kitchen. Kyle was placing them between those two front chipped teeth , while Michael , age 4 or 5, was standing in front of Kyle. As Kyle was biting on those cherry tomatoes, the juice would be squirting Michael in the face. Those two were having a ball and laughing. This is a fond memory of Kyle as a young boy. He was such a beautiful child with his beautiful eyes and that heart warming smile. I pray that Michael was there to greet you Kyle ! You were both gone way to soon. May you find rest in that heavenly peace and tell your Grandma Ruth that she better not be cheating at cards.
My sincerest condolences to all of you. I will keep you all in my prayers. I love you my dear friends.

Joey Jones

29 August 2019

I meet Kyle through some skateboarding buddies. From there we grew to be great friends. We were together all the time, staying weekend together, being skate buddies, played in a couple of bands together, worked together, and even became neighbors at one point. I will cherish every memory that I have with you. I love you and your family forever.

Mike Conroy

29 August 2019

I only got to see Kyle occasionally, each time was filled with laughter and kindness, he is a good “kid”! Fondest memory, and one only a handful of people know. One day, enjoying our families and awaiting a fantastic fireworks display, there was a “trimmer”... I assured all was well, suddenly a “rumble”... quickly all surrounding this torturous display could tell, this was becoming a dire situation! With no apparent facilities near by, Kyle was a man on a mission, something had to be done! Fast! Kyle became my personal hero that day, after tracking near and far, relief was soon to be mine, err ours. I will never forget that day, gone way too young, and will never be forgotten, rest easy Kyle, find my mom, send her my love and be blessed with friends and loved ones, known and unknown! God bless.

Alisha Thompson

27 August 2019

I remember when I was little and Kyle was asleep I would just stare at him and wait for him to wake up to play with me. Kyle and I were close as cousins as close as you can be for living so far apart. I'll miss him everyday and he will always be in my heart. I Love You So Much Kyle

Love your little cousin