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Julie Yvonne Lopez

1 February, 197624 July, 2020

Julie Yvonne Martinez-Lopez, 44, passed away Friday, July 24th, 2020, with her family by her side.

Julie is survived by her three children and grandchild: Christina Cottam, Elida Bauerelen (Alex Bauerelen Jr), and Rueben Lopez. She is also survived by her siblings and father: Elena Elias, Edgar Martinez, and Ramon Martinez.

Julie was an artist and a soccer player. Dolphin admirer. Coloring book and puzzle enthusiast. U of A and GreenBay Packers Fan. Music-loving, Pizza eater.

My mom always said, Smile for me. Remembering her smile is what makes me smile. My mother's whole being was encompassed in her smile. Her white pearly teeth with her classic red lipstick are Julie. I have never known anyone who was so easily joyous as Julie was. Her wonder for the simple things in life was a rare trait that made her beautiful. My mother's creative and imaginative outlook on life transformed the dull ordinary parts of living into something worthwhile. Her reaction to things was pure and innocent. Adults see a kids' meal and a tiny French fry container and think nothing of it but my mom would say, “Awww, How adorable the little box is!! Look at how tiny and cute these little French fry containers are…I’m going to keep it”! As she watered the plants outside she would spray the tree and have the droplets come down on us and tell us it was raining. Even just walking by my mom in the house meant I wanted to dance with her and suddenly she would be flopping me about the living room. Julie was never too old or grown-up for having fun. At 44 years old she wouldn't be above having a spontaneous water balloon fight, jumping in a big pile of leaves or drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. She was goofy and completely unashamed to be so.

My mother was a servant and caring heart till the last beat. She entered a home and did everything she could to leave it better than it was before. I knew when my mom was around because all the dishes would be clean and food would be made for me. Helping around the house made her genuinely happy. My mom would be even happier if she was able to play music while she cleaned or cooked. My mom cared so much for her family. She remembered cousins birthdays, tia or tio’s favorite colors or foods, or that song that reminded her of time spent together. Her attachment to her family made her nostalgic. She kept the concert tickets. She kept her birthday cards. She dried and pressed the flowers you gave her. She folded the balloons you dropped off when she was sick. If you had given my mom a gum wrapper that said I love you on it she would've kept it.

As her daughter, I grieve the loss of the small details that made Julie mine. Those details that only belonged to me, my sister, or my brother. I will forever miss her hand combing through my hair. Her sweet perfume-hairspray smell. Her constantly warm hands. The cheesy spaghetti she would make. The dancing in the kitchen. Finding her post-it notes she would leave behind for me. Watching her do her makeup as I’d sit on the toilet lid talking about life with her. The list can go on for every part of my mother I will miss. The list could go on about how she made each moment in this life better.

If my mom could say goodbye, She would say I Love You.


  • Christina Elena Lopez, Daughter

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  • Visitation

    Saturday, 1 August , 2020

  • Funeral Service

    Saturday, 1 August , 2020


Julie Yvonne Lopez

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Crystal Franco

6 August 2020

This is sad to hear & I am sorry that her family has to experience this loss so early in life. Her memories will be cherished. I really was glad to know as a friend! To her family my deepest condolences.

Jessica Lopez

30 July 2020

Tia, I know ur in a better place and please give Luis and big Ray a hug and kiss for me and I can't wait to see all of u again someday!
My Tia Julie was the first person I went to when I found out that I was pregnant at just 17 years old! I asked her to be with me and help me tell my mom! I was so scared but knowing I could tell my Tia Julie and she would help me with pure love and kindness, there would be no judgements or criticism from her ever!
I miss you so much Tia and selfishly I wish u were still here but most of me rejoices for u knowing ur no longer struggling or in pain! I rejoice even more knowing ur reunited with Luis Jr, my dad Ray, my Tio Ray and all our other family members that were called home too soon! I will miss u til the Lord calls me home and I am so looking forward to it! Help Luis and Ray watch over us and keep that beautiful smile in place til we meet again! I miss and love u more than words can say with everything I am! See u soon, Tia!!! XOXO

Julir Casillas

30 July 2020

Christina, Eli, and Pops, please put your hearts at rest that your mom is no longer struggling or suffering. God is good and we can pray He welcomed her with open arms ❤
I remember when she married your dad and became Julie Lopez. She told me, "I'm Julie Lopez #1." She was teasing me, of course, and I took that as a fight (friendly 🙂) so I told her, "I was BORN Julie Lopez so you can't POSSIBLY be #1." Every now and then she would say out of the blue, "I'm #1." I would respond, "You wish." 😃
Your mom was very special to me, I'd like to say it wasn't because we had the same name but I think to a certain extent it was. A major bonus is that she had a sweet, beautiful nature about her. She treated everyone with respect and there were many times I wished I had her caring heart. When you guys were little, she took excellent care of you and I loved her more for that.
The other day, Rob and I were sitting in the living room when the dining room light started flickering on and off. We looked over and no one was near the light switch, but it kept shutting on and off. Rob and I looked at each other with these huge eyes and gaping mouths. I thought later maybe it was your mom letting me know not to forget her (or it could've been an electrical glitch 😆). Either way, I will never forget your mom and I pray to God she will be at the pearly gates waiting for me when my time comes to leave this earth.
I love all of you and please know I am here for you.


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