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Anthony Mageean

25 June, 196726 March, 2021

It is with heavy hearts and great sadness, we announce the death of Anthony Mageean, of Placerville, California, who passed away on March 26, 2021, at the age 53, leaving to mourn family and friends. Please take a moment and share a story or leave a sympathy message for the family on this memorial page.

Arrangements are under the care and direction of Chapel of the Pines. Please call (530) 622-3813 for more information.


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Anthony Mageean

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Jeane Allison

8 May 2021

Always feeling that way
I will love you forever and a day
Until I see you again
May you rest in peace Babe

Jason Jaye

1 May 2021

Before there was Google there was Tony. Easley the smartest man I've ever known if I didn't know something I called Tony .He new most everything about everything and if he didn't he would find out. When we first met I found him a bit odd and a little evil. That passed and I realized what a great friend he was throughout the years ,never once did Tony turn his back on me ,or not open his door and offer his couch. If you were staying expect Blackened swordfish or braised pot roast that he could cook and make it look so easy.There is so much I can say about tonys unique personality and character I could never put it all down here .I will just say He was one of a kind there will never be a guy like him again.The world is a much less interesting place without him .He was my friend and he will be missed

Toni Peterson

23 April 2021

Tony introduced me to my husband, Tony Rapini. We were "The Tony's" at Rational Software in Cupertino.
The early 2000 memories makes me laugh at the times together with Tony, Tony and Tim Corcoran, who also worked at Rational.During those times I got to know Tony Mageean, the Tony not at work. He had a hilarious laugh. One of those laughs that made you laugh just hearing it. He was the smartest guys I knew with a dash or two of mischievousness.
You never wanted to act like you knew something about a subject because Tony would question you about it. Not because he was calling you out, but because he wanted to learn more about it.He was always learning new things and I was in awe of it and it inspired me.It's been very hard for us since he passed away. I don't know how many times I wanted to tell Tony something that happened that I knew he would find hilarious, but I can't. That's the hardest thing. Not being able to talk to him.I know he sees what is happening, but it still makes me very sad.
Last night I dreamed about him. It was very vivid. He was sitting down. Young, healthy and smiling. A few days after the funeral, I woke up with a song stuck in my head. Sad Eyes by Robert John. I havent heard that song in decades and I thought that song was even called Sarah. It made me think of him.
I also adored the way Tony treated his friends. He had long time friends and was good at making new friends. He was always good to them and loved being around them. I loved hearing Tony and Tony talking on the phone together, calling each other "Bro". I've never saw them fight. They respected each other very much and would do anything for each other. He adored Alina and it breaks my heart that they didn't have more time together. He was also ecstatic living closer to his sister and mother and loved Placerville. I was so happy that he moved to Placerville, I felt like it gave him peace. We will never forget Tony, never. Wherever he is, I hope he is raising hell and laughing. Love y

Tony Rapini

12 April 2021

I met Tony when I was twelve years old and we spent our teenage years getting into trouble and growing up then we were in same industry as adults & worked together multiple times. Tony was such a great person to be around at work or on a day off he was always having a good time and his laugh was contagious. Tony was always pushing limits when he could & plotting when it wasn't the time. Tony knew a great deal of people & was always everybody's friend. By far he was the smartest closet friend I have ever had I remember him explaining Einstein's theory of relativity to me. I have learned a great many of things from him. One Saturday I called Tony & needed help tearing down a play structure for our kids so we could get it for free. He not only helped me tear down the structure & load it up to haul away on his day off but came out to our home multiple times to help stain & reassemble our kids new play structure & swing set. No matter the time in our life I could always call Tony & get help or advice. It is with a very heavy heart I say good bye to one of the best & closet friends I will ever have. You will truly be missed.

Arezu M

8 April 2021

Heavy heart (noun): a great deal of sadness.

When someone loses a friend or family member like Anthony Mageean, a heavy heart doesn't even begin to explain the influx of emotions they experience.

I met Tony over ten years ago when he and my mom began dating. He was a kind-hearted, intelligent, and generous man who gave more than he took.

Tony had countless interests and talents which I witnessed over the years as my mom presented me with gifts they made together through glass blowing, pottery, perfumes, soaps, essential oils, tasty homemade goodies, and more. He was like the Santa's Workshop of craft projects and I was looking forward to years of creating masterpieces with him, my mom, and introducing him to the daughter I'm expecting this summer.

We are going to miss you, Tony. You left us too soon. I wonder what kinds of crafts you are working on now. I still have some of the soap you made and I'll do my best to keep the avocado tree you gave me alive! Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.

Elizabeth Roman

8 April 2021

I met Tony and Alina within a day of each other, 13 yrs ago. It was within the first week they met. Alina and I became fast friends, my son said, after two hours of us chatting, "Hey mom, is that your new best friend?" After that day, I spent every Friday night with Tony and Alina with my children, Gabriel, Austin and Vianna. Tony loved seeing children have the exposure to all mediums of art. They worked on an iron welded dinosaur, pottery wheel, pinch pots, grease pencils, chalk, essential oils, watercolors, and of course, glass blowing! He would create his own explosives to give us all a loud BOOM! We also ventured out on many family trips to Sunny Cove Beach, along with Tim, his faithful and true buddy to the end. We hung out together at Tim's, Alina's, Tony's and my house. Countless fine dinners out and many BBQ's where he taught be how to make great marinades and the best aioli! The love that Tony and Alina shared was passionate and adorable. The bond they shared was very rare. He spoiled her so much with massages, pedicures, and exceptional culinary skills! My children were 3, 11 & 12. Even into adulthood while they were in electrician school, Tony gave them respite over the weekend to do art and chill. We will always treasure those amazing times we shared. His open door policy to create art and indulge will be forever appreciated.

Bernie B.

8 April 2021

I met Tony when I was in high school, soon after he and my mom started dating. At first, she insisted “He's just here helping out!” And to be fair, he did help out. With everything. Barefoot, pantlegs rolled up, music blasting, he and my mom would spend weekend afternoons in the garage, laughing and cleaning out a decade of accumulations. Quickly understanding his intrinsic ability to fix, create or generally improve anything he came across, my friends and I dubbed him “The Handyman”.

Over time, that garage underwent a metamorphosis—beige, barren walls, once piled high with “stuff,” magically transformed into an eclectic and lively collection of relaxed afternoons: swirly flowers painted alongside blue colored grass; furniture arranged into a makeshift living room; posters and knick-knacks hung whimsically on display. The space reflected a newfound freedom I hadn’t previously seen in my mom. My friends and I would set up shop there when my mom would head over to Tony’s for the evening to paint, sculpt or generally enjoy life. The garage became a safe haven for us to gather, create music and art, dance, and laugh.

“The Handyman'' soon became just “Tony”. Over the years, holidays and weekends home from college were spent sharing food, fire and relaxed presence. He shared his creativity—delicious cooking, soap making, glassblowing, painting, sculpting, and hacking Pokémon Go—always with an invitation for anyone and all to join. When the house I grew up in sold, he opened his place to my mom, me and our animals.

Above all, Tony was perpetually kind and warm to me. He always spoke with a smile and a glint in his eye, and laughter dominated most of our conversations. It was that good-natured spirit I enjoyed seeing most in his interactions with my mom. I remember countless times she would say something feisty and he would simply laugh, then say “I love you, Sweetie!” guiding my mom to a smile and funny face.

Until we next laugh,


Cristal Borge

8 April 2021

I met Tony 4 years ago by a mutual friend. He took me in as part of his friend right away, he was a gracious host and loved to make us meals that not many have the pleasure to experience, he was very intelligent and had many conversations about many topics. Not much he didn't know about. He was a great friend and I will miss him truly. Knowing he isn't here is still a hard pill to swallow. But I know heaven has gain a great man and a better Angel You were and are loved and will be miss.

Mahnoush H

8 April 2021

In the sorrowful sky
A star is burning

Up from Earth’s Center through the Seventh Gate

I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate,

And many Knots unravel’d by the Road;

But not the Knot of Human Death and Fate.

In heart he is with us ..... Always

Adrianne Elofson

7 April 2021

To my beautiful little brother,
When you left this world you took a part of my heart and my soul.
You were the best brother anyone could have wished for and I will be internally grateful that I was so very blessed to have had you for the time I did.
You left us way to early but while on this earth you were a man that could make anyone smile. You were always there when someone needed a hand, a comforting word or a place to stay. You loved unconditionally and for these reasons I will live the rest of my life in your honor.
Please know you will never be forgotten and the wonderful memories you gave us will live on forever.
I love you my sweet brother.
Forever your girl,

grateful that I was so very blessed to have had you for the time I did.
You left us way to early