Lunine (Pierre-Jerôme) Robinson

7 August, 192330 August, 2020

C’est avec une profonde tristesse que nous annonçons le départ de notre mère, grand-mère, soeur / Mémé chérie Lunine Pierre-Jérôme Robinson. Lunine s’est éteinte la nuit du 30 Août 2020 dans son sommeil, à son domicile.

Veuve, elle a élevé seule ses six enfants, leur offrant toujours le meilleur en tout ainsi que toutes les chances de réussite dans la vie. Femme d’action et de grand coeur, aimant la vie, artiste multidisciplinaire, éducatrice, dédiée aux siens, Lunine a consacré sa vie à faire le bonheur des uns et améliorer le sort des plus faibles et démunis. Elle laisse un grand vide dans nos coeurs et dans nos vies, mais surtout un héritage fait de souvenirs extraordinaires et ineffaçables et celui d’une vie exemplaire menée dans la foi avec courage, passion, humilité et grande implication humaine

Elle laisse dans le deuil ses enfants : Marie-José, Gérard, Harry, Rodolphe, Dre Martine et Danielle, ses onze petits-enfants et quatre arrière-petits-enfants, ses frères et soeurs : Éric, Jean-Claude et Ketty. Et bien d’autres recueillis par elle au fil des ans. Reste en paix. Tu seras toujours parmi nous.

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It is with the deepest sorrow that we share the passing of our beloved mother, grandmother, sister, Mémé, Lunine Pierre-Jérôme Robinson. She was granted her angel wings on the night of August 30, 2020 and left this world peacefully, in her sleep, at her residence.

"Struck by tragedy early in her marriage, Lunine became a widow and embarked feverishly on the mission of raising alone her six children. She tirelessly devoted her time and energy to offer them the best opportunities in life. Lunine, a woman with a heart of gold, was an incredible mother, educator, social worker, nurse and artist who nurtured not just her family, but also offered her unconditional love and assistance to the less fortunate. She leaves a profound void in our hearts and an indelible legacy of faith, courage, humility, and compassion for others. Lunine is survived by her children Marie-José Robinson-Kafri, Gérard, Harry, Rodolphe, Dr. Martine and Danielle; 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren; brothers and sister Eric, Jean-Claude and Ketty; and other adopted family and friends. Rest in Peace. You will never be forgotten.

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  • Exposition

    Saturday, 26 September , 2020

  • Cérémonie funéraire

    Sunday, 27 September , 2020

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Lunine (Pierre-Jerôme) Robinson

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Lunine (Pierre-Jerôme) Robinson

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Martine Senior

29 October 2020

Ma très chère Nainaine,

Cette grande dame nous a quittés mais elle restera à jamais dans nos coeurs. Cette femme qui a élevé six magnifiques enfants seule, comme jeune immigrante venue au Canada. Elle a été un modèle de mère, tante, soeur, marraine pour tout le monde autour d'elle. Elle était toujours prête à écouter les autres et à offrir des mots d'encouragement. Je n'oublierai jamais son sourire et ses taquineries.

Que ton âme repose en paix Nainaine; tu as accompli ta mission sur Terre. Ta vie éternelle a commencé.

De tout mon coeur,

Mitoue ti Sourite

Aldi Henry

12 October 2020

I was one of her students during the 80’s... “MMe Robinson “was a great lady with a big heart for her student that was only match by her compassion for “US”. Her hard work, and fight for justice, at Roberval were a testimony of the love and care she had for her community and her students. Her teachings around the school yard and class room reminded us that being Haitian mean to have class, pride, education, and hard work which her and her family displayed everyday....! She touched many life by showing “US” that we can accomplished greatness within! At many crossroads in my life... I can remember hearing her “ tu Peut faire me que ca!” She said...! In my mind...! The best gift any teacher could offer a 12-15 yrs me.!!!
Sincere condolences to the family
Specially Gerard Robinson
I was reading the info about her passing. And happily realized that her life was abundant and rich with family and ❤️
All those words to simply say...!
MERCI....! Madame Robinson....

Corinne Bruley

8 October 2020

Madame Robinson aura eu une vie tellement remplie et si riche. Martine, sa fille, est ma plus ancienne amie avec qui j'entretiens une relation d'amitié profonde depuis l'âge de 6 ans ... Nous allions à la même école ... Ma mère discutait avec madame Robinson à chaque réunion de parents ! ... elle l'appréciait tant ... J'ai, par la suite connu les frères et soeurs de Martine, plus particulièrement Dany, la petite soeur, une femme absolument extraordinaire ! ... Le départ de madame Robinson marquera la fin d'une époque, et j'ose croire que son âme veillera et inspirera les siens, des gens d'une incroyable générosité, qui prouvent qu'il ne faut jamais abandonner et que tout est matière à sourire quand on a cette force et cette volonté. Je vous offre mes plus sincères sympathies.

Nancy Pierre

3 October 2020

To the Robinson family,
My family and I send our deepest sympathy to the family. I am a formal student from the 80 ‘s that was in Mrs. ROBINSON ESOL CLASS .She taught me how to speak French . When I first came to Canada going to a French school was quite difficult because at that time I only spoke English coming from the states. She made me have confidence in myself and told me I was very intelligent. Today I am proud to say I speak fluently. Thank you for all your great advice.

Ari Snyder

26 September 2020

Dear, Dear Jo and family

ברוך דיין אמת

Mes plus profondes sympathies et condoléances.

Lunine Z'L was one of the very few people I ever met who could simultaneously embody delighted [and delightful] joy with profound dignity. Whenever I was with her and looked at her, she would always look back with her big round eyes expressing her complete acceptance of me. She was the essence of Mother-love.

Her openness enabled her to understand new things in her own unique way. I'll always remember fondly her immediate reaction to the recording I played for her by Eritage, shortly after I joined the group. She 'got' the group's sound and feeling within seconds, her body moving exactly to the pulse of the first song, and at the exact climax she raised her arms, palms upwards and fingers outstretched, happily exhaling a delighted 'Oh!'

Even when she was virtually mute, for example at Toumai's wedding, she communicated such joy and empathetic understanding of each person with whom I saw her interact. It was a delight simply to be in her presence.

Losing her is hard and the pain of it is unavoidable. Over time it will lessen. You and Oded, your children and all your sisters and brothers and cousins and extended family will support each other through it to celebrate the many gifts her life brought to all of you.

אנו מחבקים אותך בחום ומאחלים לך אהבה ושלום וברכות
Ari and Linda

soraya campbell

26 September 2020

My sweet Nennenn! You were such a remarkable and kindhearted woman and I feel so blessed to have been able to share my life with you! While I am saddened by your passing, I have the privilege of holding indelible memories of your imprint, all of which will undoubtedly trigger a smile or engender a stream of laughter! That is how special you were! Not many people can astonish people in such an impactful way, but you did so with your gentle spirit, tireless strength, and unprecedented courage! It is no wonder you were such an extraordinary mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, Godmother, and teacher. So caring, loving, and compassionate! At every monumental turn, you were present to offer support and encouragement. No matter the circumstances you were there to lend a helping hand, listening ear or gentle touch. Thank you Nennenn for showing me nothing but unconditional love. You are the true “Notorious LPR” and I will miss your beautiful face and infectious smile.

To my sweet Canadian cousins (I miss you), I share in your sadness and deep sense of loss, but I am comforted that Nennenn lived such a long life and was consistently surrounded by her family! Hold on to the countless memories to get you all through the rough days! She may be gone from our sight, but NEVER from our thoughts and hearts! Her legacy will live on for generations to come!

Love you guys,

Totte & Family

Paule Davilmar

26 September 2020

A la famille de Lunine( Pierre -Jérôme) Robinson
Mes sœurs, frères, ma famille et moi présentons nos plus sincères condoléances:
A Marie Josée, Gérard, Harry, Rodolphe, Martine, Danielle petits enfants, arrières petits enfants, sœur, frères et à tous ceux qu’elle a aussi chéris, guidés et aimés; On pense à vous.
Reposes en paix tante Noune.
Paule(enfant de Didi comme elle appelait ma maman).

Ketty Luzincourt

25 September 2020

On ne se prepare jamais à la mort d'un être cher quel que soit l'âge ou la cause de son départ. Mémé était une belle personne avec un caractère qui faisait sa force. Elle sera toujours vivante dans mon cœur et mon esprit.

Je suis avec la famille, en ce moment difficile, par la pensée et la prière tout en me souvenant des bons moments passés avec Mémé en Haïti et à Montréal. Je vous renouvelle mes condoléances.

Romelio Jean Louis Pluviôse

24 September 2020

Mes sincères condoléances à Marie-Josée, Gérard, Harry,Rodolphe, Martine, Danielle et toute la famille et amis qui sont éprouvés par cette perte douloureuse.

Yotam Kafri

24 September 2020

This is my super woman !
when I ever had difficult task at hand id have this little voice to remind me I can do it, not to give up and that I already know the way just need to listen and hear it.
that voice is My Meme.

miss and love you



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