Ximena Isabella Booth

1 August, 200323 July, 2022
Ximena Isabella Booth passed away on July 23, 2022, at the tender age of 18 of a suspected drug overdose after a short battle with addiction. Ximena was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. She is the youngest of three girls and she certainly enjoyed being the youngest, we know this because Ximena never missed an opportunity to declare herself as the favorite. It did not hurt anyone’s feelings because to everyone she is their baby. Mena was a beautiful person who found comfort in helping others. Lately it has been a common occurrence to hear “Mena saved my life.” Mena had an infectious laugh which made you feel like all was well in the world. I treasure those moments of laughter, it’s the song of innocence. Bright lights surrounded her, but the clouds of depression and anxiety prevented her from fully seeing what the rest of us could see. It led to various doctors, therapists, and medication but nothing could settle down Mena’s sensitive soul and so she turned to drugs as a form of self-medication. Mena was an empath, she took on the pain of others at her own expense, and it blinded her to the dangers that surrounded her. She was young and naive, overwhelmed with all the expectations of her generation and did not see the evil she called friends in her last two weeks of life. Mena demonstrated so much courage when she asked for help and checked herself into a rehabilitation center. After completing the program, she was the happiest we had ever seen her in a long time. Her voice had so much emotion, she looked and sounded so alive. She fought hard to stay sober, even though she had a home to go to, she chose to go to sober living. Things were turning around for her, and it showed, most importantly, she was so proud of herself and so were we. I never saw a relapse coming. Mena loved music, it was either music blasting in the shower, sharing songs with her family and just about lived with Air Pods in her ears. She loved to dance but she was especially great at making hilarious videos and creating messages of empowerment. She had a tremendous gift for acting and improvising, excelling in high school theater. On stage she was confident, brilliant, beautiful, and graceful. Simply put, Mena had it all. Mena loved love, she loved the idea of falling in love, being in love and staying in love. She often talked about getting married, had even picked out a wedding song and named future children. Her dream career was to become a psychiatrist for teens, she would have been amazing. Mena loved sunflowers, and butterflies, she loved her dog Fynn and most recently rescued a black kitten she named Stella guessing it had been a girl. His name is now Mr. Stella. I cannot even begin to try and understand how and why, after all the things Mena had survived; we are here today. If this had not been our story, it would be easy to say we would accept God’s plan. I Know that bad things happen sometimes because of free will and I may not understand or have yet to accept her passing but I do feel so blessed to have been her mother. She was wise beyond her years, showed me things through a different lens, she had a level of maturity and knowledge that takes a lifetime to figure out. She was intelligent and curious, my daughter made me a better person. Her time on this earth was so short, but her life meant something, or she wouldn’t have been here. I often told her, if I love you as much as I do, imagine how much God loves you. And if HE loves her more than I do then he must be broken-hearted too. The last few months before she died were the best I ever had with her. I became more than her mom; I became her friend. I do not know all the details of Ximena’s last days, but I do know for certain that demonic forces were at play in everything that happened to her. People with bad intentions surrounded her and she trusted the wrong person. Being a teenager is one of the most dangerously vulnerable times of your life. You are trying to navigate becoming an adult, while still very much a child. Teens and young adults, I am addressing YOU. The fifth Commandment says, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the lord your God is giving you” Do not be so quick to grow up, your parents are not nagging you, they are loving you. They are not smothering you; they are scared and just want to protect you. Be open and honest, because no one else can help you like they can, no one else cares more about you than they do. You are young and life can be so overwhelming, but drugs are never the answer. Say something if you know something is not right. Risk losing a friend to help them. Be their voice when they will not or cannot speak for themselves. Everything matters, you could be saving a life. I believe that God was working in Mena’s life. During her time in rehab Mena had told me that she had felt so alone, but that when she prayed, those feelings went away. She said that she knew God was there with her, and that was her confirmation that God exists, she became once again a believer. I pray that in your last moments, you felt God’s presence, because God never left you my beautiful girl, and now you’re dancing in heaven and singing like never before. No one and nothing can hurt you anymore. I loved you before I met you and I will love you for all eternity. This is not goodbye; it’s until we meet again. A visitation for Ximena will be held Monday, August 8, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Cornerstone Church, 18755 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258, followed by a funeral service from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. 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