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Pearl June Curtis

12 June, 193622 January, 2020
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Pearl was born in New York, New York, on June 12, 1936. She grew up in New York City and the saying, “you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl” has some truth to it, as Pearl was a passionate and focused woman. At a young age, she knew what she wanted, and she pursued her interests with focus and intent. Her loving nature lifted everyone around her, and a sense of control and love could quench any storm. Pearl married the love of her life, Larry Curtis, and they shared 50 years together. They were inseparable and enjoyed family, traveling, fine food, and their little fur babies. Pearl passed away in Portland, OR, on January 22, 2020, and is survived by her loving husband for a beautiful 50 years Larry Curtis; son Ralph and his spouse Jeri, granddaughters Emily and Colleen, and Colleen's husband Alex. Son Steve and his spouse Ann. Son Kevin and his spouse Janice and grandson Chad. Daughter Charmaine and her spouse Chris and grandkids Dalton, Chase, Avery, and Sean.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Parkinson's Foundation.

Service will be held at Skyline Memorial Gardens, at 12:00 pm on Jan 31, 2020.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.skylinememorialgardens.com for the Curtis family.


  • Funeral Service Friday, 31 January , 2020
  • Reception Friday, 31 January , 2020
  • Committal Service Thursday, 6 February , 2020


Pearl June Curtis

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Donna Dillon

5 February 2020

Dearest Aunt Pearl

I’m so thankful to have had you in my life even though the time was too short.

I cherish our conversations and the time we spent together. Especially when I received your surprise phone call just at the time I needed your wisdom, Love and strength.

Our hearts have come together and will remain forever together.
I feel your presence, your love, support and wisdom will live in my heart forever.

Love Always ,

Suzanne Tinsley

2 February 2020

January 29, 2020
Larry and family,
Pearl was an awesome force of energy and exceptional beauty. She and your family have been a vivid memory in my past and as part of our family (Bobbi, my dad, (Will), and the boys), too. Some of my fondest memories were of all of us working together at the "El Capitans" in Tallahassee. My heart and prayers are with you. Suzy (Horton) Tinsley, Havana, FL.

Ralph Loynachan

1 February 2020

Chapter 4:

Their Harley Davidson, uniquely bestowed and adorned with “bling”, was ready at the wait for excursions:

• Dusty trails across South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest on their approach to the southeastern face of Mount Rushmore  
• Poker runs along Oregon’s lush mountain roads and bucolic countryside.
• Christmas toy drives to Children’s Hospital and our cherished rides together on the annual Love Ride in Los Angeles benefiting veterans and promoting grade school literacy

As a humble steward of our Mom’s legacy, my brothers Steve, Kevin and I, have memories of our Mom that will provide special and compelling thoughts to be forever treasured, as we celebrate with joy and gratitude the gift she imparted by truly living a life worth living, HER WAY!  

Ralph Loynachan

1 February 2020

Chapter 3:

To this day, my natural inclination is to always walk curbside in the company of the opposite sex.  While horse-drawn buggies are long gone, street slush and water puddles are “still a thing”.  

Mom would go on to equip us all with the self-confidence, drive and determination required for cultivating a fulfilling and happy life.  She tirelessly advocated with loving concern, empathy and support for her 3 sons, their spouses and preciously adored grandchildren. And all she’d simply require was a vigorously sustained scalp massage or a serenade from her granddaughters Emily and Colleen.

As we mourn Mom’s passing, we celebrate the immense positive influence she bestowed upon us, as her wish for her own family had come to glorious fruition.  Mom’s strength of spirit, as she guided her family, prompts countless moments etched into my collective consciousness and heart:

• Joyous Christmas celebrations from Snowmass to Cabo
• Picnicking on fish and chips while overlooking the lapping surf at the Malibu RV Park
• Milestone birthdays and graduation celebrations from Fisherman’s Wharf to a cozy booth at Taix on Sunset to Dukes on Pacific Coast Highway
Together, Mom and Larry, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, friend and confidante, showed us all, by example, what a truly collaborative loving marriage is all about.  They enjoyed a vast spectrum of interests together.  I fondly remember how they prolifically produced large stunning elaborate macramé wall hangings.  
I’d vicariously be thrilled to hear of Mom’s competitive streak playing bingo at Seven Feathers, where she’d simultaneously pounce on multiple bingo cards with stealth, precision, her trusty lucky blotters at her command.  

Ralph Loynachan

1 February 2020

Chapter 2:

Though home is where the heart would be found - whether in Montreal Quebec, Tallahassee Florida, Aspen Colorado, Mission Viejo California or Portland Oregon, among others - a house was made home through Mom’s impeccable sense of taste.  A magical warmth was effectively realized by the simple flip of a light switch for just the right ambience.  The simmering sweet fragrance of Mom’s tangy gurgling robust spaghetti sauce and the vanilla aroma of a double-layered chocolate cake cooling to room temperature, would invariably satiate the hardiest of appetites.  Preparing for holiday and birthday celebrations were events Mom whole-heartedly embraced.  Childhood memories of finding coins carefully wrapped in wax paper, baked into the nooks and crannies of a birthday cake, delighted all with the surprise bounty.

My earliest childhood memory relates to Mom’s never-tiring mantra of “cleanliness as godliness”.  I fondly remember scampering across the wall-to-wall carpet as a toddler, fascinated and in hot pursuit of the whining turbine of a 1955 Electrolux vacuum cleaner whipping across the foyer, living room and dining room floors like a feisty potbelly pig.  I relished going on errands with Mom as she firmly grasped my hand while navigating trains, buses and subways to make our intended destination.  I was perfectly content to clutch my 5 cent bag of potato chips while perched high on a plush seat, legs dangling, entranced by the pink pastel motif of the beauty salon lobby, perfumed with pungently distinct aerosol hairspray, Chanel No. 5 and Mom’s preferred Tabu perfume.  I’d eagerly anticipate Mom as she emerged from her appointment as the most beautiful Mom I could possibly ever imagine.  It was on those many excursions and adventures, as we left proudly hand in hand, that I became the recipient of indelible life-long etiquette lessons.  

Ralph Loynachan

1 February 2020

Chapter 1:

Early on, Mom had long aspired to have a family of her own with a sense of security that had evaded her without the benefit of a conventional upbringing.  I’m here to honor Mom’s everlasting love, compassion, strength and tenacity on her success in a life-long mission celebrating her all-embracing love and support she generously showered upon her family.
It’s been said that Mom would have walked on hot coals for her 3 boys.  Could it have been in the DNA of a long distant relative who toiled in a Central Pennsylvania mine after surviving a cavernous explosion, his face permanently pitted with copious grains of coal buck-shot?  A formative event that shaped Mom’s strength of character was likely with the direction to board a North bound train from Grand Central Station to Montreal at the age of 5 at the bequest of my Great Aunt Pearl.  Trafalgar Boarding School for Girls was located in a tony Montreal district of Mount Royale.  The stark juxtaposition from living in a New York City 5 story walk-up sandwiched between a church and a synagogue in lower East Manhattan under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, to an exclusive all-girls school, was a socioeconomic chasm that wasn’t lost on Little Pearl.  She embraced the diverse cultures represented by many who were daughters of dignitaries and social elite.  The seeds of Mom’s uncanny intuitive sense of style may have taken root and blossomed through invitations to vacation with classmates in various parts of the world and long road trips across North America.  She passionately competed in track and tennis and would later go into training as an obstetric assistant.  

Colleen Loynachan

1 February 2020

We love you so much Grandma xoxoxo

Colleen Loynachan

1 February 2020

Grandma we will cherish our memories together forever.

Landing at Portland Airport. First stop, feeling perfectly pampered with a special manicure and pedicure at the nail salon with Grandma.

She’s indulging in eggs benedict at Shari’s while I enjoy my bear shaped pancake with butter nose.

The smell of leather cushions in the motor home and the Harley garage entrance welcomes us into Grandma and Grandpa’s cozy home.

Sipping her pepsi or mocha, leaving a perfect lipstick kiss on the glass rim.

Adding BLING to everything, Grandma is the pinnacle of style.

Feeling like a million bucks when we sneak a peak with Grandma into her closet and slip on a pair of her kitten heels.

Wrapping one of Grandma’s special eyelash knit scarves around my neck and feel like a super model.

Loving puppy kisses from Tai, Sophie, Harley, Mandy, Molly and Sheba.

Adventuring down the coast for Love Ride making home on the road.

Feeling her soft delicate skin clutching my hands – I miss holding your hands Grandma.

Hands that have worked hard and have inspired a strong work ethic in our family.

Blowing kisses and kisses and kisses travelling 5000 miles across the Atlantic from London to Portland.

Special delivery messages filled with so much Love, wearing a crown perfectly fit for a queen.

Thank you, Grandma for all of the wisdom and love that you have shared. We could never have enough time together, all the moments feel so fleeting, but we cherish every second together and you will live on in our hearts.

I am honored to be your granddaughter.

Bobbi Horton

31 January 2020

Dearest Pearl and Family, Pearl was all the wonderful qualities you all wrote about and more. Also, a loyal friend of 50 + years. I was privileged to be her Matron of Honor at her and Larry's wedding. I too marveled at all her talents. Now she's, out of pain and in heaven protected and comforted by the Lord. Her love she gave is deep in my heart and Oh how I'll miss her.

Jeri Schuessler-Loynachan

30 January 2020

Dearest Mom,
Whatever you set out to do or accomplish, you did so with gusto, skill, passion, and impeccable style. Nothing was ever done half-heartedly.
You are renowned for your homemaking skills, delicious cooking, professional knitting, motorcycle riding, competitive bingo-playing, motorhome-traveling, interior and exterior decorating, and legendary birthday and holiday celebrations.
Your passion was not containable- you were a force to be reckoned with- a force of nature.
Your endless energy was focused, and your creativity and innate style - your hallmark.
You took joy in the challenges of creating cozy and welcoming homes as your family moved across the United States.
You adored your husband, Larry, and at times, you became his helpful collaborator in restaurant management details- like Pearl’s special menu items at Shari’s. Together, your love, devotion, and strong partnership allowed you to weather life’s challenges and celebrate your many accomplishments and goals.
Mom, you raised three caring and empathetic sons, who have in turn raised their own loving families. You taught them to be creative problem solvers with very strong work ethics. You instilled your love of family into every action, and have left this legacy for us all. We miss your loving embraces, support, and encouragement. Please know that we are stewards of your convictions and that we cherish all these memories in our hearts.
My love and thanks to you, now and forever,
Your grateful daughter, Jeri xoxoxo


"My Sunshine " love you mom