Geovanny Luis Hidalgo

June 17, 1967June 11, 2018
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Geovanny Luis Hidalgo, our dear father, son, brother and friend passed away on Monday, June 11, 2018 with his family by his side at the age of 50 years.

He will be missed by his children, Nickolas and Jessica; parents, Luis and Rosa; sisters Ivonne and Monica, his loving companion Pearl, his uncle (more like a brother) Pino and his family.

We will miss his positivity, humour, energy and big heart. Geovanny was selfless throughout his life right to the end giving his family encouragement and comfort. Always the eternal optimist, he viewed life through rose-coloured glasses.

Geovanny loved nature, whether it was camping, hiking or playing various sports. He was adventurous and would always try anything once. In 2015, he was able to achieve one of his life's dreams of travelling back to his birth country of Ecuador.

Geovanny will forever be in our hearts.


  • Celebration of Life Friday, June 15, 2018

Geovanny Luis Hidalgo

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Nick Hidalgo

July 11, 2018

Tomorrow will be one month since you have gone on your new journey wherever that maybe, I hope that wherever you are they have taken you without any annoyance and irritation because we all know how many questions you had before you left. It's crazy to think that it will be one month since you've gone because I know it must be hard for you to not being able to talk to the better looking version of yourself... Don't worry it's been a challenge for me also but more for you for sure.

All jokes aside I can't believe how much of a amazing father you had been to me, I miss you so much and I think about you everyday. There no words that can describe how grateful I am for everything you have done for me, I'm so happy I've gotten the privilege to call my dad, best friend,game and movie buddy. I always knew I could have counted on you for anything and not think twice about it. Thank you for everything you have taught me and everything you've shown me, you made me smile and laugh everyday and done a lot more then anything I could have asked for you're truly one of the most amazing man I have ever met.

As much as I wish you were here I'm happy you're finally at peace now. I feel you all the time and can't wait till we get to see each other again, and when we do no matter how old I will always be better looking one.

Love you forever, you're best friend & #1 son :-) ❤

Rosa Hidalgo

July 11, 2018

Geovanny. Querido hijo
Hace un mes que te fuiste para siempre y contigo se fue parte de mi vida ,pero se que estas descansando de tantos sufrimientos Geovanny le pido a Dios te permita ser mi ángel a que estés conmigo me cuides como siempre lo hiciste tu estarás en nuestros corazones toda la vida .Perder un hijo es un dolor que no se puede describir no hay palabras .Me dejaste una lección que no se debe hacer planes al futuro sino vivir el presente hijo le pediré en mis oraciones a Dios te de La Paz eterna y te tenga en la gloria por siempre AMÉN
Tu mamá te quiero con toda mi alma donde estés hijo mío .Rosa H

Rosa Hidalgo

July 2, 2018

El día de tu partida jamás se borrará de mi mente,ya que mi corazón se fue contigo,Giovita hijo como quiciera describir desde el día en que tú naciste hasta el dia 11 de junio 2018 7:15 pm ya que fuiste y seguirás siendo un hijo bueno con virtudes muy valiosas de ser humano,porque como hermano siempre pendiente de tus hermanas y de un tío que te vio nacer te llevaste como un hermano,cada día preguntando si llamo Pino ,como papá hijo fuiste excelente cuidaste de ellos en todo sentido,si tenías problemas con ellos te enojabas dialogabas les aconsejabas luego tal vez de pocos minutos era como un verdadero amigo,los hijitos Nick y Jessi disfrutaron de ti hoy se que desde donde estés les cuidaras siempre como sobrino cumpliste con el deseo de traerle a Carlin a Canada a se volvieran a ver a los 43 anios con Pino gracias Dios mío por haberme un hijo tan bueno porque estuvo siempre pensando en toda la flia y como amigo un buen amigo.,responsable con tu trabajo y cuidando siempre de papá y mamá.Giovita Dios me regalo con unos hijos muy buenos y hoy el duenio de la vida te llamo a que estés a su lado pero se que donde estés nos seguirás cuidándonos y será mi ángel en mi corazón estarás hasta volver a vernos ,Tu mamá.

Jessica Hidalgo

July 2, 2018

Never in a million years did I think my nightmare of losing you this soon would be a reality. The thought of life without you -unimaginable. From when I was a child up until now you’ve been my hero and my best friend. I never had to hesitate to call you for anything because I knew you would always be there for me no matter what, without judgment. How lucky am I to have had such a special, loving, caring man as my dad? We held hands to the very end and I can feel you continuing to hold my hand through out this time. Your physical being may no longer be here but your presence has never felt stronger. I know you’re with me and will continue to guide me through life. My last birthday you barely had the strength to walk but you mustered up the power to go shower and shave on your own so we can have dinner. That gesture on its own shows how resilient you were when it came to your kids. There aren’t words strong enough to explain how thankful I am for all you’ve ever done & continue to do for me.
I love you so much Dad. Until we meet again xo <3

Martha Sanchez

June 18, 2018

Geovany you left us a week ago today, it feels as if it was yesterday. Hope you had a good birthday and father's day. So glad you are no longer suffering.
You will be missed but never forgotten.
RIP Geo ❤

Monica Hidalgo

June 15, 2018

Wow, what a journey.
Geovanny, even though you were the oldest , you always drove me crazy because you would not grow up when we were kids. I also remember how generous you were and how you would always be around when I needed help. We could not talk or see each other for a while, yet when we did get together it was always a great time.
As I am writing this I still can't believe you are no longer here. I now understand why you "never grew up". The last 2 years was something no one should ever have to experience and you still found a way to make everyone laugh and make sure that we were all OK. I can't tell jokes but I can make sure that our family will be OK.
Love you for ever
Your sister Monica

Orbe Calahorrano

June 14, 2018

Estimados Luis, Rosita y familia,
Reciban nuestro profundo pesar por el fallecimiento de Geovanny. Lo recordamos con mucho cariño y su sonrisa lo llevamos en nuestro pensamiento y corazón.
Los acompañamos con nuestras oraciones y que Nuestro Señor los colme de bendiciones y paz.

Jorge, Lucy e hijos

Xavier Celleri

June 14, 2018

Geovanny and I became instant friends in grade 9 at St. Basil’s specially when we found out we were both Ecuadorian. In all those years it was never a dull moment being around him. His presence always enlightened the atmosphere as he was a good hearted young man. To the Hidalgo family my condolences and may God almighty bless you with strength to overcome such a big loss. RIP Geo

Lina Salazar

June 14, 2018

Geovanny my dear friend, as heartbroken as I am that you are no longer here with us, I find peace knowing that you are now free of pain and suffering.
As I sit here remembering you, all I can see is your heart warming and infectious smile, your kindness and willingness to give a helping hand.

The best way I know of honoring your memory is to be there for your parents, sisters and children. I know that is what you would want.

Gone but not forgotten.
Lina Salazar

Ivonne Hidalgo

June 14, 2018

My amazing brother was not always perfect but he tried tirelessly to give as much of himself to others as he could. He would look after everyone to ensure their happiness and try to put a smile on your face with his many stories and jokes. Geo always loved to have family around him and he was the favouite cousin, who took time to connect and be there for them
Geovanny was my security blanket and whenever I needed him he would be there, even when I was an annoying little sister (which he would say was often). I was asked if my brother gave me any words of wisdom before he passed and he did in his own subtle way. He told me that I was" doing good" at an extremely stressful time during his last days. He made me look at myself and recognize that I should not be afraid of life and be confident.
I will shed tears of sorrow because I miss him so much but I know in time I will be shedding tears of laughter when I think of my big brother.