Sean Arthur Weaver

28 May, 19724 March, 2021

It is with great sadness that the family of Sean announces his passing on March 4, 2021 at the age of 48. Beloved son of Diana (Dave). Dear brother of Kim (Anthony) and Michael (Samantha). Proud Father of Brittany, Grandfather of Carter and Loving Uncle of Elise and Elijah. Predeceased by his doting grandparents Art and Thelma, as well as his fun loving Uncle Brian. Sean will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

We will all miss Sean’s great sense of humour, quick wit and brilliant blue eyes. Sean was an avid reader, writer and storyteller who had an endless thirst for knowledge. He found great pleasure in entertaining friends and family with his many tales of adventure and words of wisdom, in which there was no shortage of. He had a true appreciation for the simple things in life such as the great outdoors, a good meal, good company, enthusiastic banter and of course cartoons.

Most of all, Sean was a generous and thoughtful soul who continually sought out ways to show his love for those he loved. ❤

Cremation has taken place and a private family interment will be held at Fairview Cemetery. If desired, memorial donations made to the Canadian Mental Health Association would be appreciated by the family. Arrangements entrusted to Hetherington & Deans Funeral Chapel, 905-354-5614.

Please take a moment if you will and leave a tribute or a memory for the family. These always provide comfort especially during these strange and distant times.


  • Cremation with Private Interment

    Wednesday, 14 April , 2021

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I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, that myth is more potent than history. I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts, that hope always triumphs over experience, that laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.

The following are the words spoken at Sean's service on April 14, 2021 at Fairview Cemetery.

Today I stand here with a saddened heart acknowledging the life of Sean Arthur Weaver, better known to his family and friends as just Sean or Seany. It is my hope that this small service today will provide some peace and closure to you; his beloved family. Because we can trust that love never dies, you can be sure that he will always be with you in other ways - in your stories, in your memories, in your hearts.

I’d like to invite Kim to share some words she has written for Sean.


Sean Arthur Weaver, loved immensely from the day he was born on May 28, 1972. He came into this world as a vibrant, enthusiastic, fun loving and inquisitive young boy who was known for his jovial laughter, infectious smile and his captivating big blue eyes. From the very beginning he charmed those around him with these traits and they couldn't help but fall in love with this magnetic young child. Even strangers would stop Mom around town or Grandpa on their regular shopping trips to grab a glimpse of those baby blues. In those early days Sean was never far from Grandpas reach, the first day he arrived home from the hospital Grandpa insisted that he carry Sean into the house, he would stay up and lay Sean on his chest when he was colicky then get up and go to work early the next day, only to go out shopping once again to buy out the baby food section of all the yummiest flavours. 😋

When younger, Sean began to develop a love for the outdoors and outdoor activities. Grandpa Art and Grandma Thelma would arrange for our family to visit Golden Lake or Bobcaygeon and it is here that I believe Sean really fell in love with nature. From boating, fishing, exploring the land, catching minnows, swimming in the lake, tubing, building the fire, to roasting Marshmallows. As the stories say, it wasn't a complete campfire unless Sean had the roasted marshmallow singed to his lips as he could never delay the gratification that those hot, crispy, gooey marshmallows gave him. As for the water, Sean could never get enough of it, he could spend hours in the lake, or squiggling with Mr. Wiggles, getting squirted by the hose, floating around in Mom and Dad’s pool
at night with the pool light on and his e-ciggy in hand, and even up until last summer he could be found jumping off the Toronto docks while having a buddy video him in the act. Sean certainly found peace and contentment in these experiences... and often spoke fondly of them throughout his life.

Sean possessed a very creative, imaginative and intelligent mind. His teachers were often in awe of Sean's accomplishments and well as his silly, humorous and often mischievous ways. He adored reading and often selected the action and chose your own adventure books when young which I think appealed to his own adventurous and risk taking, spirited ways. As he grew, this evolved into a love for Stephen King, Dean Koontz and others alike. Sean loved the excitement, thrill and suspense that these authors provided. Reading and writing went hand in hand for him. Over the years he would put his own twist on songs, stories, even pictures, like Bon Jovi's hit line " I'm wanted Dead or Alive " was now " I wanted... a turtle pool with a slide"...or the famous Queen lyrics of We will rock you somehow turned into "some buddy better put a bag over your face"

There would be times that he would be writing and he'd do it for hours and would say to Mom…."paper?".."ya got anymore paper". There was always so much in that mind of his that he wanted to share. Like the time when he was working at McDonald's and was called into the manager's office after being found making a burger unlike how they had trained him to...Sean’s version was bun, patty, cheese, patty. The Manager was actually intrigued by this and had Sean sign some papers having him share the idea, Sean thought that was the Cats Meow and suggested the new burger invention be called the McMurray, however we're pretty sure that didn't stick.

Not only did Sean love to read he was also a good read of people and situations. He was very perceptive and intuitive, had no time for false pretenses, took NO shit from anyone and didn't hesitate to call bullshit when he sensed it. He never pretended to be something he wasn't and you always knew where you stood with him. All qualities, I'm positive he inherited from his keenly aware and intuitive Mother Diana. Don’t get me wrong, Sean was kind, courteous and generous with his praise unless he thought you didn't have good intentions towards him, his family or friends, then you saw a different side. Like the time Mikey's bicycle got stolen. Sean was the one who tracked it down, went to the house and brought it back to Mikey. Other times he went for the more subtle approach, like the time when we were all out together and some random fellow tried to talk up our lovely Mother as she was selecting some tunes from the jukebox and Sean calmly put the drinks down that he had purchased for everyone and walked over and said “you're boring me man, drift" We all got a kick out of that one for years, even Dad.

Sean grew into a strong, tall, handsome man with an affinity for cars, music and especially for tires, much like his treasured Uncle Brian. Sean worked for many years within the tire industry. Some of the most joyful times we had together were when he'd bring the NB&T Boys over for a BBQ and beers. Sean never lost his love for, knowledge of, and appreciation for cars and tires. I just know that he is whistling right now over Michael's sweet new treads on his truck and Dad's meticulous work on Mom's shiny chrome rims right now. Certainly, a far cry from the Giant tires he dressed Betty Lou in years ago.

At his best...Sean was brilliant and often grinning Like the Cheshire cat, which makes me think of his great sense of humour and his enjoyment of Saturday morning cartoon fests...sadly, nobody was ever able to sleep in on the weekends as the sound of his boisterous laughter or cackle filled our home. This fascination with cartoon characters makes much sense as not only did Sean love cartoon characters, he certainly was a character himself. The first day he met our forever Dad Dave he was up to his spirited ways and managed to Crack our Aunt Maureen with an unintentional snowball right to the head...Sean believed in strong first impressions. Many may say that he is most like Wyle E Coyote, or the Weasel even, as he was always so entertained by the Weasels foolish schemes, but I believe that his character was most reflected in the Road Runner...forever eluding the ones who thought they were wilier than him and often one step ahead of the rest of us...until he wasn't... like the time Grandpa found him and I out when we would crank call the family during our weekly Sunday dinner gatherings from the separate phone line in the back room at Grampa's place and use accents to disguise our voices or when Mom finally figured out that it was Sean who was drawing on the walls but signing my name to it. 🙄

One of his favourite lines to Dad was…"Oh ya, my Mom lets me do that all the time" Sean often tried to pull one over on Dad and being the “Man” of the house at the time he certainly made Dad work for his trust, status in our family and the honour that comes with that title. In time, their relationship grew and evolved. Dad rose to the challenge, put the work in and earned a place in Sean's heart and it was within the framework of this relationship that we ALL learned that it is not flesh and blood, but HEART which makes Fathers and Sons as Sean knew, with absolute certainty that he was loved unconditionally and as proud as he could be, he knew that alongside Mom, he could call and count on Dad even in his most difficult moments. Mom, on the other hand was Sean's rock, his confidante, his advocate, his go to from the very beginning. There exists this bond and enduring love that I can't even do justice with mere words, an invisible string if you will that forever has, and forever will connect these 2 souls. I read a quote the other day that touched me…”Youth fades; love droops; leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all."

Sean left an impression on so many of us...especially Michael...growing up he just thought Sean, also lovingly known as Seany, was the coolest cat in town,
his big Brother would put him on his 6ft2 shoulders and parade him around, let him hang out with his work buddies who always embraced Michael with affectionate teasing. Sean even welcomed Michael and bought him sandwiches from the lunch truck at NB &T when Michael, unbeknownst to Valley Way Elementary, would surprise him and walk to the shop during his lunchtime from school. In a real show of love and affection Michael decided, on more than one Halloween, to BE Sean and he dressed up in his Niagara Battery and Tire shirt, hat, work boots and even donned a long haired wig to perfect his look. If that's not Brotherly love, I don't know what is.

You'll hear mention of Sean's eyes and smile a lot, however, those eyes never shone brighter and that smile never reached ear to ear again like it did on the
day that his beautiful baby girl Brittany came into this world. Mom would regularly confiscate Brittany for herself for as long as she could until she'd get the call from Sean saying "Ok Mom, that's enough, bring back my kid! That pride for Brittany and her accomplishments including her beautiful boy Carter never faded over the years and Sean even so much as a few months ago was always in awe of what Brittany was able to achieve as a full time student, employee and Mother. ❤

One of Sean's greatest characteristics was his fierce loyalty and love for his family, and trusted friends. Once you were in Sean's circle of trust you were always there and he constantly thought of ways that he could pay it forward in any way he was able to, a kind word or compliment, an entertaining story, an intricately and carefully worded letter or poem, assembling a princess stool with Elise, video games with Eli, the finely detailed, complex and timely original creation and construction of "The Grailey Crane", a treasure that he found in his travels and thought..." this is perfect for Mom" Dad could use a pair of these" "found some vintage vinyl for Michael" "I wonder if these skates would fit Eli, “Kim and Anth would love this coffee”, “maybe Britt can sell these for Carter one day.” He would also often offer to wash and clean the cars for us. Nobody washed and detailed a car as meticulously as Sean did...each stroke was an act of love and care.

His generosity was abounding and he always had an affinity to root for the underdog even for those who lived in his community. I remember Sean sharing a story with us about some of his fashion finds that he was sharing with the women of the neighborhood and they became a bit quarrelsome with each other as they all wanted one of the bags Sean was offering. He said it was getting outta hand so he had to reign it all in, grab the bags back and shout…"ladies, need to get hasty...there's plenty to go around!!"

Sean had a strong work ethic and was never afraid of hard work and even in more troubled times he always felt the need to feel productive and to feel like he was contributing and giving back, sharing his gifts and talents with those who were willing to see the gift in his wisdom and experiences. For someone who had such a love for learning new things and gaining more knowledge you have certainly taught us a lot Sean, to list just a few...

● Take the time to learn someone's story, make space for them to feel comfortable to be themselves, imperfections included and without judgement.
● Don't rush to label or categorize, just accept.
● One that really resonates with Anthony is...make every interaction count, as that may be the interaction they speak of for the rest of their lives or the last one you get.
● Words are powerful so choose them wisely as they may linger on the hearts and minds of those who receive them for longer than you may think.
● Live your best life, drink your green tea and don't use artificially scented beads in your laundry...that stuff will kill you!!
● Oh yes, one can never forget to not only rotate your tires yearly but to also check the tire pressure and tread regularly for never know where you'll pick one of those up.

Sean, thank you for the lessons, love and entertainment. It's time to rest your weary soul, rejoice in the reunion with Gramma, Grandpa and Uncle Brian and
don't forget to hang the "Gone Fishin" sign. We will do our best to not cry as we know you never wanted to be the source of anyone's pain, however, forgive us, as crying is a sign of our deep love for you. Having said that, we will choose to see you in the birds and butterflies that visit us, the sunrises and the sunsets, as well as the peaceful waters that glisten with your love shining down on us❤

We will feel you in the tunes that we hear and in the stories that we continue to share. This is how your Love story continues...within us, our hearts, our minds and our treasured memories. We Love you Forever and Ever Amen❤"

Grief is individual and very personal. Some people show it more, others cover it up with a “business as usual” kind of protective armour. But, if we have loved, it is certain that we will grieve. Grief deserves a place. It shouldn’t be rushed, it should be acknowledged and respected as a sign that you have lost someone you loved very much. At this time, especially in today’s climate, with all sorts of uncertainty in the world, it might feel like you are just keeping your head above water, but it will get easier. Eventually we move from the pain of loss to a tremendous sense of gratitude.

The Sage of Ecclesiastes reminds us that death is a normal. In fact, a sacred, part of life. He wrote:

For everything there is a season; and a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what has been planted.
A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to break down, and a time to build up.
A time to be weak and a time to laugh.
A time to mourn and a time to dance.

We might wonder why God didn’t keep someone as bright and unique as Sean with us just a little bit longer. That’s the way it is with love. It wouldn’t matter if Sean lived to be 109, when we love them we simply want more. One more chance to float in the pool together, one more crazy story from him, another BBQ sharing beers together, just one more cackling fit of laughter. One more chance to say thank you and we love you.

Jesus promised Martha upon the death of Lazarus that it would get better, he would help make it so. There would come a day when there would be no more pain, no more sorrow, no more sickness, no more death. That too is our hope. We trust and believe that this is not goodbye forever, but just good bye for a while.

Let us pray:
Heavenly father, we thank you for always being with us today. You are with us when the day is sunny and the grass is green and everything is exactly as it should be. You are with us when the day is one of sorrow and anxiety and we are deeply sad. We thank you for the promise that you will walk with us even through the valley of the shadow of death where we are most deeply afraid.

We thank you for Sean’s life, for his love and uniqueness, for his generous ways and his resolute spirit even when he faced enormous challenges. We thank you for a family who loved and cherished him, both in the good and the bad, and know their lives have been enormously enriched because he was their son, grandson, dad, brother, uncle and friend.

I ask that Sean’s family would be comforted during this sad time, by believing that there was more than this life and where he was going, love could follow.

May this family be blessed with your peace and your strength, and may their hearts be lifted with memories of love they have shared.


When I think about the small things I’ve learned about Sean, I think of love. Now that probably sounds cheesy, but nevertheless I think it fits. Although I’m sure Sean would not have left you if he could have stayed and was in his healthy mind, but it kind of sounds like he wouldn’t have been afraid of dying either. He may not have known where he was going, but he knew who would be waiting for him, to greet him and pick up right where they had left off, like no time had passed, his Grandpa Art, his Grandma Thelma and his Uncle Brian.

I didn’t know Sean, though it turns out he and I have crossed paths many years prior, but from what I have learned I don’t think he would have minded one bit that there couldn’t be a big service for him right now. He had a close group of people who meant the world to him, even if he didn’t show it in the ways you might have hoped all the time. And those people, YOU, are here with him to see him off on his next journey.
I’ve come here today, with you all, to help dedicate this space to the many wonderful memories of Sean Arthur Weaver. Today as you say goodbye, I can’t help but hold on to the idea of the reunion that we believe has happened.

When someone dies, those left behind can feel utterly bereft. It’s hard to imagine life without Sean in it, someone who has been relatively central in many ways. You will miss your son, your dad, your brother, your uncle and your friend in a hundred ways you don’t expect. But by the same token, he will also be with you in a hundred different ways. There will be all sorts of things that will remind you of Sean. It will be up to you to keep telling Seany stories so that the youngest ones will grow up feeling that they have known him all their lives.

Now we say goodbye to Sean, not forever, but for now. I commit him into God’s hands and care. May heaven be sweet for him with no need to deny himself a good thing. And I think it’s most fitting to lay him down now for the last time atop his grandfather’s chest.

Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

And in closing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
And the rains fall soft upon the fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Let us go forth with one final comment I think Sean would say to all of us right now…

“You’re boring me guys, DRIFT.”