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Jerry Micheal Ricard

17 September, 196312 November, 2019
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Jerry Micheal Ricard was born on 17 September, 1963 and passed away on 12 November, 2019.


  • Memorial Service Saturday, 30 November , 2019


Jerry Micheal Ricard

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Emma Keppler

28 November 2019

Jerry aka. Poppa. I have tried to do this three times already and I keep Stopping I feel like this is not enough space to write how special you were to my daughter and I. Riley May and I were truly lucky to have you in our lives. From the moment we started coming around you always always made us feel apart of your family. You were truly a genuine caring man that had no judgments And no matter what It was that one another had going on you always took us in and we’re all about the kids. And I’m forever grateful for the countless heart to heart convos we had. I’ll always remember the cultus trip. Where we went to get fire wood and I got a goose egg lol or the goose island camp out This past bday your last bday. Singing out of tune happy bday to poppa. Riley May experienced sum of the happiest times with you and your family and especially at the times where we needed that. You always had a spot for us. And I’m forever going to remember those times. Jerry Ricard you were so special to us. And Riley May and I will always. Miss you and hold on to those special memories. Thank you for saving the day when I screwed up my Father’s Day. Roast. By taking me and Riley and my dad out for dinner You were generous and so caring and you had such a big heart. Rest In Peace dear friend. And wonderful poppa. Xo love Emma and Riley May

Nicole Ricard

28 November 2019

My Dad was a passionate man

About alot of things
And his family was one of them
He loved fishing ,boating
Being around friends
And just having a good time

He taught me alot in life
How to fish how to cast a line
How to clean a fish
How to swim
The list goes on

We would watch hockey together as often as him and I could
Rooting for the Canucks
And probably making hotdogs

When he was a fishermen he would bring me sea shells and coral
Form his trips
I still have some of those treasures

He will always be my dad
And I will always love him and we will always have a special bond

Love and miss you everyday dad
Love your Daughter
Nicole xo

Kylar Carter

28 November 2019

I’ll always remember you telling me to get a haircut everyday , you always making Rylee and me laugh , sometimes you would come into rylees room and just tell us the most random things ever but it always made me laugh , you were a great dad to Rylee I’ve seen it this whole past year . I’m very lucky I got to get to know you , you were a great person who always helped others out when they needed it , You’ve also raised an amazing daughter ! And I’m happy I got to hear you play you’re harmonica every night
Rest easy jerry ❤️

Deb Ricard

27 November 2019

Jerry and I had the pleasure of being married for 8 years and share 3 beautiful, wonderful, amazing grown children, Jesse, Steven and Nicole Ricard.
Jerry loved his family very much and we shared watching our children grow up to be wonderful, caring people. We co parented our kids and remained friends until his untimely departure. I am proud of Steve for responding heroically to the morning of Nov. 12 and to all of the Professionals who came to his aid. Jerry is missed and loved very much by all of his family and friends.
RIP Jerry, lots of love
Deb Ricard XO

Misty Thompson

27 November 2019

Jerry you were a very special man to everyone you problably ever encountered because you were always and I mean always happy and positive! Live Love and Laugh was how you embraced life! Every time I would think of you I would get a huge smile happening cause you were such a warm soul,so positive and caring and trusting and you could play that harmonica like nobody else! I cherish the great times we had and till we meet again...Gods speed. Love ya Jerry! Thinking of you Darlene and Riley,sending you healing hugs...xo

Kathy Vink

27 November 2019

Fond memories of Jerry was always being there Xmas morning in our family chaos waiting in line for breakfast. He will be deeply missed this year.
I spent many Friday evenings ( ok every Friday for a few years) meeting up with him to do the trade off with Rylee and Cassidy, I only recall ever making the full trek once to their place as he was always there for her.
This last year we were lucky to have a few occasions with him for Easter breakfast and hunt, my brothers birthday where he had a great time being Jerry even though his keys were locked in his truck.
My dads 75 birthday with just his children and their spouses, another night of laughter.
I treasure the family memories we have him.
My thought of Jerry has always been a man that stepped up not just once but every day of Rylees life. A one in a million father, they are hard to find and he truly was one. He has always been my sisters comfort and rock arriving in her life when she needed it the most,when we needed him the most-for that I will be forever grateful.

Rip ❤️

Sara Scott

27 November 2019

Jerry will forever hold a special place in my heart .
I've known him many years , about 14 maybe a little more .
I'm Jerry's step daughter kayles best friend of 15 years and his daughter Rylee has always been like a little sister , or so Ive claimed all the back to when she was 7 years old .
There are two memories with Jerry that I am most fond of.
One was about 8 years ago.
My car broke down and I had no one to call, I didn't know what to do , so I called jerry , the phone started ringing and I didn't even know what I was gonna say , nievely thought he wouldn't know who the hell I was.
The moment he picked up he said Sara!? Is everything ok !? I explained the pickle I was in and within 10 minutes he was there to get me 💕 it definitely left a solid impression on my heart .

And second, our Christmas party a few years ago 🎄
We invited the whole family ! And of course jerry had a blast and had everyone else laughing up a storm . It was a magical Christmas I'm happy to have shared with him and his wife Darlene .
There are many many more beautiful things I could say of this man , but they simply just don't give you enough words in these little box's do they .

I want to wrap this up by saying he was a proud man. He spoke highly of Rylee and of course that darn boat 😅

I want to encourage everyone to keep jerry alive by honouring his memories and continue to live on in honour of him.

Love you all
Rest in sweet paridice Jerry
With love, the Scott family 💕

Susan Magnuson

27 November 2019

My favorite memory of jerry is when we were at his moms dinner gathering and i was sitting in the middle of larry and jerry and we were watching the square dancers dance and jerry was joking and asking me if larry and i were going to dance like that one day him and i were laughing at how they danced and the music they danced to it was so funny. I will miss him so much he was a kind hearted man and would do anything for anybody. Rip my brother inlaw ill love you forever and always ❤

Malissa Hayes

26 November 2019


First and for most, “ I hope you're singing in the angel's choir
I hope the angels know what they have
I'll bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived” a quote from a song both my Aunty Dar and I hold dear to our hearts, and it breaks my heart to think of you no longer here with us in person.

And I want to thank you, I’ll never forget when I met you at my great grandmas house. I was a stubborn and wild 16 year old, who thought I knew everything! Going through a lot and acting out, but you never once judged me, instead you listened, you gave advice and most of all you said how much you loved my Aunty and that she was stuck with you for good! You always stood by that!

I am just speechless that you’re gone. And honestly I miss you and I’m going to miss our chats! So thankful that we got that time at Uncle Robbies birthday party!

Miss you and love you!!!

RIP 😔 Jerry

Malissa and the girls ❤️

Denise Storms

26 November 2019

All the Xmas at my parents with him and dar and Rylee

Being a father isn’t about paternal
It’s all about maternal
And Jerry showed that since before my Neice was born

Loving your children is a choice and Jerry always made the right one that I saw

Thank you for loving my neice like she was your own and loving my sister they all the tough times and all the good and there was lots of good
Being a family means you do that
Watching his kids come together to pay respects and help is what it’s all about
Your done well Jerry these kids love you and show love to others and that takes being shown love along their journeys to adulthood

Rip brother in law
We will take it form here jer💪🏻🥰