Luen Kit Leong

12 December , 19344 June , 2018

LEONG, Luen Kit December 12, 1934 - June 4, 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father Luen Kit Leong. A witness cremation with viewing will be held at West Coast Crematorium on June 12, 2018 at 12:00. The address is 3789 Royal Oak Avenue, Burnaby BC.


  • Witness Cremation Tuesday, 12 June , 2018

Luen Kit Leong

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Helen Lee

12 June 2018

My brother and I are the youngest children in the family. When we were young, we used to play at the backyard and when he studied in Australia, he saved money and bought me a very nice light blue dress by post. He was a very quiet guy, sometimes out of the blue, he would call and ask everything was O.K. to me and told me to take care. The very last time, he called me on the phone was last December, because he wasn't at the family Xmas dinner and he knew that I fell down , he just wanted to make sure I was O.K. And told me to be careful in future.My brother you are so giving and thoughtful. All these memories will remain alive in my heart for the rest of my life. Brother I know some day we will meet again, in the mean time, enjoy your journey and the reunited with the family (say hi and love to them for me). Brother the very last time you held my hand an said I LOVE YOU, when you were in hospital, those sweet words will always on my mind.
love you brother.

Caroline Choo

11 June 2018

I think it was when I had just finished watching Sound of Music in the 1960s, and with the scenes in ‘So Long, Farewell’ still fresh in my mind and in my ears that my mum told me, “We had to get away too during the Japanese occupation, and we had to do so very quietly. In the dark, someone ended up shutting the car door in such a hurry that your uncle’s finger was trapped, and he couldn’t pull it free. We were just children still. He was so brave - he made sure not to draw trouble to us- he didn’t utter a sound or cry out at all. We didn’t even know at first.... someone had to open the car door before his finger could be freed up.”

My uncle was never one of many words whenever I did see him- but I always assumed that it must be because he must be a still-waters-run-deep type.

While there is much I do not know about him, this much I know- that he has courage, thoughtfulness, and tenacity.

I heard about that when I was a child, and I saw that for myself as an adult while he surged back up time and time again against medical setbacks.

I remember that one of his first words when he regained the strength to speak was to say to his daughter (my cousin) who was at his bedside then, as she had been for weeks, and months on end, “Go home.” Thoughtful, resolute, and with a paucity of words.

I will miss having more opportunity to get to know my uncle better,. He will not be forgotten.

Darren Choo

10 June 2018

We are heartbroken that Uncle has left us. He was loved by all and we will always cherish our memories of him. We admire his courage and strength.