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Tien Nhat Bui

24 August, 193614 September, 2020

Writer Nhat Tien

Real Name: Bui Nhat Tien

Born: 8/24/1936, in Ha Noi

Died: 9/14/2020 in Irvine, California, just 18 days after his wife of 66 years, writer-translator Do Phuong Khanh.

Immigrated to the South: 1954, living in Dalat, later in Saigon

Escaped Viet Nam: 10/1979, Refugee at Songkhla Refugee Camp, Thailand, 9 months

Settled in California, US from 1980

Activities: Writing, Teaching and other Cultural, Educational and Social activities

Vice President, PEN International-PEN Vietnam Centre, 1968-1975

Member of the Republic of Vietnam’s Educational and Cultural Council, 2nd Term, 1974

Lecturer at Vietnam Armed Force’s Officers School of Political Warfare, 1968-1975

Managing-Editor of Huyen Tran Publishing Company, 1971-1975

Chief-Editor of Thieu Nhi Magazine, 1971-1975

Member of Boat People SOS Committee, 1980-1990

Literary Accomplishments:

Grand Prize Winner of National Literary Award 1960-1961, novel Them Hoang (The Solitary Terrace)

First appeared in Ha Noi, 1952, on the Giang Son Daily (Dr. Hoang Co Binh, Managing-Editor) with the short story Chiec Nhan Mat Ngoc (The Jade Ring), Wrote plays for the Cai Tao Weekly (Pham van Thu, Managing Editor) 1953-1954

In Dalat, 1954-1955, wrote radio plays for the Voice of the Musketeers Army.

In Saigon, 1958, joined Giai Pham Van Hoa Ngay Nay (Today’s Culture Magazine), Managing-Editor Nhat Linh, with the short story The White Clogs and other novellas.

In Vietnam, 1952-1975, contributed to multiple publications: Giang Son, Cai Tao, Thoi Tap, Chanh Dao, Bach Khoa, Van, Tan Phong, Van Hoc, Dong Phuong…

In the US, from 1980 to Present, appeared on:

  • Nguoi Viet, Saigon, Van Nghe, Hop Luu, Van Hoc, Viet Tide, Viet Stream (Orange County, US)
  • Khai Phong, Chan Hung (Los Angeles, US)
  • Viet Nam Hai Ngoai (San Diego, US)
  • Dat Moi (Seattle, US)
  • Ngay Nay (Kansas City, US)
  • Xac Dinh (Virgina, US)
  • Chuong Saigon, Viet Luan, Chieu Duong (Australia)
  • Lua Viet (Canada)
  • Doc Lap (Germany)
  • Duong Moi, Que Me (France)



  • Nhung Nguoi Ao Trang, 1959 (The Persons in White)
  • Nhung Vi Sao Lac, 1960 (The Lost Stars)
  • Them Hoang, 1961 (The Solitary Terrace)
  • May Hoang Hon, 1962 (The Sundowner Clouds)
  • Chuyen Be Phuong, 1964 (Be Phuong Story)
  • Vach Da Cheo Leo, 1965 (The Hanging Cliff)
  • Chim Hot Trong Long, 1966 (Caged Bird Singing)
  • Tay Ngoc, 1968 (Jaded Hand)
  • Giac Ngu Chap Chon, 1969 (Shallow Sleeps)
  • Que Nha Yeu Dau, 1970 (Dear Hometown)
  • Mo Hoi Cua Da, 1988 (Sweat of Stone)

Short Stories:

Authored hundreds of short stories, many were featured in various Literary Collections…

  • Nhung Buoc Tien Cua Toi (My First Steps), 1951, a collection of short stories and poems, (lost)
  • Anh Sang Cong Vien (The Park’s Light), 1963
  • Giot Le Den (The Black Tears), 1968
  • Tang Pham Cua Giong Song (The River’s Gifts), 1972
  • Tieng Ken (The Horn’s Sound), 1982
  • Mot Thoi Dang Qua (A Time Passing), 1985
  • Canh Cua (The Door), 1990
  • Que Nha, Que Nguoi (Home Country, Others’ Country), 1994, co-authored with writer Nhat Tuan
  • Mua Xuan (Rain of the Spring), 2013
  • Children Stories:

  • La Chuc Thu, 1969 (The Will), novel
  • Theo Gio Ngan Bay, 1970 (Floating With The Wind), novella
  • Qua Giang Sinh, 1970 (The Christmas Present), novella
  • Doa Hong Gai, 1970 (The Thorny Rose), novella
  • Ke Chuyen Tam Cam,1970 (Tam Cam Story Telling), short story
  • Ngay Thang Em Dem, 1972 (Tranquility Times), novella
  • Duong Len Nui Thien Ma, 1972 (Road to Mount Thien Ma), novel
  • Thuo Mo Lam Van Si, 1973 (The Time I Dreamt of Becoming a Writer), memoir
  • Plays & Play Novels:

  • Nguoi Keo Man, 1962 (The Playhouse’s Curtain Puller), play novel
  • Ha Son, 1973 (The Mountain Descending), play for Scout’s Fire Camp
  • Cong Ly Xa Hoi Chu Nghia, 1988 (The Socialist’s Justice), one act play
  • Mot Buoi Dien Kich, 1990 (A Performing Session), short story play
  • Mot Khoanh Doi Thuong, 2013 (Snapshot of an Ordinary Life), one act play
  • Ong Giao Hoi Huu, 2013, (The Retired Teacher), one act play
  • Narratives & Accounts & Chronicles:

  • Hai Tac Trong Vinh Thai Lan, 1981 (Pirates in the Gulf of Thailand), co-authored with Duong Phuc and Vu Thanh Thuy
  • Thuyen Nhan – Vai Trang Bi Su, 2008 (Boat People-The Tragic Tales)
  • Hanh Trinh Chu Nghia, 2012 (A Literary Journey)
  • Nha Giao Mot Thoi Nhech Nhac, 2012 (Educators, A Sloppy Time)
  • Su That Khong The Bi Chon Vui, 2012 (The Truth Cannot Be Buried)
  • Mot Thoi… Nhu The, 2012 (A Time … As Such)
  • Tu Hoi But Viet Den Trung Tam Van But Viet Nam, 2016 (From the Viet Writers Association to the PEN Vietnam Centre)
  • Besides being a writer, he was also an educator. He taught and participated in Cultural, Educational and Social areas. He also wrote the Petition to alarm the world to assist Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in their search for a life in liberty and dignity. He later became a member of Boat People SOS Committee from 1980 to 1990. Its goal was to help the boat people and other refugees from Vietnam either on the open sea, in the refugee camps or in the US and to inform the public about the hardship and suffering that the boat people must endure in their search of freedom.


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