Sir Chip Rose

22 August, 197514 September, 2021
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Sir Chip Rose, 46, of Hickory, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at Catawba Valley Medical Center. Born in Wilson County on August 22, 1975, he was the son of the late Don Claude Rose and Ms. Debra Lynn Kidd Rose of Hickory. Chip was a dedicated loving husband, father, son and grandfather. In addition to his father, he was preceded in death by his brother James Berbon. He is survived by his wife of 18 years Dian Adisaputro Rose, one son, Bryan Caleb Rose, three daughters, Amber Rose, Sydney Rose and Serenity Rose, one brother Phillip Miller, two sisters, Amanda Dean and Tracey Johnson, two grandchildren Juniper Owens and Arbor Owens, step father Gerald Hamilton and numerous nieces and nephews. A Funeral Service will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at the Drum Funeral Home Chapel outside in Hickory with Pastor Tom Mabry officiating. The family will receive friends from 5:00- 6:00 pm prior to service outside. Memorial donations may be given to Hickory Soup Kitchen, 110 2nd St Pl SE, Hickory, NC 28602 Condolences may be sent to the Rose family at Drum Funeral Home in Hickory is honored to be serving the Rose family.


  • Dian Adisaputro Rose, Wife
  • Debra Lynn Kidd Rose, Mother
  • Don Claude Rose, Father (deceased)
  • Bryan Caleb Rose, Son
  • Amber Rose, Daughter
  • Sydney Rose, Daughter
  • Serenity Rose, Daughter
  • Phillip Miller, Brother
  • James Berbon, Brother (deceased)
  • Amanda Dean, Sister
  • Tracey Johnson, Sister
  • Juniper Owens, Grandchild
  • Arbor Owens, Grandchild
  • Gerald Hamilton, Step-Father
  • Numerous nieces and nephews


  • Visitation

    Saturday, 18 September , 2021

  • Funeral Service

    Saturday, 18 September , 2021


Sir Chip Rose

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Stuart Nicholson

23 September 2021

I met Sir Chip Rose at Talan and knew him as big bads at Talan, NPCs with a dramatic flair, and as a member of plot. I also knew him later as he came to be knighted, where he showed humility and service. Chip had a quick mind, a stylish streak, and loyal demeanor. he will be sorely missed.

J Huff

18 September 2021

Chip, even though we met in our 20's I still feel as we grew up with one another. I enjoyed all the times we had together and going on adventures with you and Dian, being in your wedding, coming over every time it started to snow so I would be stuck and have to spend the night and staying up with you, aaron, chris, mark, and josh talking, joking, and cutting up through the night. You gave me (and I believe the other guys would agree) "us" a great time with great memories to look back on and cherish. I could always come to you and talk about anything and you would lend a caring ear. I think it is because of these times that I find it hard to let you go my friend. I love you as a brother I never had and you will be sorely missed!! May you R.I.P. and start other friendships to make lasting memories in your eternal home as you did here on your earthly home.

Jim Coleman

18 September 2021

Chip was one of my closest friends from around ages 11-17. The unforgettable "Stand By Me Years" Chip had a hilarious (and unique lol) sense of humor. Since a fart joke was asked for, I remember as a kid Chip would always ponder "what if everyone in the world farted (a very big one)at the same time" he would say people might have to wear a gas mask 🤣🤣🤣 You certainly were never bored when you were around Chip, but what I always admired most about him was his unquestionable loyalty. He always took up for me and was by my side (or any other friend of his) whether it was the "cool" thing to do or not. I will always cherish a childhood growing up during the 80's in Garner and Chip will always be a very big part of those wonderful memories. I'm eternally grateful for your friendship. Rest easy buddy

Raye Harville

18 September 2021

I met you when I went to Vanguard in Nov 2015. The community was fun, immersive, and inclusive. You created that. And then I got to know you and D. We visited while you camped. We celebrated holidays and birthdays together. You were there to talk to when I needed advice. You helped protect me when I needed it most. I did my first (and so far only) low-country boil for your birthday, and I was so proud when you gave it your approval.
You let your heart guide you, and laughter was a key ingredient in your happy life. You were an amazing human. Thank you for being a friend.

Amanda Dean

18 September 2021

We have so many memories. Good ones and bad. I will never understand why you left so soon, but I'm glad you are not hurting anymore. Go play all those crazy games you love that drove me crazy growing up. Take deep breaths that will be pain free. Tell Granny hello and I love and miss her. This is not good bye, it's see you later, Bro. Love, your Little Sis. PS, I'm still the better looking one. I love you!

Sean McDaniels

18 September 2021

Chip helped carry me through a tough time in my life. When I met him, I was struggling with health issues and depression. We were both in our early 20's and trying to figure out what it meant to be a man. I desperately needed someone I could make laugh, and it turns out, he desperately needed someone to make him laugh. He saved me.
For years, we spent almost all our free time together, being foolish and young. He was my brother, just not by blood. I will always cherish those times.
I remember when he met Dian. She filled his whole heart. It was a joy to see.
I'm happy to say that Chip became a very good man, but he's always been an amazing friend.

Michelle German

17 September 2021 many you forget until something happens. Mainly what I remember growing up, was all of us cousins basically being brothers and sisters. Always seeing one another or spending the night with each other. We used to fight like cats and dogs...the infamous ear pulling event ;). We cut up and laughed alot too though, and you had a great laugh. I'm gonna miss you Chip! Grateful you are healed and with those you loved and lost. You probably couldn't tell who was talking when you got home, I'm sure all your mouths were going a mile a minute!! I'll see you again, so it not goodbye, just so long for now. LOVE YOU!! 💞

Wayne Reese

17 September 2021

I have so many memories of you its hard to write about just one. We were always together growing up from building ramps to jump our bikes,to playing He-Man and GI Joe's. To you always trying new martial arts moves you learned on me, I always fell for the "let me show you this move it won't hurt ". We laughed and we fought like brothers do. But we were always there for each other. Life pulled us in different directions as we got older, but when we were together it was like nothing changed. We picked at each other, and told each jokes that were inappropriate for others ears. We had started reconnecting more often the last few years. I'm going to miss hearing your laugh and having discussions that would trigger most people these days but they didn't divide us. I love you Chip and I will see you again. Dian I'm so sorry he's gone, but so happy the two of you found each other. You two are soulmates and I have no doubt that he'll always be by your side.

Stephanie Benton

17 September 2021

We met Chip and Dian and the kids at Talon at Umstead Park. Chip was amazingly witty and both of you were so welcoming of us, and Harold.

I hate that we lost touch, due to distance. We thought about all of you over the years.

Dian, I've never seen someone love as purely as Chip loves you. You and the kids were his world, always.

There are no words I can say to take away the grief you all have. But take some solace, that Chip has touched so many lives in beautiful ways.

We love and miss you.
-Stephanie, Paul, Harold

Sara Owens

17 September 2021

I can't tell you the number of times, I stayed up late with Chip, at an event, and he would tell me how proud he is of all of his Kids. How much they have grown into wonderful people. How much he loved each and everyone of you.
Dian he would always make me turn away in the Plot Cabin because he was for "your eyes only". He loved you more than the "number of stars in the sky." You, his wife and his kids, are his "Dragon Hoarde". Now and Forever.

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