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Lauren Alan Russell

11 June, 194615 May, 2020

Lauren Allan Russell was born in Seattle Washington on June 11, 1946. He passed away on Friday May 15, 2020 in Snohomish Washington. He was the surviving twin at birth born to his mother who was also a twin. She was a single mother and raised him in Redmond Washington. He was an enrolled Snohomish tribal member and survived by his loving wife of fifty-four years, Margrete Russell, and 3 of their 4 children, Laurie Russell, Robert Russell, and Nancy Russell-Allen. Lauren was preceded in death by his mother Thelma Russell, and his son Michael Russell. Lauren’s survived by his 8 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. His deepest love in life was for his family and devoted wife—which was a gift to all who witnessed their special love. They met at Lake Hills Roller Rink in Bellevue, when she was fifteen and he was one year older. They were inseparable from the start and their love grew stronger every year as their family evolved.

Lauren loved Race Cars. His 68 Chevelle SS, was his second wife. He loved to build and rebuild the engine in that car, for years until he sold it in 2014. One of his nicknames was, “Car Parts” as well as “Car Guy”. He treated his hobby as a game and would order parts and hide them out in the garage and hope the UPS driver would deliver his precious packages before Marg got home from work. He had a thing for chrome and spent enough money on chrome/stainless steel, and mirrored parts to buy every one of us a new house and car!

He loved music, and was a favored customer at Silver Platters, and often did “Covert Operations” to buy any old or new music. He would have to hide his treasures, and he knew that if he waited just long enough and played it later, Marg wouldn’t even pay attention to it. He was a music trivia genius, and could recite the names of the songs, the lyrics, and specific details of every band member. And if you thought you knew trivia--he would correct you if you were wrong. He knew the year the song was released, titles to albums, and had a tremendous recall of certain life events as it related to music. Conversations on the phone would include mention of who he was listening to at the time, be it Tom Petty, Neil Young, Rush, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, John Mellencamp, Mick Jagger, Lynard Skynard, or Johnny & Edgar Winter.

Lauren loved tattoos!!!! His first tattoo was Betty Boop, then Holly the Hooker, which quickly led to Tweety Bird, Tom Petty, and of course “Rosie” and then Michael’s favorite band. He tried to talk his daughter Nancy into getting one, but she never caved!! Robert wasn’t interested in tattoos either. He was always a huge help whenever he lived nearby and was truly missed when he moved to the east coast. Lauren and Laurie got matching tattoos of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, and he absolutely loved the “Experience”. His life touched so many others and was a gift to us all…  


  • Inurnment

    Wednesday, 27 May , 2020

  • Celebration of Life

    Thursday, 11 June , 2020


Lauren Alan Russell

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21 May 2020

I had so much fun with Marg and Russ. So loving. They helped me. Always kind. I loved the children Russ was the best father. He had nothing but love in his heart. Thank you for being you. I love you.

Nancy Russell, Allen

21 May 2020


I’m so saddened from this point forward all I will have is our memories to remember you!! I’m the youngest of your four Children and everyone that knows us knows I was put here on earth for some very important reason. We all know I was a huge unexpected accident!! You already had been in and had the snip, snip done. Fortunately or unfortunately you can look at it any way you would like. You did not follow dr’s orders of rest and relax. So in return things come back undone. Then magically I was planted in my mommy’s tummy. Then my mommy felt a lump in her tummy thought maybe I was A tumor. Mom went to dr’s andyÿ was surprisingly stunned when they informed her she was pregnant. She explained she could not be and they explained well you are lol. Thank goodness you and I look so much alike and share quite a few features. I must have got my love for cars, loud music and going fast from my father as well. We also share a love for expensive nice jewelry. My dad loved to spoil us girls and surprise us with nice jewelry. I love music rock and roll , AC/DC one of my favorites. I definitely learned from my father. My father had much knowledge when it came to rock and roll music. I also grew to like country music and he would tell me I raised you on rock and roll, I raised you better than that. You use to tell me when I belched out loud, like I often did. You would always say I raised you better than that. I would always tell you obviously you did not lol. You loved to tell me I was your favorite. Not to sure to how much truth it had behind it, I would just chuckle. I couldn’t tell you, you were my favorite dad because you were my only dad. You are going to be missed greatly!! I’m truly going to miss you more than you will ever know!! I still can’t believe your not with us any more! You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you dad! Love always, your daughter#your#favorite#Nancy 😉😉

Michael E Rantala

20 May 2020

We would always get up and slowly make are way downstairs with the dogs barking and the birds squawking. Then grandpa would go over to his cd collect and choose something to start the morning off. We listened to alot of ACDC. Then we would make eggs and get ready for a long day in the garage working on the Chevelle polishing chrome and changing out parts. Then usually a ride to the gas station to make sure we had enough gas for a sunny day drive. If I was lucky we would be getting ready for a car show.

Laurie Russell

20 May 2020

While my Dad gave me many gifts. Deborah Guerrero ..music. my love of music is probably the biggest day to day one. Dad and I always talked music, always listened to music. I've seen more bands and live shows than I can count.
Dad took me to my first concert, way back in 1980. We saw Tom Petty. I was 14.
That was the beginning of my love of concerts. We shared similar taste in music (although I'm more metal these days) .
As a teenager , getting up and getting ready for school in our old house in Redmond. Dad always blasted the music as we all got ready for our day. What an amazing gift music is..love of music all day everyday.
Our music talks will be missed.
You will be missed. I love you Dad.

Rhonda Odell

20 May 2020

I just read the memory from Deborah and although I don’t know who you are it was a beautiful memory! Your description of the house is exactly how I remember it as well! I was pretty young when I went there and I remember driving by the fenced junkyard and a few times trying to sneak in to see it with one of the boys I believe. As a kid I thought the house was a mansion and I remember the large piano in the front room. The streams and tall grass pathways outback were a magical place for me. All the girls became blood sisters there. I am sad that I wasn’t able to stay in touch with everyone!! Thanks to Marg and Russ for some of my best childhood memories that were spent with them in their mansion!

Deborah Guerrero

20 May 2020

The Redmond house where Lauren (our Russell) grew up played a huge role and a treasure chest of memories for our families. We all know that house and the incredible love we all shared there. Lauren and Marg (our Rosie) always had open doors, big dogs and beautiful little children. As teenagers, we used to show up, and we’d spend hours listening to the best LOUD music on their Marantz stereo, as we’d scream: “Number 9 it”!!! To this day I blast my music, like I’m at concert and I always remember being amazed at the knowledge Russell had of every band, title of each song, and intricate details that no one else knew. When I hear certain songs I can close my eyes and I’m right back there!! Thank you for your precious life touching so many lives our beautiful Russell! And our Rosie too. We are here for you all always!! Family is what Life is all about...Goonal’cheesh Ho Ho, thank you in the Highest Honor.