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Robin Meinhart

26 October , 19502 September , 2019

Robin is my mother. I can’t begin to know how to process her suddenly being gone. All that have known her will surely remember her big heart and willingness to help anyway she could.

She had an incredible connection to all things in nature. Somehow she was always able to get things to grow and thrive. I know she was happiest digging in the dirt and sharing her flowers, vegetables and fruits with anyone and everyone.

When it came to animals big and small I could only wonder at how they seemed to gravitate to her. When I was young she rescued baby squirrels off the side of the road and we had to bottle feed them. All the strays ended up at her house, were taken in fed and made to feel safe. Even the insects seemed to hang around, those of you that really knew her will know exactly what I mean.

Her heart was as big as the sky there for anyone in need and she will be forever missed.

She was my mother and will always be a bright star in my sky.


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Robin Meinhart

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Karl Blasius

21 October 2019

I remember Robin's kindness for her friends. When my brother and her ex-husband, became ill and less communicative ten years ago, she alerted me that he might be seriously ill. Fortunately, I was then able to help him get appropriate medical care and many additional years of good life. Thank you, Robin.

Karl Blasius

Jon Blasius

21 October 2019

Robin always knew me by "Jeb", my nickname. I was her husband, and we lived together in California for ten years. Although the marriage fell apart, and we divorced, the first 5 to 6 years were a very good marriage. Shane and I became very close, and we worked together on old cars he brought home. I was quite fond of him.

I was very sad to hear they couldn't live any more. Robin and I occasionally spoke on the phone until she lost her phone service. It was always friendly.

Jon Blasius

Sig Thurnbauer

10 September 2019

Loved sharing some of our life’s experiences. RIP Robin 🙏


10 September 2019

Robin is my sister. We really found each
other in our later years. We really liked what we found! I will be forever greatful for our reunion of honest, true love for times not forgotten. We fixed mistakes.
Looked forward to our years ahead..I will carry her in my heart and we will give each other comfort till the end of time!

Kraig Rucker

6 September 2019

Robin was such a kind person. I have many fond memories of the time we spent as coworkers. I remember the love she had for her family and how much she truly cared about her work family as well. I’m grateful and feel blessed that I was able to get to know her in the time we spent together. She was a great lady, and is sincerely missed.

Cathy Odom

6 September 2019

Robin was the sweetest lady I know. She lived with a big big heart and always stood up for what was right and kind.
In working with her at the Grange Co Op nursery she would escort any snail or bug residing in a plant to the edge of the property setting them free from danger.
She loved her family and would show many pictures on the phone that she just adored , telling of their accomplishments.
I will miss her , her bright blue eyes, her sweet laugh and her hugs when we would visit. We would always pick up right where we left off, even if we hadn't seen one another in awhile.

Peggy Straube

6 September 2019

Robin always had time to "check in" with you and make sure you were ok. She always had a smile and she could always see the bright side of any situation. Sincere is a word that quickly comes to mind. Will miss our phone calls and thankful for the time we spent sharing our Mother roles and our co worker roles.

Nancy Salucci

5 September 2019

Robin shared her laughter and quirky sense of humor with all of her colleagues at the Central Point Grange Co-Op. She especially delighted when the doves returned each year to nest in the (for sale!) colorful hanging petunia baskets--cautioning us all to avoid watering those particular baskets while the doves raised their three clutches of squabs.
Robin and Shane's joy with Buns, the miniature rabbit we rescued from a neglectful home, continued for years.
Robin's tender love for all wee things and for her family will linger in my mind always.