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Michael Lamar BROWN

29 July , 19645 October , 2019

Michael Lamar BROWN was born on 29 July , 1964 in Greenville, SC and passed away on 5 October , 2019 in Sylva, North Carolina.


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Michael Lamar BROWN

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Dale Pack

26 October 2019

I have been putting this off because I am still in denial that my friend Mike is gone. I can’t believe we won’t talk or text again or get together and jam like we always did! We had been doing jam sessions since 1986 and it was always awesome!

I first met Mike in 9th grade at Hillcrest High in Miss Mcgeachies math class. 1979. We instantly bonded because we both equally sucked at Math. From that day forward we stayed friends. We got first cars....Mike got a ford Pinto. The 1st of many. My 1st car accident was in his Pinto and we somehow survived! Beach trips with trunks full of beer. My 1st trip to a nightclub, celebrity’s, and hanging out at Studio B watching new bands play. Mike was always there and always a great friend. We graduated high school and lost touch a couple of years. I moved away and came back to Greenville....1st thing I did was find Mike. I got an apartment and Mike and I were hanging out again but this time he had learned guitar. I was always singing to the radio so we decided to record some Elvis covers and original stuff. One song we wrote was Chu Chu....recorded on the boom box !! We called our cassette the bathroom tapes 1986. Best recording acoustics are in the bathroom right Mike!! I’m sure my neighbors were not amused.

I moved again and we lost touch for a long time. I got married and had kids and so did Mike. He found me in 2011 on Facebook.

We got together a bunch of times mostly at his apartment in Columbia over the years. He was a very funny and genuine person! He had an amazing singing voice which most people never knew! He was also a fantastic guitar player. He always had hopes of reconnecting with his kids but also knew it was out of his control. I feel better knowing he left this world doing something he loved which was hiking and raising money for his Make A Wish charity.

You were always a great friend Mike and you will be missed immensely!

Chu Chu forever my brother!
Dale Pack

David Herlong

24 October 2019

I was fortunate to know Mike and see the goodness in him. I often spent time talking to him in Cat Scan at the VA . I believe I understood Mike, let’s face it, he didn’t have the easiest life. But, I believe despite his troubles, he was fortunate to know Christ and find peace in salvation . I believe God revealed himself to Mike through nature, where he witnessed and enjoyed God’s creation. His goodness is obvious as he enjoyed activities dedicated to charity organizations. If I every finish the foothills trail, I’ll be sure to honor you. I only wish is that you will one day be with your children one day in heaven. You will be missed my brother, Rest In Peace . David

Friend of Bill Wilson W

23 October 2019

For all of Michael's recovering brothers and sisters out there. I didn't know until just now that he was in the fellowship. What I'd like for all of you to know is that another recovering brother was with him that morning on the mountain. Ain't that amazing? My Higher Power has blessed me and I pray his healing for yall too.

GiGi Collins

18 October 2019

Michael, It is still difficult to believe that you are gone rather than just on another trip and almost ready to return as you did this past August when we found our way back to one another. Despite a temporary bump or two in the road, these past 3 years together have been beyond wonderful and I will not forget you or our time together. Our hikes, daytrips, weekends, Tuesday movie nights, gym workouts, fudge competitions, our Hot Spot stops at exit 38 during every trip, walking in the rain, getting lost at Graveyard Fields but enjoying every moment, breakfasts, dinners everywhere, "Stranger Things" marathons, birthday and holiday celebrations, crazy inside jokes, laughing so hard that our sides hurt, long talks about everything under the sun, and so much more are memorable beyond mere words and I will treasure each and every one of those memories. I was recently at the fair and remembered our first time there after you had broken your leg and we still had fun.

Anyone who knew you at all knew that you always loved your children and NEVER gave up on trying to reconnect with them and wished that things could have been different but it was out of YOUR control.

Your involvement with Make-a-Wish over the past few years was important to you and a way for you to show your gratitude after recovering from your broken leg. This past January marked an important milestone when you earned your 30-year sobriety chip and you continued to be involved with AA and ACOA.

Your adventures out West gave you great joy and were well-deserved after having to work so hard (two full-time jobs) in the past. The plan was always to relocate to Wyoming and I remember you telling me in September that you might have actually found the piece of land that you wanted to buy and you were looking into trucks and other things that you would need once moved there. I believe that you are there now and forever, just as you always planned. Until we meet again, Jimmy Bond/Cletus.

Tina McGready

18 October 2019

When I first met Michael I thought he was the best looking man I’d ever laid eyes on and I still think that. We used to close restaurants down staying and talking so much. He taught me a lot about myself. I still can’t wrap my mind around him not being here. My heart goes out to his friends, family and children. Michael, it sounds like the last days of your life were spent with people who loved and cared for you and that makes me glad. Be at Peace Michael and Rest Easy.

Sonya Brown

10 October 2019

Please to anyone who was in contact with Michael please contact me. Michael is my brother and I desperately need to reach his former wife or his son. Please contact me with any information at all. Even the smallest detail may help 8645470810. My brother loved his children with every piece of his being. I know that for a fact

Donna Miller

9 October 2019

I worked with Michael at WJB DORN VA for the past 4 years. He always asked about my Sons, he always offered to help with my continous disasters usually with my car. Loved to share words of wisdom. He always made me laugh when I came in for my shift...I am glad you left this world doing something you love. Rest in Peace! Many prayers for your family.

David Talany

9 October 2019

Mike it is still so hard to believe you are gone brother! 3.5 years ago when I started at the Dorn VA, we bonded instantly. I will never forget every night on shift, that first hour we joked and laughed and carried on until our sides hurt! You were the most knowledgeable and amazing tech I have ever known and an even better friend! Thank you for taking me home from surgery back in June! Our department will never be the same nor will our night shift crew be the same! God I miss you already! I hope you are enjoying that hike in the big state park out west in the sky! I love and miss you my brother! Till Valhalla!

Mary Harmon

9 October 2019

I worked with Michael at Doctors Care. We worked Friday nights together and we had the best time. I will never forget all the laughs and jokes we had together. Seeing him pull in and leaving with the convertible open with the wind in his hair. He is going to be missed by myself and co workers. Rest In Paradise

Lori D

9 October 2019

We are heartbroken over the loss of such a great guy.