Richard Lee Welty

19 January, 19536 January, 2021

Richard left peacefully on Wednesday, January 6th. He was just shy of his 68thbirthday. He was gregarious, easy going, kind, intelligent and self aware. He loved music and teaching; and had a gift for drawing his guitar, bass and ukelele students into the music.

His temper might spark on occasion, but he came back to the center easily. There his quiet strength sustained everyone around him. His humility was inspiring. He liked people, color, and animals. He was a die hard cat person and loved birds.

He could be anywhere, anytime and have a happy intimate 45 minute conversation with a stranger. He was not afraid to try for something that was worthwhile to his life; or that would enhance the life of a family member, friend or student.

He is survived by his wife Patricia; his son Eric and grandchildren Dylan, Ashley and Morgan; his sister Dona Woodhouse and her family, his sister Deborah Welty and children; his niece Nicole Latuszek and family; nephews Craig and Jason Welty and their families; and Toby the cat. We will miss his warm presence in our lives; and will see him in our minds each time we see or experience a familiar sight, sound or smell. We wish him peace on this new path.


Richard Lee Welty

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Michael Botte

23 January 2021

Continued..I have fond memories of being on the same Little League team with Richard. Our team not so good, but we sure had a great time. In about 8th grade, when we were all starting up garage bands, Richard took up guitar. We formed a band with friends (Micky, Ray, Kent), and played at the Lewis JHS Auditorium in front of the entire Lewis Jr High school in attendance. Complete light show, pulsating oil in water projections, strobe lights, and painted faces with Black Light green glow in the dark paint (20 years before Kiss painted their faces.) Richard was the real key to the band. His musicianship was so far ahead of us (especially me), and he could play perfect Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. (At age 14!) He could listen to any song, and be able to play it in a matter of minutes. When the Beatles song "Martha My Dear" came out, Richard could play the opening piano part perfectly. (Paul McCartney said that that it was a challenge even for him). We all looked up to Richard, and he was just so humble and gracious. He would teach me how to play bass licks, never making me feel the inferior musician I was. He was the musician that we all wished we could be. For the last 30 years, Richard and I would attend the NAMM show together in Anaheim. (Music trade show). Checking out new guitars, basses, keyboards. Non-stop weekend of giggles, laughter, and fascination of all the new stuff. Richard always the most gracious of guys. So easy-going, always in a good mood. In the entire time I knew my friend, we never had and argument or misunderstanding. Everyone loved Richard.
Richard will leave this planet a better place. His role as a husband, father. And dedication to his many music students will extent to many others that will in turn be influenced by these students.
Though I have not fully grasped the loss, I will truly miss Richard. Rest peacefully, my friend. Your were loved by so many and we will miss you dearly. Your buddy, Mike

Michael Botte

23 January 2021

My friend Richard. 63 years of friendship.

When I got the news of Richard's passing, I had to sit down, reflected for a minute, and then my eyes welled up and I cried. I haven't cried about anyone or anything since the loss of my mother many years ago.
Richard and I had 63 years of a wonderful friend ship. Often mischievous, musician bonded, school chum type of buddies.
Richard and I grew up together. He lived two blocks away, in the next "unit" when Del Cerro was just being built in 1958. We we in several classes including Kindergarden at Phoebe Hurst elementary school. When the Beatles first hit the US in 1964, Richard and I, as 11 yo kid , along withseveral other friends (Jeff , Bob, Mike, Mark), were great fans. Our long discussions of songs, individual Beatles, and interest in music gave us an early interest in being Rock Stars. We all had those early 45 RPM records and those cheesy little record players, and 2 transistor radios. But it was the highest fidelity to us.
When we got a little older, in beginning of Lewis Jr High, as 13 year old kids, Richard and I learned the true meaning of Halloween. Giving up customs and candy, for a carte blanch opportunity to steal and smash pumpkins, soap doors and windows, and get involved in "veg fights", (throwing eggs and rotten vegetables that we stole from the garbage cans in the back of Alpha Beta grocery store. We got in a lot of mischief, but never meant to hurt or harm anyone. Great fun though..... 60 years later Richard and I would laugh at those times.We also had a fascination with firecrackers, Cheery bombs, and M-80s. Richard always seem to have a good supply, though we were never sure where or how he got them. Richard also found a mail order company that would sell Cherry Bomb fuse, (Richard had over 80 feet of the fuse, then found the formula for making gun powder and a way to by the ingredients This opened up the possibilities of making home made "fireworks".
To be continued.....

Steve Bourasa

18 January 2021

I have known Richard for about 7 years and met him when I started taking guitar lessons. It didn't take long to realize that we had so many things in common. Over the years I saw him weekly and always looked forward to getting together. Our sessions usually were more talking than playing but I loved hearing his stories and learning from him. His vast knowledge of music was amazing. Not just the music, but his knowledge of music theory and the history behind music. He was a very kind man and loved life and everything about it. I thought one of the coolest things was that Richard had kind of adopted a family of racoons that lived behind his studio at Ozzie's music here in Poway. Over the years he would feed them and rescue them when they would get trapped in the dumpsters. And when the Pandemic hit Richard would take the time to drive all the way up to Poway from La Mesa just to feed them. I consider myself very fortunate to have known Richard. I am fortunate enough to have one of his old Bass guitars. A great way to remember a wonderful man.

Ira Sigal

17 January 2021

I was a high school friend of Richard. We both attended Patrick Henry High School. He was a nice guy. I also enjoyed visiting with him and his wife at Patrick Henry High's Class of '71 high school reunions. I am really going to miss you Richard. My prayers are with Richard's wife and family. Another good guy gone to soon.

Ira Sigal

Rick Edgil

16 January 2021

I met Richard when I started lessons about 10 years ago. But we soon realized how much we had in common in other areas of our lives. Sometimes lesson time ran long, as we sorted our (and the worlds) problems, but I always left feeling better, and a little better at music. Others have touched on how Richard went above and beyond in preparing lessons. It was not uncommon to get a couple emails a week, with sheet music and recordings of a song I had barely mentioned. Richard has a left a permanent, and positive impression on my life, and I do miss him.

John Folsom

14 January 2021

I am so sad to hear of Richards passing. I decided to take up the bass guitar at age 69 and was blessed to find Richard as a teacher and friend. Always upbeat and encouraging to all ages. Along the line my Grandson Tanner and Nephew James were also his students.
Patricia, Richard often said you kept him on an even keel.
My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family.
John Folsom

Mark Rhea

14 January 2021

I was lucky enough to be a student and friend of Richard for the last five years or so. He was attentive and kind and went out of his way to help me learn my instrument. He made extra efforts to write and print music for some of my bandmates, and never seemed to get frustrated with my slow learning. He was fun to talk to, genuine, encouraging, and could not have been nicer or more generous with his time. I will surely miss music lessons and the conversation. Cheers to you Richard!

Jeff Larson

10 January 2021

I will always be grateful that our student/teacher relationship became a friendship. Richard was kind, supportive and patient. I personally saw him take a special interest in his younger students. Always asking how school was or their Homelife. He helped many thru a tough time and was a comfort to all. I will miss our weekly fun very much. If we judge a life by the lives they touched, and the compassion offered to others, Richard lived to 100. Bless the family and I will see you again my friend. Well Done !

Linda Cantrell

9 January 2021

My favorite memories are his love of music and the many hours spent with Bob recording. Bob really loved those times and always came back happier.

Steven Keeton

9 January 2021

Richard and I were friends and band members and IBEW brothers together. We met nearly 50 years ago. He was a good man a very talented musician and the best bass player I ever shared the stage with. I will miss Richard RIP ... til we meet again ... God bless my friend
Steve Keeton