Olivia Luongo

14 November , 19604 April , 2018
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Olivia Luongo, 57, passed away the 4th of April 2018 at North York General Hospital surrounded by her loving family, after her second battle with Cancer.

Olivia Luongo was born on the 14th of November, 1960 in Taurasi, Italy to Nicola and Maria Luongo. Her parents and their family immigrated to Ontario Canada when she was 7 years old, she helped raise her younger sisters Gerardina and Sabina Luongo. She went on to raise two children Michael and Alise. She was at Wawanesa Insurance for over 15 years and on her spare time she enjoyed gardening in the Summers and visiting friends and family.

Her family pays tribute "Throughout her battle Olivia grew weaker, but those who knew her knew how strong she truly was. As life presented her with obstacles she faced them head on. The weight of the world would always fail to compare to the weight of her heart. Showing love and pride in everyone she held dear. She was our biggest fan, and our most admired hero. When she felt too weak to lift her own granddaughter Olivia, she was still lifting us all up through her love and support. We believe God called her home early because she already understood what he put us here on this Earth to learn: "That life is precious, and love is abundant"

She is survived by her two children Alise (Jeff) and Michael (Amanda), her granddaughter Olivia, her mother Maria, her two sisters Sabina and Gerardina (Mario), and her nieces and nephews Maria, Francesca, Robert, and Thomas

Friends and family will be called to the JERRETT FUNERAL HOME (1141 St. Clair Ave W., One block east of Dufferin St.) on Saturday, April 7th and Sunday, April 8th, 2018 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. A Funeral Mass will be held at St. Clare’s Catholic Parish (1118 St. Clair Ave W., Toronto, ON) at 10:00 am. Entombment at Prospect Cemetery (1450 St. Clair Ave W., Toronto, ON) to follow.

In memory of Olivia, donations to the Canadian Cancer Society would be greatly appreciated.


  • Visitation Saturday, 7 April , 2018
  • Visitation Saturday, 7 April , 2018
  • Visitation Sunday, 8 April , 2018
  • Visitation Sunday, 8 April , 2018
  • Funeral Mass Monday, 9 April , 2018
  • Entombment Monday, 9 April , 2018

Olivia Luongo

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Robert Bianchi

30 May 2018


Its been about two months now and a day still has not gone by that I do not think about you. The smile you brought to everyone's face, the love you showed towards everyone can not be replicated! Every time we would walk through the doors of your house or Nonna' house you would be standing there waiting to give us a big kiss on the cheek. Something I will never forget is when we would sit down for family lunches at Nonna's, there would always be a piece of bread in front of me, there was no one else except for you who would put that there. You knew how much I loved eating bread with my pasta.

Zizi, you are greatly missed and loved. We have a new member of the family who is proud to be carrying your name!

I love you and miss you greatly!

Thomas Bianchi

17 May 2018


It is very hard for me to write this because it should be done in person. I miss you every single day, and I will never forget every time we saw each other the great times we had. You were always there, the biggest supporter for anyone in any of their accomplishments. You always had a smile on your face with everything that you did, and that would bring a smile to my face and everyone’s face in the room. You should still be here with us. I miss you and I love you so much. I will never stop thinking about you.

Love you always,

Francesca Bianchi

9 May 2018


Olivia Luongo, daughter, sister, mother, Zia and Nonna and friend was taken from us too soon. She was an incredibly strong person. Her illness took her away from us, but it most definitely did not get the better of her. She fought right until the very end until she no longer could with her family around her not wanting to let go.

I never understood why we called her Zizi. I asked my mom why do we call Zizi, Zizi, why not the generic Italian way Zia. My mom went on to tell me that when my sister and I were born we already had a Zia and a Zi Sabi, so Zizi wanted to be special in her own way. And when my brothers were born it just stuck.

But that is what she was, a special and beautiful person inside and out. We will always remember the smile she had on her face whenever we walked through the door. To say Zizi was selfless is an understatement. She was a woman who had a heart of gold and who constantly wore her heart on her sleeve. One thing I admire about her was her concern for the well being of her family, and of course if there was enough food on the table. Even throughout her last days she was constantly thinking about her family. She went above and beyond to make sure her family was happy no matter the outcome.

If there is one thing out of the endless memories of Zizi to remember is her love for bread. Odd right? However, no matter what she ate, there was always bread beside her. Talk about carbs. The endless teasing during Sunday afternoon lunches was never a dull moment, and she loved every minute of it. Also, she loved her potato chips, but not a good flavour, but rather your old fashion Lay’s potato chips, why, who knows that was always something she had to have in the house.

Francesca Bianchi

9 May 2018


Let's not talk about her cleaning addiction. She was always mopping the floor, doing the dishes. The house had to be spic and span. When Michael would leave his desk from drawing, he would always come back and find everything in a neat pile and somehow there was always something missing or lost.

Zizi was the eldest of three sisters. She was considered the boss. She would always boss my mother around to help clean the house, and of course my mother always had an excuse to avoid cleaning.

Just the other day, my mom was rummaging through her closet looking for pictures and of course making a mess. As she was moving things aside and disorganizing everything, a sweater falls on her head. That was Zizi's way of saying my mom was making a mess. Even from up above she was still getting mad at my mom for making a mess.

Zizi took on the responsibility of being the big sister, because growing up she constantly took care of Zi Sabi, the baby of the family and helped raise her when she was small.

Growing up, Zizi was Daddy’s girl, clinging onto Nonno. She even looked like Nonno, her best feature being her nose, and she was darn proud of that nose, because it was Nonno’s nose.

At the end, when Zizi knew she was dying, she was not sad, she did not cry, all she said was “It’s ok, I am going to see my Daddy”, and my mom said a few words I am not going to repeat.

She constantly took care of Nonna, and loved her dearly. She always made sure she was happy, cooking for her, bringing her to friends houses for coffee. As much as Zizi huffed and puffed about it, secretly she loved spending time with Nonna and making visits to all her friends on College.

Zizi worked hard to raise Michael and Lisa on her own into the individuals they are today. She worked three jobs to pay off her house to make sure Michael and Lisa had a roof over their heads. She was immensely proud of them both.

Francesca Bianchi

9 May 2018


Just this past year, it was a special year for Zizi. Zizi was over the moon because Lisa got married, throwing her a bridal shower and welcoming Jeff into the family gave her nothing but happiness. Welcoming Amanda and her children into the family brought her great joy, however, her greatest joy is her granddaughter Olivia, who she loved dearly. When Olivia would sleep over, Zizi would feed her anything and everything. There was nothing but endless love for Olivia. She will be there for Olivia during the small and major milestones throughout her life, cheering her on as her guardian angel.

Zizi was always so proud of her nieces and nephews, well of course who wouldn’t be. She was always there in every important event in our lives. She was like a second mother to the four of us. Every birthday, every graduation, every confirmation she was there, our number one fan, with a big smile on her face.

Zizi was so proud when she came to Ottawa for my teacher's college graduation. When she looked in the program for my name, she saw my name, Francesca Olivia Bianchi, and she joked saying she was graduating from teachers college. We also introduced Zizi to sangria, never having it before, any chance she got she would order it and it became her new favourite drink that weekend.

Zizi did not travel often, but when she, she had the time of her life. When she went to Italy with my mom and Nonna back in 2007, she had a blast reminiscing about her childhood, visiting the family’s hometown and eating endless amounts of bread and seafood. Also, bringing Zizi to Florida, and lounging by the pool was nothing but relaxation and happiness. Watching her swim with a noodle, was comedic in itself.

Francesca Bianchi

9 May 2018

And the time Zizi somehow convinced my mom, Michael and I to eat Popeyes. That was a big mistake on our end. She just sat there, eating away while we were sitting there looking at the food in disgust but somehow forced it down. However the highlight of the trip was bringing Zizi to Disney World. It was like bringing a little kid for the first time. She was in complete awe and cherished every moment. Her dedication to find Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the hunt for a stuffed animal Tigger for Lisa, was the challenge of day, followed by a marigoround ride and Michael rolling his eyes in the background, but yet she enjoyed every minute of it. However, getting her down from the horse, that is another story in itself. Let's just say it ended in tears because of stomach aching laughter due to watching a grown woman struggle to get off of a plastic horse. Needless to say, the day ended with snapshots and memories to last a lifetime.

Let's not forget Zizi's "unique" fashion sense, pants hiked all the way up, shirt tucked in with a belt and of course the infamous socks and flats. She made up her own fashion trend that was subject to none other than sarcastic comments and a great deal of fashion advice.

Zizi you are now at peace, the suffering and the pain is over. Because you are not physically with us, but spiritually, you will forever be in our hearts and dearly missed. Zizi, you will forever be our guardian angel.

On behalf of the Luongo family we would like to thank Mary Jackson and Zia Linda DiPaolo for their friendship over the years and their endless love, and care for Zizi during the last couple of weeks. She spoke highly of the both of you and we will be forever grateful for what you have done for Zizi and the family.

Zizi, say Hi to Nonno for us. Rest in Peace.

Melina Lyons

26 April 2018

I didn't believe it when your daughter called me to tell me you had passed away.
I didn't believe it while I was getting dressed for your visitation either. The moment I walked into your visitation, I had the wind knocked out of me. To this day I still can't believe you're really gone.
I'm so blessed to have had you in my life. You were always like the aunt I never had but always wanted. You've done so much for me and I have always valued how much love and support you have shown me and my family over the years. I'll never forget when you found out that your granddaughter was supposed to be due to arrive the same weekend as my wedding. I told you that I understood that you might miss my wedding if the baby came on September 9th, but you were so quick to assure me that you told the baby you have plans on September 9th. And you were right, you made it to my wedding. You were the first person waiting for me when I stepped out of the limo. I will never forget that moment.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into baking for my shower and my wedding. I know you told my brother that you would do the same for him when he got married - don't worry mom and I will follow through on that promise for you.
Liv you were such an incredible woman and I just hope that your family knows how much they all meant to you. When you would spend weekends at our house, your face would light up with excitement when Michael would call you. Or when you would talk about Alise and how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress and you would have tears fill your eyes because you just couldn't believe that your little girl was all grown up. You always had so much pride when you spoke of your family - especially your granddaughter.
Thank you for being a best friend to my mom for all these years and for taking care of her when I couldn't.
Thank you for all the love you gave me, I hope you know how much I love you.
So I won't say goodbye, but see you again one day angel.

Alise Cabral (Luongo)

25 April 2018

To Mom,

I cannot begin to describe how hard it is not having you here with me. You were my best friend and I talked to you about everything. It is weird that I cannot pick up the phone and call you to tell you how my day has been or to vent when i'm upset just for you to tell me to calm down and everything will be ok. They took you to soon. I know its selfish to want you here because your in peace and not suffering but I just needed more time. You took half of me with you that day you passed. I love you mom more than words can say. Thank you for being the wonderful mother you were and raising me to become the woman I am today, you worked so hard for so long and stayed strong. My mother loved unconditionally and touched many people's lives. She was such a loving woman with a heart of gold. It was the best feeling to have her walk me down the isle at my wedding and helping me every step of the way. she was so strong and stayed positive never giving up but the heart and body grew tired and finally decided to rest. I know that you are always there with me, it may not be physically but it is spiritually and Your memory will live on forever and will never be forgotten, even when more grandchildren come they will forever be reminded of you and the loving, strong person you were. So, Thank you for being the mother you were, Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is, Thank you for being there whenever I needed you. Thank you for everything and I love you. Give Nonno a big hug for me.

This is not goodbye, It is until we meet again.
You will forever be in my heart.


Mary Jackson

25 April 2018

My best friend Olivia,

How do I sum up such a big, beautiful personality into just a few short lines.
I will always believe that I was destined to find you as my best friend.
I could always go to you with anything, Lord knows that the minute I answered the phone if you could hear any sadness in my voice you would do anything in your power to fix it.
You were so much more than a best friend to me. You were a sister. I know you had 2 wonderful sisters but I don't have sisters so you were the closest I had to one.
We were so good at getting worked up about things and then talking one another down from those worries. I feel like it was just yesterday that we got together with our daughters to discuss their bridal showers and weddings. You were so over the moon to have this big beautiful celebration of love ahead of you. You radiated hope and excitement for the future.
You did such an amazing job at everything you put your heart into. Alise's shower and wedding were perfect and so was your beautiful granddaughter Olivia. I don't think I'll ever forget the excitement and life that filled your eyes when you talked about your granddaughter.
You gave so much love to so many people. I think the one thing I will always remember about you is how passionately you loved your family. You were so proud of everyone - your kids and nieces and nephews and all their achievements. You spoke about them with so much pride.
In your last fews days, you were the same Olivia I always knew and loved,
concerned for everyone else's well being. No illness stood a chance against your big beautiful heart - it may have taken a lot from you but it never stole the good in you Liv.
I miss you so much. I will always treasure our memories, especially our baking weekends. I'll try my best to live up to your cookies, promise you won’t laugh okay?
I promise I’ll always support and love your family. I know you would do the same for me. Thank you for always taking care of me and loving me.
Love you always

Maria Bianchi

23 April 2018

The words are hard to find when you loose a loved one. Friends and family want to be there for you, everyone is giving you condolences, but theres nothing anyone can say to help fill that void, that empty space thats inside of you. For some people, growing up, they never had the privilege of being close to their extended family. Luckily for myself and my siblings, we grew up with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins around us all the time. Zizi (many of you know her as Olivia) was a special women, she took care of everyone and anyone. She was always there when you needed her and I know she loved her neices and nephews very very much. Having the love and support from Zizi growing up allowed me to create memories I will never forget and forever cherish in my heart.

Sitting down at the dining room table without you is hard, walking into nonnas house without you there is harder. Part of me still doesnt believe you are gone because it happened all too fast and all too soon. It’s going to be hard to celebrate family functions and life milestones without you. Your bright and warm smile will be greatly missed.

I remember in high school I would see you at the food court because you worked right beside me. Every single time we ran into each other you would hug and kiss me and squeeze me so hard it was as if I got off a plane at the airport and you hadnt seen me for years! Neverthless, I loved every minute of it. Often people would ask if I was embressed by that, but I would always say no! I was just as happy to see her and she was to see me. Zizi what I would do to get one of those hugs from you right now!

I promise to always be the best aunt to Olivia and be a supporive cousin to Michael and Alise! Give nonno a big hug for me!

I love you!