Gregg Lumanog Mangalino

25 May, 194831 December, 2020
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Gregg Lumanog Mangalino was born on May 25, 1948 in Candaba, Pampanga, and passed away on December 31, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada and is under the care of Palm Southwest Mortuary.

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Gregg Lumanog Mangalino

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Rick and Thess Harden

13 January 2021

We are completely shocked at the sudden death of our dearest friend Gregg Mangalino
Gregg, there are no goodbyes for us, wherever you are, you will always be in our hearts you are such a wonderful blessing to many people including us. Thank you so much you are one of my role models because of your genuinely kind and compassionate heart. We are so lucky to have a one of a kind friend like you. We are so grateful for your kindness and friendship . Truly great friends are hard to find, harder to let go and impossible to forget. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts and minds . We will miss you Gregg!!!

James Stockwell

13 January 2021

I worked with Gregg at the VA Medical Center in West Los Angeles, CA. in 1986 to 1994. We worked the PM shift together. He was always a pleasure to work with. Gregg had a great sense of humor. At this sad time I remember him with both tears and joy. May you rest in peace Gregg and God bless you my old friend.

Cecille Blancher

13 January 2021

The last day of 2020, NewYear’s Eve, December 31st, was supposed to be a happy one as we welcome the new year, 2021. Unfortunately, it was a sad day for all of us, to find out that our dear friend, Gregg has departed.

We’ve known Gregg and family since 1997. We used to be neighbors in Palmdale. Gregg was a great friend, always fun to be with, never a dull moment, calm person, generous and kind. He introduced our family to the magic of sing-along, the Karaoke Machine. When we used to be neighbors, we always have a sing-along session at their house and it never failed that his score was always high, but when it was my turn, my score was very very low. I know why? I can’t carry a tune. ..LOL. He advised me to keep on practicing, which I did, to the point I have to purchased a karaoke machine. I kept practicing but to date my voice is still out of tune.

Kidding aside, when Gregg and family moved to Las Vegas, my family and I were saddened but at the same time, we understood that Las Vegas was the place Gregg really loved to settle. Whenever we visit them in Las Vegas, Gregg and Sylvia made sure that our visit is worth the trip. They took us to see shows, took us to the best buffet in town, and of course, the singing session will always be there.

Gregg, you will greatly be missed not just by our family but everyone who are very dear to you. We all know that you will be joined with our Heavenly Father, Rest In Peace now and I know you will look over all your loved ones especially Sylvia, Aimee and Mia. With love and prayers, Cecile and family (Gary, Matthew and Joshua)

Pompeia Beltran

12 January 2021

In the passing of Gregg, we have lost a great and a good friend.Sorrow fills our hearts at this sad moment .In his passing my husband and I feel a personal loss. He was a loveable soul,loving husband and a devoted father and grandfather.I know that the impress he left upon us was a durable one.
Thank you for all the help you had given us when we moved to Las Vegas 10 yrs ago. We will be forever grateful to you and to Sylvia.
Enjoy your Eternal rest and may your family derive some measure of comfort in the knowledge that we share their grief with them. We will miss you my friend.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Alfredo Montero

12 January 2021

Mag was always a helpful and kind person. Mag knew I was looking for a house for my family and he invited my family to Palmdale, gave us a tour, fed us and we became neighbors and friends. I want to take a moment to thank Gregg, Sylvia and Aimee for their unconditional friendship over the last 25 years. Gregg will be missed. RIP

Derrick Huckaby

8 January 2021

I worked for several years with Greg at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center. We were both Police Officers. Those were some crazy times dealing with some of the calls and incidents. He was always professional and I learned a lot working with him. I was saddened to learn he died. May he rest in peace.


Gregg Lumanog Mangalino was a natural, selfless leader whose winning presence allowed him to take control of various situations with ease. Equipped with a clear and calculating focus, he possessed a tough-minded, “take charge” attitude. Sociable, analytical and pleasant, Gregg was an individual who handled life’s challenges well.

Gregg was born on May 25, 1948 in Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines to Irineo and Anastacia Mangalino. Gregg was raised in Candaba with his twelve siblings, Simeon, Victorina, Eufracio, Antonia, Andrea, Severino, Flaviana, Teofilo, Sabel, Jesse, Eladio, and Eusebia. Even as a child, Gregg was optimistic in his outlook on life and was able at all times to be open and direct in his communication. He was very friendly and loved to help people. He was a charmer and loved to make people laugh. Armed with a great wit, he was raised to be accepting of others and to implement a strong personal work ethic.

As a young child, Gregg was outgoing, funny, and creative. He would frequently joke around with his friends and was a Boy Scout, but he also loved writing. As he grew into high school, Gregg learned to use his focused and driven qualities to have a well-rounded experience. During that time, he was a member of the SCA, Spanish Club, and PMT Cadet Corps. He graduated from St. Andrews Academy in 1966, where he enjoyed math and learning from Ms. Clarita Reyes. After high school, Gregg went on to earn his degree in Architecture and Law.

Being a cool thinker who could handle himself well in a crisis, the military was perfectly suited for Gregg. He joined the Navy and was stationed in Long Beach, USS Bullock City, USS Stone City, USS Okinawa, USS Cayuga, and USS St. Louis. He served in Vietnam from 1964-1973, seeing combat operations. For his dedication, he received several awards including a National Defense Service Medal in 1969, RVN Campaign Medal with Device in 1972, and a Vietnam Service Medal in 1972.

On June 1, 1991 Gregg exchanged wedding vows with Sylvia Masangcay Santos at the We've Only Just Begun Wedding Chapel of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was attentive to Sylvia's feelings, and he charmed her with his gift for being able to give freely and generously. Together, he and Sylvia were blessed with their only daughter, Aimee, and later with a granddaughter, Mia Alessandra. Gregg was a loving and devoted father and grandfather to them both.

After his time in the military, Gregg went on to work in Law Enforcement until his retirement in 2000. A persuasive individual who was quick to make necessary decisions, Gregg’s strengths included being able to think on his feet. When he wasn’t working, he enjoyed his leisure time by taking part in various hobbies, such as singing karaoke with his family, collecting coins, sewing, and yard work. In retirement, he found new pleasure in Facebook/social media groups, creating his own social blogs, playing in pool and billiards leagues, and spending time with his granddaughter Mia Alessandra.

Gregg passed away on December 31, 2020 at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas after complications from COVID-19, pneumonia, & other underlying conditions. He is survived by wife of 29 years, Sylvia Mangalino; his daughter, Aimee Megia; and his granddaughter, Mia Alessandra Megia. Services were held at Palm Southwest Mortuary.

Gregg was known as a very kind-hearted, humble, and compassionate person who was always willing to sacrifice his time to help those in need. His generosity impacted the lives of many and he was truly an inspirational person. He enjoyed his life and the experience of living it. He was loved dearly by many. This is how everyone will remember Gregg Lumanog Mangalino.